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Josh Bristow

Josh Bristow FOX SPORTS Reporter

Josh Bristow is a reporter at FOX Sports News Australia. He covers news from Australia and other parts of the world including the UK. He is a competent reporter and usually effective for his vast experience with other media companies such as Nine News and 7 Network. this article covers Josh’s exclusive stories including his biography, career journey, and personal life.

Josh Bristow Biography

Starting with his biography, Josh is a hardworking and intelligent man. He has acquired most of his achievements through hard work and determination. the few media networks he has worked for have always recommended him for good work and competence in reporting. it is from this character that he has reported news for over 10 years on more than 5 media networks. View his experience in the next phase of this article.

Josh Bristow Career/Experience

Josh began his journalism career in the year 2013. He first reported at Brisbane Lions in 2013 as a NEAFL reporter. Since then, he has developed through different roles and media networks to gain the status of a competent and reliable reporter for big networks such as Sky NEWS, 9 News, and 7 News. He is currently a video journalist and reporter for FOX SPORTS Australia since 2020. He also contributes to Sky News with stories related to sports. his personal life is also included in this article.

Josh Bristow Age

Josh is approximately 35 years old. He lives a private life and little is known about his birthdays and age. He doesn’t share his birthdays or other personal events on his social media platforms.

Josh Bristow Partner

Josh has dated several women in his life since he completed High School. he has however been more focused on his career and that’s the reason he shares more of his career life than his dating life. He will definitely disclose his partner when he is ready to share his dating life with the public. This article will keep you updated on more of Josh’s life.

Josh Bristow Family/Siblings

Josh grew up with his siblings in Australia. His parents were caring and provided for the family with every need. His parent’s love and care are evident through his career success as a journalist. they are not associated with his public life but they were responsible parents. He has also not appeared in any public place with his siblings.

Josh Bristow Education

Josh acquired the best education in regard to his parent’s efforts. He3 attended Cannon Hill Anglican College in 2009. Later he went to the Queensland University of Technology where he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. From his education, he acquired diverse skills in writing, feature article, and journalism that has improved his reporting career in large media networks around Australia.

Josh Bristow Salary/Networth

Josh is highly paid for his competence and effectiveness in journalism. Like many journalists in Australia, he earns a salary ranging from $50,000 to $87,900 per year. we can account for his worth above $1 million due to his long experience in journalism and also reporting for big media networks that pay well.

Josh Bristow Twitter

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