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Victor Carvalho & Son Fabio Carvalho

Victor Carvalho Biography

Victor Carvalho is the father of famous Portuguese footballer Fabio Carvalho. He is currently a proud Dad as his son has joined one of the top clubs in the world Liverpool FC. Read more about Victor (Fabio’s father) in this article.

Victor became popular after his son became an England footballer for Fulham FC. His fame accelerated after his son joined Liverpool FC a great club with a huge history. It was a dream come true for Victor who represented his son on the signing day at LFC. The journey of Victor is an inspiration as he has struggled to provide for his family in Life. He lived in Torres Vedras where life was cheap and affordable. It is fascinating to read his journey from a plumber to the father of a great footballer and young talent in England.

Victor Carvalho Ethnicity and Nationality

Victor is Angolan by ethnicity. This is in relation to the information provided by He is from Portugal Nationality having stayed there until 2013 after the Portuguese financial crisis.

Victor Carvalho Age

Victor is likely to be above 50 years from an observation point of view. His age will come clear once he opens up to the public about himself. So far he hasnt gained much attention from the media and his age is not available.

Victor Carvalho Height

Victor is approximately 1.67 m. This measurement is estimated from a point that he is slightly shorter than his son Fabio who has a known height of 1.70 m.

Victor Carvalho Wife

Victor is married to his wife Freitas Gouveia. His wife and mother of Fabio is a homemaker ( They are both the source of inspiration and achievement for their son Fabio Carvalho who has emerged to be a top footballer in 2021 & 2022 at Fulham.

Victor Carvalho Children

Victor and Freitas have three children. Three are boys while the other is a girl. Fabio is famous and is the only sibling with many details. He was born in 2002 but the other sibling’s information is unavailable.

Victor Carvalho Background

Victor has African roots from Angola in Southern Africa. He gains a Portuguese nationality where he worked as a plumber. Later he relocated to Chellas to get closer to his extended family. Vicyor have always protected and guided his family through thick and thin.

Victor Carvalho Wikipedia

Victor is a visionary man who have worked hard to raise his family of 3 children and a home-maker wife. His life improved after relocating from Portugal to London with his family. It is at this point that his Son’s Fabio talent in football blossomed.

Victor Carvalho Net worth

Victor is a plumber by profession and struggled to raise his family in the Portuguese hard economic times. He has however managed to raise his family accordingly. As of this post, we can account his net worth through the salary of his son in football career. According to our research, his son earns around 33, 500 euros annually which is likely to support his family financially.

Victor Carvalho Instagram

He doesn’t have an Instagram account as of this article.

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