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Funk Roberts Biography

Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete located in Canada. He became a personal and metabolic trainer after his athletics sport. Funk is also a certified MMA conditioning coach who is popular for his energy and determination to help people improve their health and fitness. Learn more about Funk’s routine, workouts, YouTube, Fitness, and Net Worth.

Funk has spent most of his life as an athlete. After turning to fitness, he became a certified MMA coach, Metabolic trainer, Kettlebell specialist, Fitness expert, transformation expert for older men above 40 years, and bodybuilder. Since opening his YouTube channel, he helps people to lose weight, build muscles, increase energy and gain fitness. Good health and fitness are vital goals for Funk toward his audience and athletes.

Funk Roberts Fitness and Workouts

Funk showcases diverse workouts in relation to the preference and goals of the audience. From his YouTube channel, some of the common workouts include testosterone boosting & Biceps, the ultimate kettlebell HIIT, body weight HIIT and muscle building HIIT. It is clear in his videos that Funk is physically fit regardless of being over 50 years.

Funk Roberts Age

On April 14, 2022, Funk published a video of his 53rd birthday push-ups.  It is clear from this video that Funk is over 50 years of age. Many of his viewers also commented with birthday wishes on the video.

Funk Roberts Height and Weight

Measurements of height and weight are unavailable as of this writing but from the YouTube channel, it is clear that Funk is average in height and weight. Information about specific measurements is still under review and will be updated soon.

Funk Roberts YouTube Channel

Funk joined YouTube on Sep 15, 2006. The YouTube channel helps him to connect to his audience by helping them to stay fit and healthy. He uploads free workouts on weekly basis and also surprisingly answers questions of his audience regarding fitness. As of this piece, Funk’s YouTube channel has 1,305 videos.   The channel also has a total of 75.79 views with 707k subscribers.

Funk Roberts Relationship

This information is unavailable as Funk hasn’t disclosed his relationships. The information will only be available if provided by Funk himself or any other reliable source.

Funk Roberts Wikipedia

Unlike most fitness experts, Funk directs his focus to men over 40, 50, and 60 years. He makes videos of body HIIT workouts of men over 40 years of age. Funk is also a specialist in fitness and training with several achievements in his work. He is a 2 times Amazon best seller and a master metabolic trainer. His achievements reflect his hard work and passion for helping people lose weight, burn fat, build muscles, improve athleticism and increase energy. Funk values health and fitness which gives him the motivation to help people regardless of the returns. His recent activity as of this piece is the new weekly workouts that he uploads every Thursday or Friday.

Funk Roberts Net Worth

Information about Funk incomes is unavailable for this piece of information. The information will be updated as soon as it is available. For now, it can only be assumed that Funk gets income from his personal training opportunities.

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