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Mark Arigho

Mark Arigho Biography

Are you searching for Mark Arigho of Laura Woods? He is mainly popular because of marrying the sports presenter Laura Woods of Talksport. However, he has his own Biography, career, and other important information that are available in this article. Learn everything you need to know about Arigho from here.

Arigho is a director at Arigho Larmour’s wheeler architects. He has diverse skills which are related to his field of work. These skills are architecture, architecture drawings, Sketchups, interior design, project management, photoshop, construction, AutoCAD, Urban Design, Construction Drawing, Design Research, Interior Architecture, Furniture, Residential Design, Vectorworks, and Building Conservation. His diversity in his skills as an architect is the major factor in his success and reliability in his work.

Mark Arigho Age

Arigho age and date of birth are not clear as of this article. Few sources however claim that he was born in the 1940s ( More specific information is under review and will be updated soon.

Mark Arigho Height

As of this article, we cant provide specifications of Arigho body measurement. it is only clear from his photos with his wife Laura that he is slightly taller than her.

Mark Arigho Nationality

Arigho is Irish by Nationality.

Mark and Laura Wood

Arigho is mainly popular because of his relationship with Laura Woods. Laura is a presenter, journalist, editor, and broadcaster at Sky Sport and Talksport. Her show on Talksport is on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Arigho has confessed severally that they both created their relationship on a blind date in Dublin until they did a wedding on December 12, 2009. He claims in different sources that the date was organized by Laura’s friend. They have both stayed in the marriage for 9 years as of 2022.

Mark Arigho Children

Both Arigho and Laura have witnessed the fruits of their marriage with two children who are a blessing in their union. One of the children is called Ben while the other is called Alex. They all live as a family in Ireland despite their priorities at work.

Mark Arigho Parents

Arigho doesn’t disclose much about his parents. However, he considers his in-laws as a close family with who he engages a lot through his work. One of his great projects was the house he built for his in-laws in their overgrown garden. According to the Irish Times, he created the house among trees in Foxrock. The house is also his dream home.

Mark Arigho Education

Arigho began his education at the University of Creative Arts Canterbury School of Architecture in 1997 where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in 3 years. He later pursued a Bachelor of Architecture in another 3 years. In 2008, he did Grade RIAI Part III at the University College Dublin.

Mark Arigho Architect

Arigho architectural skills are rooted in his education at University and College. He acquired proper education in architectural design which has improved his skills in architecture. He also has great experience from working with several Companies up to his recent role as a director at Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architect since Jan 2016. His previous Companies are Saunders Creative, Douglas Wallace Architect, and de Blacam & Meagher Architects.

Mark Arigho Wikipedia

Mark and Laura share adorable photos on Instagram. It is clear that their marriage is going well regardless of their differences in professionalism. They have also raised two kids who are a pillar of strength and joy in their 11 years old marriage as of 2022.

Mark Arigho Salary

Arigho’s salary is the not available os of our database. We can only estimate his salary in reference to the average salary of an architect in Ireland. From that point of view, he earns more than 68, 700 euros yearly.

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