Lorena Manas

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Lorena Manas Biography

Who is Lorena Manas? She is the girlfriend of Uruguayan football star Darwin Nunez. Although she doesn’t make excessive appearances, her popularity has risen from the big signing of his boyfriend from Benfica to Liverpool FC. A lot is not known about her due to her private life but this article offers every information there is about her.

Lorena rarely appears in front of the Camera. She has always kept her life in secrecy since his boyfriend was a player at Benfica. She is currently a huge part of Nunez’s success from a football point of view. Her elegance and beauty are reflected in the great milestone of Nunez as a real star in football.

Lorena Manas Age

Lorena was born in 1999. As of 2022, she is 23 years old. Details about her birthday are not available because she is low profile. The information will be updated as soon as it gets public.

Lorena Manas Height

Lorena is approximately 1.65 m. She is shorter than her boyfriend who is 1.87 m tall.

Lorena Manas & Darwin Nunez’s Relationship

Lorena and Darwin have dated since they were young. Although she stays under the radar, her love for Nunez is clear from their newly born child. They started dating when Nunez was a young footballer and they are together until 2022. We shall update you on any upcoming information regarding their relationship.

Lorena Manas Children

Both Lorena and Nunez gave birth to a son in the year 2022. The child was named Darwin and is a joy in their life. They look up to a great future as parents of Darwin a blessing to not only them but also to football fans. Lorena also has a daughter with Spanish player Aleix Vidal. As of 2022, she has two children.

Lorena Manas Family

Lorena has a caring mother known as Julia Manas (mysportdab.com). Also, she has only one known sibling called Rina Manas. She grew up understanding the role of a woman in a family as reflected in her recent relationships. Her family is the source of her elegance and beauty. Although she doesn’t open up much about her family, she probably acquired everything she ever needed to reach at this point.

Aleix Vidal, Was Lorena Dating Vidal

Lorena once dated Vidal, a Spanish footballer and a winger for Barcelona FC. According to sources, they both got married in 2016, which is speculated to be rushed due to Vidal’s links to Qatar. The link didn’t go through and their marriage ended.

Lorena Manas Daughter

Lorena has a daughter from her previous relationship with Vidal. The daughter is named Chloe and Vidal enjoys spending time with her. They are both together in many events such as football games.

Lorena Manas Wikipedia

Lorena met with Darwin after their breakup with Vidal. They both met each other at Almeria where Nunez began his career. Her journey with Nunez has been fruitful as they are both currently at Liverpool FC. This is a joy to Lorena because she always supported and wanted the best for the Uruguayan striker. Their current club is even more special because they welcomed their baby boy during the transfer period when Nunez signed for LFC.

Lorena Manas Net worth

Lorena probably lives a flashy life from the better source of income from her boyfriend who sources estimated to earn 1.5 million euros annually. Her net worth is not accountable due to a lack of information from her social media platforms. She also doesn’t have a flamboyant lifestyle to showcase her worth.

 Lorena Manas Instagram

Lorena has a private account on Instagram. The account speaks a lot about her private life to the public.

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