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Hugo Bachega

Hugo Bachega Biography

Hugo Bachega is a journalist at BBC News working as a News  Correspondent, where he is based in Kyiv Ukraine. He has many years of experience as a journalist that has led him to be proven an asset at the same. Read more on Hugo Journalism Career, Age, Partner, Family, Parents, Appearance, Nationality, Wikipedia, Education, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter in this article.

Hugo Bachega Career

Hugo’s career took off as an intern at the News  Agency of Reuters in Sao Paulo. He worked for a period of time and later joined BBC News as a political Reporter where he’s become a very popular journalist and a public figure as well due to his diligence in his work. He is skilled in many areas which enables him to work and get along with his colleagues well.

Hugo Bachega’s Age

He is 30 to 40 years of age and a plus-one this 2023. However, we do not know his approximate year, month, or birth date this information shall be updated as soon as insights are shared. Rather he celebrates his birthdays with his family and friends whenever he is not busy at work.

Hugo Bachega’s Partner

Hugo’s partner is not mentioned. Therefore we don’t know whether there is a Mrs. Hugo his wife or not, nor do we know if he is Dating, Engaged, Divorced, or single. Also, we don’t know whether or not he has children. We are to update this information soon as insights are shared.

Hugo Bachega’s Family

We are yet to know about Hugo’s family, whether he has siblings or not since much has not been revealed about them. Although he is a jolly fellow who enjoys life as it is.

Hugo Bachega’s Parents

Hugo’s parents are not known completely. Despite his keeping a low profile, his parents’ contribution and support although his life and career until now are visible today due to his success and hard work.

Hugo Bachega’s Appearance

He has brown eyes, weighs around 73kg, his height is about 5 feet 12 inches, and his hair is brown in color.

Hugo Bachega’s Nationality

Bachega is British by Nationality. It is said that he has been born and raised in the UK, England, where he has also been schooled.

Hugo Bachega’s Wikipedia

Hugo Bachega is a BBC News correspondent and Reporter. He has worked at BBC for some time now. His Journalism career started as an intern in Sao Paulo at Reuters News Agency. He later became a news Correspondent at BBC. Hugo has been able to brand his name into popularity due to his political news in Ukraine.

He covers Political crises and Development altogether. In 2013 he covered Syria’s refugee crisis and the pro -morsit- in violent disposal. In 2016 he covered the  Rio Olympics for BBC.

March 25, 2022, was the first time he was broadcasted on live in  BBC at Lviv, Ukraine. Recently he reported on breaking news where he stated that the Ukrainian President, President Zelensky is to go to the United States for his first trip since the Russian invasion. He will be joined by US President  Joe Biden, and they will be discussing how to end the war.

Hugo Bachega’s Education

Hugo’s educational background is not known, but he holds a Degree in Journalism. He is very passionate about media and journalism.

Hugo Bachega’s Salary

Hugo earns an annual salary of $70,000 to $ 120,000. He is an investor in firms and has his personal life well handled.

Hugo Bachega’s Instagram

Hugo Bachega’s Twitter

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