Reece D’Alessandro 9News Biography, Age/Zodiac Sign, Siblings, Wife/Partner, Children, Parents, Nationality/ Ethnicity, Religion, Wikipedia, Latest News Coverage, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Reece D'Alessando

Reece D’Alessandro 9News Biography

Reece D’Alessandro is a Journalist at 9 News, Australia. He takes the position of a Political News Reporter Covering Politics, and business matters affecting the nation. Read more on D’Alessandro’s Age/Zodiac Sign, Siblings, Wife/Partner, Children, Parents, Nationality/ Ethnicity, Religion, Wikipedia, Latest News Coverage, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter in this article.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Age/Zodiac Sign

He appears to be between 27 to 30 years of age although he has not mentioned his birth year. However, his born on February, 4th and recently celebrated his birthday with family, where he was celebrating his plus one to his years, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Siblings

He has two siblings and his family consists of three children. He has a brother and a sister. His brother is Branden D’Alessandro and his Instagram name is  @brandendalessandro. Branden is yet to turn 24 this year in 1999  October,6th he also likes to celebrate his birthday with his family bonding. His zodiac sign is Libra, and he enjoys the environment, swimming, and traveling just like his siblings.

Also, he enjoys boys’ time with his big brother as he looks up to him as a role model. The two boys seem to get along well as Branden appears to be cool silent and respectful, to his elder Brother Reece.

His sister’s name is Libby D’Alessandro, although her age and birth year have not been mentioned it is known that she might be celebrating her birthday on the 3rd or 4th of April, her zodiac being Aries. She is a jovial lady who seems to have it altogether passionate about her family while enjoying her life altogether. Her Instagram name is @libby.dalessandro.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Wife/Partner

Reece is married to a beautiful lady by name of Natarjsha Kramer. She is an Australian journalist and a news correspondent at 9 news as well as she joined 9 news in 2018 and has 5 years of experience working at the same. Kramer appears to be in her 30s however details about her personal life are unavailable since she prefers to keep her personal details private and away from the limelight. She has an Instagram account  @natarjshakramer

This lovely couple enjoys time together going to movies taking vacations, and planning date nights whenever there is a celebration worth celebrating. Their chemistry seems to be wonderful since both of them have the same career which derives them to have the same goals and achievements.

Much is not revealed about their union although they both visit their parents and they also seem to be good role models to their younger siblings.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Parents

His parents are Carlo and Annmaree by names and they are supportive, caring, loving, and thoughtful parents all through. They seem to enjoy most of their time with their children no matter the distance barrier.

Annmaree being the mother is welcoming loving and very caring of her family as she prefers to spend most of her time at home looking after her family.  She is 51 this year as she is turning in April 3rd born in 1972, her zodiac sign being Aries just like her daughter Libby. She has an Instagram private account by the name @annmaree_dalessandro which has 209 followers and 3 posts.

Carlo on the other hand is also in his 50s although his exact age is not available he is born on September 12th, his zodiac being Virgo. His role in his family is Guidance and support as the head of his family. He appears to enjoy quality time with his wife Ann and likes agriculture and farming. His Instagram account is  @carlo.dalessandro.984

Together they make a wonderful team and a strong family where everything is found in their presence. Their children also seem to enjoy their company, for they are also young at heart.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Nationality/ Ethnicity

Reece’s Nationality and ethnicity are unavailable however, these details shall be updated soon as information is disclosed.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Religion

His religion is also unknown therefore soon to be updated.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Wikipedia

Reece is a News Reporter at 9news. He is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He joined 9 News in 2016 and has acquired 7 years of experience working at 9 news.

Also, he has gone to the Queensland University of Technology and studied Bachelor of Journalism, and is passionate about his career.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Latest News Coverage

His latest news coverage is on the warning of homeowners as inflation goes too high.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Salary/Networth

His salary ranges from $45,000 to $120,000, and his net worth is around $1M.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Instagram

D’Alessandro’s Instagram account has 2,057 followers, and 287 posts.

Reece D’Alessandro’s 9News Twitter

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