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Scott Burnhard

Scott Burnhard Biography

Scott Burnhard is an online trainer and fitness coach. Scott uses media platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle through appropriate nutrition and exercise.  Scott is more influential in YouTube where he reaches most of his audience and viewers.

Scott BurnHard Real Names

Scott real names are Scott Bernard.  He is however commonly referred by his fans  as “Burnhard” or “The Energy”. These names reflect his image and passion in fitness and training.

Scott Burnhard’s History

There is no much history about Scott but there are traces of some childhood experiences. During childhood, Scott broke his arm three times which damaged his nerves. He was presumed to never play again but this didn’t limit him from gaining his calisthenics and workout passion.

Scott Burnhard’s Height

There is no specific indication of Scott’s height and weight but this information will be updated. Scott is likely to open up about this information because he has the drive to touch everyone.

Scott Burnhard’s Age

Scott’s birthday is not known but in the year 2021, he celebrated his 30th birthday. Scott is however a model to many people because his physic and energy is a reflection of how to live young.

Scott Burnhard’s Family

Scott doesn’t have information about his family in social media platforms. However, Scott frequently endorses the work of his 70-year old-auntie Pauline Darlington Adeleke.  Scott uses his Aunt as an inspiration not only to himself but also his audience. Scott’s and his auntie educates the audience on how to consume a vegan based nutrition and also age with more energy and life.

Scott Burnhard’s Relationship

Scott doesn’t often post his relationship status on social media. He uses his platforms only to entertain people and spread his vibe of fitness and vegan life. Scott may however open up about his relationship status in coming years.

Scott Burnhard’s Net Worth

The available income records of Scott show all times income of $1.5- $25k. However, Scott has a YouTube channel that has 300k subscribers and 17 million overall views. Scott is therefore likely to earn more income from You Tube and events.

Scott Burnhard Wikipedia

Scott became a public figure when he opened his You Tube channel on Aug 11, 2015. Scott used the You Tube channel to post videos of his calisthenics work, fitness skills and motivation contents and knowledge of how to stay young. Today, Scott is referred as “Mr. Energy” due to his imminent training physic and knowledge of fitness among individuals of all gender. Through his content, Scott hosted one of the biggest Vegan festival in May 21, 2022. His hard work uplifted him from being a fan of vegan festivals to partnering with them. One of his big event is Vegandale 2021 in Los Angeles where he gave people nothing but raw energy and good vibes.

Scott Burnhard’s You Tube Channel

Scott uses his YouTube channel to only share fitness content but also to educate people on the appropriate lifestyle to stay young and healthy. Most of Scott’s content focus on the overall well-being of human including nutritional measures, fitness, mental health and perseverance. He also shares inspiration from other people in his You Tube channel to encourage his viewers to stay fit. The first video of Scott in You Tube was a real talk about himself explaining to the audience his reasons for becoming a vegan. Until now, Scott has 70 million views in his You Tube channel.

Scott Burnhard Instagram


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