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Kenny Heatley

Kenny Heatley Biography

Kenny Heatley is a reporter and a News Anchor at Sky News, Australia. He has many years of experience in being a Journalist. Read More on Heatley’s SKY News Career, Age/ Birthday, Family, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Kenny started his career as a Radio Announcer at Capital Radio Network from 2004 to 2006.  He has also worked as a Production Manager, Host on Telstra Youtube Channel, Weather Presenter, News Anchor, and Sports Commentator in different Firms.

Kenny Heatley Sky News

Heatley is currently News Anchor and Reporter at Sky News, Australia. Kenny first joined Sky News in 2014 and worked as a News and Weather Presenter for 1 year until 2015. He later joined the team once more in 2019 and is currently working for the last 3 years.

Kenny Heatley Age/Birthdate

Kenny appears to be in his 30s from an appearance point of view. Although his age or birthday are not mentioned. This information will be updated soon as insights are shared. Read More about Kenny’s Family, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter in this article.

Kenny Heatley’s Family

Kenny is a happily married man. He is married to the love of his life Jayne who is a Lawyer by Profession, and they are blessed with 2 gorgeous children. He is a loving and committed husband and father who enjoys time with his family irrespective of his career.

Kenny Heatley’s Nationality

Heatley Kenny is Australian by Nationality as he has spent most of his life and career in Australia.

Kenny Heatley’s Wikipedia

Kenny Heatley is a News Anchor and Reporter at Sky News, Australia. He first joined Sky News in 2014 where he worked for 1 year as a News and Weather Presenter. Later he rejoined the firm in 2019 and continued working as a News Anchor and Reporter. He was also a weather Presenter, Production Manager, and sports Commentator in different firms.

He is a graduate of different institutes such as the University of Canberra Bachelor Communication, Advanced Broadcast Journalism in 2003. At the Sydney Drama Club in 2014 at TVC Acting Intensive Course, Intensive Camera Acting. Lastly The Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne in 2013 at Introduction of Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, and Meteorology.

Kenny is highly skilled due to his many years of experience and the many sources he has taken throughout. Some of his major skills include Media and Radio Production, Weather forecasting, Journalism, and Voiceovers also has a  passion for Acting and Filming.

Journalism is a career he likes since he updates his Instagram and Twitter followers on his daily findings. Recently he posted on his Instagram about Jan Hugo’s house. She has been collecting Royal memorabilia with over 10,000 individual pieces some being from the 1800s. He has 1509 Followers on his Twitter Account and 709 followers on his Instagram account.

Kenny Heatley’s Salary

Kenny earns a salary of about $40,000 to $90,000 annually. He invests in different jobs that have enabled him to raise his family.

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