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Quentin Sommerville

Quentin Sommerville Biography

Quentin Sommerville is a Journalist at the BBC News. He works as a News Correspondent for the Middle East situated in Beirut, Lebanon. He is a consensual Reporter doing sincere and good work in his field. He has attained many years of experience being a journalist. Read more on Sommerville’s BBC News, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Sibling, Parents, Nationality/Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Scary Events In Life, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Quentin Sommerville BBC News

Quentin’s Journalism Career took off BBC Screen Two preliminary to Shanghai Correspondent prior to Beijing. He later took on BBC Breakfast in 2008 before heading to cover China at the Martin Marr’s Show.

His position today allows him to travel around the world covering major conflicts and wars around the world. Some of the countries he has covered are Ukraine and Afghanistan.

The love for his career has led him to be exposed to bombing and drugs getting him high during a report cover. He is a dedicated and Consensual journalist who goes the extra mile to bravery as he has also accompanied the Iraq forces in Mosul in 2017.

Quentin Sommerville’s Age

How old is Quentin Sommerville? His age has not been mentioned although he celebrates his birthday on march 27nth according to his Instagram post. More on that he celebrates it with his family and close friends whenever he is at home and with his colleagues whenever he is on work duty away from home.

Quentin Sommerville’s Family

His family is not mentioned anywhere, since he keeps his personal life private, although their support for his love of his career is evident through his ability to be himself and work hard at his job.

Quentin Sommerville’s Wife

Who is Quentin Sommerville’s Wife? Details on whether there might be a Mrs. Sommerville are not disclosed. Hence we don’t know whether he is dating married or divorced. Soon as insights are shared we shall update this information.

Quentin Sommerville’s Children

It’s still not known whether Quentin has children or not, due to the fact that he keeps his personal details private and away from the limelight

Quentin Sommerville’s Siblings

About his siblings, we have no intel. More on this shall be posted soon as we have insights. In this article read more on Sommerville’s Parents, Nationality/ Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Scary Life Events In Life, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Quentin Sommerville’s Parents

About his parents, whereabouts and information are totally unknown. However, Their sincere devotion in molding and supporting him to reach his dreams is evident through his success in his career today.

Quentin Sommerville’s Nationality/ Ethnicity

Is Quentin Sommerville Scottish? Yes, Once he was asked to be Less Scottish on air by his manager, he’s British by Nationality and has been born and raised in Townhead, Glasgow. He’s Caucasian Ethnicity.

Quentin Sommerville’s Wikipedia

Quentin Sommerville is a BBC News correspondent in Beirut, Lebanon. He has worked at BBC for many years as his career started on Screen Two to Being a Shanghai reporter, later in Beijing, and lastly as a China reporter, and also at BBC Breakfast before having his present position.

He has covered many wars and disputes in his position today. His job also allows him to travel all around the world. These countries include Isreal, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. His job has made him skilled enough to tackle the hardships that come with it as he has been exposed to drugs by inhaling a bunch which was burning leading him to become high, and also bombing in the years 2014 and 2017.

In 2017, Quentin made an appearance at the C-SPAN’s Public Affairs Event, and in 2018 he attended the dinner made for TV and Radio Correspondent. His educational background is not let out to the public as he prefers to keep his personal life private and confidential.

Quentin Sommerville’s Scary Events In Life

Once in his line of work he has been exposed to danger from a war in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Quentin had just taken cover on a hollowed building when the explosive landed outside the suburban street, as he had accompanied Iraq Defence Forces in Mosul coming from Isis in the year 2017. He was also brave enough to state that people didn’t have to mind about the explosives while he reported.

The second time Sommerville has been exposed to a horrifying situation in his line of work is when he got exposed to smoke from burning a bunch of drugs and got high while he reported on the same, where he could not stop laughing. Later he posed the video for his followers stating that it was their Christmas gift in the year 2014.

Quentin Sommerville’s Salary

Sommerville earns a salary of about $90,000 to $120,000 annually. He has made investments in various sites which are not disclosed to the public.

Quentin Sommerville’s Instagram

He has 1,304 Followers and likes to post updates to his followers on his recent findings and adventures as likes to have fun.


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Quentin Sommerville’s Twitter

His account holds 145.8k followers. He also posts each and every important news coverage updating his followers on the situations in the places he is covering.

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