Kayla Laws (Charlotte Laws & Charles Parselle Daughter) Biography, Birthday, Age, Star sign, Height, Parents, Partner, Background, Career, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram

Kayla Laws

Kayla Laws Biography

Who is Kayla Laws? She is an actress, a Realtor, and the daughter of Charlotte Laws and Charles Parselle. Kayla acquired acting skills from her mother who is a host, actor, and activist. Read more about Kayla’s Age, marriage, career, how she spends money, and social media platforms.

Kayla was born and raised at Sherman Oaks in California. She relocated from her parent’s house and moved to Woodland Hills. She grew up with an acting passion which enabled her to join Studios at an early age. She is fully an actor and a prolific realtor after completing several academic levels and a journey in acting. She does good work and has appeared in some great films such as All American Zombie Drugs as Candy.

Kayla Laws Age

Kayla was born on December  19, 1986. As of 2022, she is 32 years old.

Kayla Laws Birthday

Kayla celebrates her birthday every December 12. She likely involves her classmates, friends, and family in her birthday celebrations. Keep hooked to our posts as we shall update details of the next birthdays for Kayla. This includes details of the events, venue, and guests.

Kayla Laws Star Sign


Kayla Laws Height

Kayla is 1.55M (imdb.com). From an observation point of view, she is approximately that height. She is neither tall nor short but has a medium height.

Kayla Laws Parents

She was born in California, United States to Charlotte and Charles Parselle. She is from a hard-working family where her mother is a host, activist, author, and TV star. Her father on the other hand is a lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator. Kayla was raised with discipline since she was young. Her parents were responsible, caring, and loving parents as they have always supported Kayla. This is reflected in her education in acting and film schools.

Kayla Laws Partner, Is She Married?

Kayla is likely dating because she comes from a family of high-profile personalities. From her age, she is also old enough to date. From her photos on Instagram, she married her fiance after a few years of dating. She doesn’t expose her spouse much on social media but they are a happy couple. Congratulations to her. Scroll to the bottom of this article to view her marriage photos on her Instagram Account.

Kayla Laws Background

Kayla joined Hollywood early because she was aware of her skills and passion for acting. She has already gained a 1-year experience of acting for the camera at the New York Film Academy. More details about her previous education background will be updated soon.

Kayla Laws Career

Kayla is an actor, director, and producer. She has fared well in filmography and even appeared in some great films such as Fortune 500 Man, Mikey Boy, Kontrast, Blaxican Brothers, and many more. Kayla is also a Realtor who works tirelessly to sell houses in Real Estate for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Company. Her diversity at work has enabled her to live a good life regardless of the wealth of her popular parents.

Kayla Laws Wiki

Kayla has always been hardworking and committed to her work since she was young. It is clear that she acquired these traits from her parents who are renowned to achieve a lot through their efforts and work ethics. At such an age, she is already working hard when she multi-tasks in real estate and acting.

Kayla Laws Net Worth

Many people think that coming from a popular family makes you rich by default. Her family is rich but She works for her own money in the Real Estate agency and also through her actress career. She may not be rich as her parents but she has her own salary which is not disclosed on social media platforms.

Kayla Laws Instagram

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