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The Worlds Eldest Nun

The World’s Eldest Nun Biography

The World’s Eldest Nun, Sister Andre dedicated her life to her Christian church at 19 years of age at a Catholic church in 1944 in France. She did her services which included looking after Children and the elderly in her young years.

She was named the world’s eldest person in April 2022 by the Guinness world records. This was given to her After the death of Kane Tanaka who died at the age of 119 years.

Sister Andre was serving St. Vincent De Paul church before her retirement. She retired from the church and was taken to Saint Catherine Laboure Retirement home where she spent her last days.

The World’s Eldest Nun’s Age/Death

Sister Andre was 118 years born in 1904 11th, of February. She had the opportunity to see the two worldwide wars which served her religious community well. She died at a retirement home in 2023 18th, of January [24 days away from her birthday], when she was being taken care of from the 25th, of October 2005 when she was 105 years of age.

The World’s Eldest Nun’s Family

Sister Andre had 4 siblings three big brothers and one twin sister. Her twin sister Lydie died after their birth. When her time came and she became a Nun she changed her name from Lucile Randon to Sister Andre in honor of her deceased elder brother, May he rest in peace.

The World’s Eldest Nun’s Husband

This information is not known however we speculate that as a nun one should be dedicated to serving her religion away from worldly things, therefore, she might have been single. However, this information shall be updated soon as information is shared.

The World’s Eldest Nun Children

Information about whether she was blessed with children or not is not available, although this information shall be updated soon as insights are shared.

The World’s Eldest Nun’s Parents

Her parents were wonderful and loving as they supported her in all her courses as a young girl in the 1990s. Her fathers’ name was Paul Randon and her mothers’ name was Alphonsine Delphine Yeta Soutoul.

The World’s Eldest Nun Nationality

Lucile Randon commonly known as Sister Andre was born and raised in France Ales. She had French nationality by birth.

The World’s Eldest Nun Wikipedia

Lucile Randon famously known as Sister Andre was a nun at the Catholic church in France. She dedicated her youth and even her older days to serving the people and the church for as long as she had lived until today 18th of January 2023 when she died.

She dedicated her life to her Christian Catholic faith at the age of 19. As a sign of her remembrance of her big brother, she took on her name from Lucile Randon to Sister Andre. In 1944 is when she became a nun and is when she started her service in the first and second wars.

Her dedication and passion to serve her faith led her to take care of children who became orphans and elderly people who would not be able to cater to their needs in Vichy.

This selfless act of faith, giving hope, and praying went on for 18 years until she was posted at another health care at Hostun for 16 more years, and later she retired to a hospital Savoie where she continued to serve until her old days. We know not of her educational background.

Lucile was a selfless Nun who was committed to her beliefs and faith no matter her limitations to her blindness. She liked chocolates and wine a lot as she confessed. With her beautiful heart, she was raised by a Christian family where her grandfather was a pastor in a church that is unnamed. She was able to survive the infectious Coronavirus at her age in 2021.

She had been named the world’s eldest person in April 2022 following the death of Kane Tanaka. As per this article today MAY YOU REST IN PEACE on 19th January 2023.

The World’s Eldest Nun’s Networth

We speculate that she had attained a net worth of $100,000 to $ 200,000 annually.

The World’s Eldest Nun Instagram

Her Instagram account is not available.

The World’s Eldest Nun’s Twitter

Her Twitter account is not available.

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