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Lucy Lismore Biography

Are you a woman struggling with weight and fitness issues? Lucy Lismore has the answer to any health and fitness-related issues. She is one of the most inspirational women of the recent era because she focuses on educating people, especially other women on the benefits of good health and fitness. Learn more about Lucy including how she works tirelessly to maintain her physique, fitness, and diet.

Lucy is located in the United Kingdom. She is a personal trainer and an online coach who specializes in fitness and lifestyle. Some of the fitness workouts that Lucy shows on her social media platforms are calisthenics, weight loss, and handstands.  She also loves travel and adventure which supplement her healthy lifestyle.

Lucy Lismore Age

Information about Lucy’s age is not clear from social media platforms but it will be updated soon. As for this period, it can only be assumed that Lucy is approaching her 30s from the appearance in her YouTube videos.

Lucy Lismore Height

Lucy’s height measurement is not available or mentioned anywhere on her social media platforms. This information will be updated as soon as more information emerges.

Lucy Lismore Weight

Although Lucy’s weight is not mentioned anywhere, there are stories on her social media platforms and website about how she struggled with weight.  Lucy was overweight and was always ashamed of herself until she found ways to lose 30kgs/60lbs. Her transformation is one of the biggest motivational stories on her YouTube channel.

Lucy Lismore Diet/Recipes

Lucy’s nutritional lifestyle incorporates a diet that is low in calories and proteins.  An example of a calorie deficit diet is vegetables, fruits, fiber, and fats. Lucy consumed this diet every day during her weight loss transformation period. Her breakfast during the time was oats. For lunch, Lucy consumed proteins such as chicken, bacon, and hummus bagel which she considered effective for weight loss. Healthy fish tacos were then consumed during dinner. In her videos, a calorie deficit diet and proteins are vital for a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

Lucy Lismore Relationship

Lucy doesn’t speak about any of her relationships on social media platforms. This information will however be updated when it is available.

Lucy Lismore Wikipedia

Lucy reaches her audience through her most active YouTube channel. She uses the channel to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle. She joined YouTube on Sep 4, 2017, which has yielded a total of 304k subscribers. Lucy uses her own experience of losing weight to train people online and improve the health and fitness of her trainees. Lucy is also an inspiration to women because she has a testimony that reflects the challenges many young women face. Her experienced challenges include a lack of confidence and low self-esteem due to weight issues. The transformation from an overweight woman to a fitness trainer is a huge boost for her passion for helping women lose weight and get strong through bodyweight exercises.

Lucy Lismore Net Worth

Information about Lucy’s net worth is not available and will be reviewed soon. However, some of her income is possible from her online training and a new workout app that is $1.

Lucy Lismore Instagram

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