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Hannah Pedley

Hannah Pedley Biography

Who is Hannah Pedley? She is the wife of a former English footballer and talkSPORT broadcaster Jason Cundy. Also, Hannah is an Opera singer since 2014. Read about Hanna’s age, ethnicity,  marriage, parenting, and how she acquires money.

Hannah is an opera singer who developed through musical theatre and recording for TV. Hannah is a lady who is always passionate and ready to learn new things. She is hugely recognized for her Mezzo-Soprano vocals. She is also diverse and can sing in different styles such as classical, musical theatre, Opera, and Spoken word. She is also great in her musical journey because of the influence of different ethnicities. She is privileged to speak 3 languages ie French, German, Italian and Russian.

Hannah Pedley Age

Hannah is probably between 35-45 years from our sources. She doesn’t provide any information on the day of her birthday on social media platforms. Her birthday is also unknown from our sources.

Hannah Pedley Ethnicity

Hannah is white according to our sources. She however speaks different languages that make her connect with almost every ethnic group.

Hannah Pedley Height

The last time Hannah’s body height was measured she was approximately 1.73 m. This is the measurement that is believed to be her height until 2022. Keep revisiting this article for upcoming updates.

Hannah Pedley Husband, Who is she married to?

Hannah’s husband is Jason Cundy. According to sources, they both got married in 2015.

Jason Cundy

Jason is a former English footballer who has played for Crystal Place. He is also a broadcaster at talkSPORT. He was previously married to his ex-wife before marrying Hannah. It is believed that Jason cheated on his wife Lizzie with the Opera singer. Lizzie expressed her disappointment in an interview regarding the breakup and cheating. Since Jason married Lizzie, they have had two children.

Hannah Pedley Children

Hannah and Jason have a son together. She doesn’t disclose her son’s life to the public but they both hang out together. Scroll to the bottom of this article to view her son on Instagram.

Hannah Pedley Parents

Hannah was raised in a caring and loving home. Her parents are the cause of her musical success although they are not mentioned on her social media platforms. She keeps the life of her parents private.

Hannah Pedley Education

Hannah joined Royal Nothern College of Music in 2003. It is in this school that she gained her musical school that is the source of her income today. She also trained in dancing which helps her in choreography. She also went to a driving school where she learn driving skills.  Hannah has also trained as a pianist in grade 7.

Hannah Pedley Opera Singer

Hannah has diverse singing styles that make her a great Opera singer. She is amazing in music which has enabled her to take big roles with Opera Holland Park, Grange Park Opera, The Royal Opera House, and English Touring Opera. She made her singing debut in the US and at the moment she has performed throughout Europe.

Hannah Pedley Wikipedia

Hannah has achieved great things through her musical career. It’s all reflected in her school where she worked hard to achieve good grades in music. Apart from working for Royal Opera, she has also recorded vocals as a soloist and a backup singer.  She is also planning to start acting and modeling as part of her business.

Hannah Pedley’s Net worth

Hannah may be earning big from her musical skill and diversity. She is hardworking and passionate. Her incomes are unavailable as of this article and her net worth is not accountable. Her husband Jason is however estimated by our sources to be worth around $7 million.

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