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Darshna Soni

Darshna Soni Biography

Darshna Soni is a Home Affairs correspondent serving for channel 4 news. She has also worked with other organizations such as Bernie Grant. She also gained her experience from Britain’s first Black MP. Here is everything you need to know about Darshna.

Darshna works competently to ensure that she serves channel 4 adequately. Over the years, she has been reliable and there was not a single complaint from channel 4 regarding her work. She is nosey and really interested in people which makes her a good journalist. She is always inspirational and offers advice to the people who admire her work and want to follow in her footsteps.

Darshna Soni Channel 4 News

Darshna graduated with a sociology degree and didn’t pursue any course related to journalism. After completing her Sociology course, she was not sure what she wanted to do in life. She worked at Bernie Grant and Britain’s first black MP until she decided to do journalism. She joined Channel 4 after joining the BBC traineeship where she acquired good journalism skills. She also did a lot of voluntary work in her local radio and TV station which supplemented her interest in journalism. Today, Darshna is a competent and passionate journalist and a reporter serving channel 4 news both locally and internationally.

Darshna Soni Age

Darshan has not shared her specific age on social media platforms but from her appearnce she is over 30 years old. More specific information about her age will be updated soon.

Darshna Soni Height & Weight

Body measurements of Darshna are not available from our database. It is only observable that she has a healthy weight and a moderate height.

Darshna Soni Nationality

Darshna is not originally from London. But she works in London for channel 4 news. Currently, she works in Midlands where she is a home affairs correspondent serving channel 4 back in London.

Darshna Soni Education

Darshna is well educated and has undergone training in prominent media networks such as BBC. In University, she studies sociology.

Darshna Soni Husband

Darshna is married to her husband called Chi. Her husband is Ghananian and they have a beautiful marriage regardless of their strict encounters with their families. She hasn’t talked to the public about any information about her husband but they have been together for 20 years as of this post.

Darshan Soni Wikipedia

Darshna grew her interest in journalism later in life after completing her university education. She trained at BBC and also gained experience from local TV and Radio Stations. She is an inspiration to many people because she is passionate and committed to her work in journalism. Darshna also uses her battles against breast cancer to motivate people. Although she battled cancer, it didn’t hinder her from proceeding with her goals in journalism.

Darshna Soni’s Net worth

As of this post, it is hard to determine their net worth of Darshna because her properties and incomes are unavailable. The information is under review and will be updated soon.

Darshna Soni Twitter


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