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Peter Krawietz

Peter Krawietz Biography

Who is Peter Krawietz? He is Jurgen Klopp’s “Eye” and assistant coaching staff at Liverpool FC. Peter joined Liverpool FC in the same year as the head coach Jurgen Klopp 2015.  Read more about Krawietz’s Bio, age, wife, salary, net worth, nationality, Wiki, Birthdays, and career.

Krawietz started working with Jurgen Klopp long ago in their career at Mainz. Klopp was fascinated by his video analysis skills and promoted him to the chief scout.  Through his support of Klopp, he has earned the nickname “The Eye” because of his mind operations in the game. The two great people have worked closely from Mainz, Dortmund, and eventually Liverpool to ensure that they reach their targets in sports. Krawietz has become the mind behind Klopp’s eyes as he overlooks the role of players in the field. His career as an assistant coach is developed and successful at Liverpool FC.

Peter Krawietz Age

Krawietz was born in Dec 31, 1971 in Mainz, Germany. As of 2022, he is 51 years old. He celebrates his birthdays every December 31 with his friends, workmates, and family.

Peter Krawietz Nationality

Krawietz is German by Nationality. He was born in Germany and all his roots and origin are located in German.

Peter Krawietz Height

Krawietz is approximately 1.80M in height. He has provided his specific measurements but we estimated his height through the criteria that he is shorter than Jurgen Klopp who is 1.91M. As of this article, comparison and observation are used to estimate his height.

Peter Krawietz Wife

Krawietz has probably dated several girls although he doesn’t talk about it on social media. As of this article, he hasn’t disclosed any information about his personal life such as dating or marriage. This information will be updated as soon as it is available.

Peter Krawietz Family

Krawietz grew up in a family that was supportive and caring. This is reflected in his success and achievement throughout his sporting career. Although he doesn’t disclose his family to the public, they are great people and always support him for his goals.

Peter Krawietz Background

Krawietz was bor in Mainz. He was also a graduate of the city’s University in Sports degree. He used the sport-earned skills to work as a video analyst for a hometown club in 1996. There Jurgen was also played and they clung since then. In fact, he was on the duty of monitoring Klopp’s shortcomings in the game as a right back. They have developed their connection until today.

Peter Krawietz Career

Krawietz joined PSV Mainz in 2005. He worked there for 7 years until he joined Jurgen Klopp at Bor. Dortmund in 2008. He was the assistant manager of Jurgen Klopp and Dortmund Football Club.  After working there for almost 6 seasons, he followed Jurgen Klopp to England as the assistant manager of Liverpool FC. His career is more likely to be reflected in the success of Jurgen. Their achievement at Liverpool FC proves hard work and determination plus intensity from a sporting point of view.

Peter Krawietz Wikipedia

Krawietz has improved yearly since the year 2001 when he was a video analyst at Mainz. Taking roles and operating behind the cameras has enabled him to move far in his sporting journey. In 2022, he signed a new contract as the assistant manager to demonstrate his passion and interest to build a legacy at Liverpool FC.

Peter Krawietz Salary

Krawietz is likely to earn approximately 25,500 euros yearly. He earns handsomely from his role as an assistant manager in Liverpool FC. His new contract must have come with more income.

Peter Krawietz Net worth

Krawietz is likely to own a car and house although he doesn’t flaunt it on social media. As of this post, we can only account for his net worth for his estimated yearly income of 25,500 euros.

Peter Krawietz Intagram

As of 2022, Krawietz has no public account on instragram. This information will be updated soon.

Peter Krawietz Twitter

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