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John Kehoe

John Kehoe Biography

Who is John Kehoe? He is an economic editor at the Australian Financial Review. He is also the senior writer at the parliament house of Canberra and a financial contributor for Australia’s 9 News. John has more stories related to his career, wealth, age, spouse, and social media platforms. Read this article for every information about him.

John has served the Australian Financial Review for 14 years and 7 months. He began working as a reporter in 2008, then as a United States correspondent, later became a senior writer in 2018, and in 2021 joined the economics department as an editor to present. At Australia 9 news, he is a  reporter, sports broadcaster, and economic policy analyst.

John Kehoe Age

John may be in his 40s. This is an estimation provided from a viewpoint of his photos on social media platforms. A specific age will be updated soon.

John Kehoe Height

John is probably 1.75 m. Our sources, however, don’t provide specific body measurements but we can only speculate his height from his appearance. This post will be updated when specific body measurements are available from our database.

John Kehoe Nationality

We can only assume that he is Australian by nationality.  This is because he has spent the largest part of his life in Australia as to our sources.

John Kehoe Partner, Is he Married?

John has dated several women in his life. He however keeps his life private and hasn’t disclosed his dating life on social media platforms.

John Parents

John grew up in a family where all the responsibilities were met and the needs provided. He is however a silent person on social media platforms and only talks about work. His parent’s information is not available as of this article.

John Children

John doesn’t disclose about his children as of 2022. This information will be updated when more of his personal information is available on social media platforms and our database.

John Kehoe Journalist

John became a journalist in 2006 after completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at Monash University. He worked as a Sports Broadcaster for 16 years before joining 9 News Australia.

John Kehoe Wiki

John has worked with great experience in his current roles at both 9 News and the Australian Financial Review. He also has a good base of education which enables him to work efficiently and competently. He is a popular journalist especially after working as a correspondent in Washington DC where he covered Donald Trump’s election.

John Kehoe Salary Net Worth

John earns well from his career in 9 News and Australian Financial Review. He is also diverse in his role which makes him a better earner. We can specify his earnings as of this article but the information will be updated soon.

John Kehoe Twitter


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