Catherine Taffarel, Claudio Taffarel’s Daughter, Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Children, Parents, Family, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram

Catherine Taffarel

Catherine Taffarel Biography

Daughter of Claudio Taffarel, a former Brazilian goalkeeper and coach at Liverpool FC. Catherine Taffarel is famous because of her father, a popular figure in the world of sports. This article provides everything you need to know about Catherine’s life including age, height, children, Wiki, and net worth.

Catherine lives an everyday life beyond the fame of her father. She is a full-time lawyer at CSMV Advogados. She joined the company in September 2020 after working as an Intern in different organizations. She was an intern for approximately 4 years in places such as Inter Milano. Her success and achievements are reflected in her experience and a good education at the University.

Catherene Taffarel Age

Catherine is estimated to be in her 30s according to our sources. She doesn’t post about her birthdays on social media platforms and her specific age is uncertain as of this article. The article is however open for updates in the future.

Catherine Taffarel Height

Catherine is probably 1.79 m. This is in reference to an observation from her appearance on Instagram photos. Scroll down in this article to view her photos on Instagram which show an estimation of her height measurement.

Catherine Taffarel Husband

Catherine is married to Monteiro. Although she doesn’t talk much about him on social media platforms he is always by her side in every activity. This is clear from their Instagram posts which demonstrate love for the two. They always spend time together and share their love with the public.

Catherine Taffarel Children

Catherine and Monteiro have a son called Thomas. He was born in April and is the source of their happy marriage for a long period of time.

Catherine Taffarel Parents

Catherine is the daughter of Andrea and Claudio. Her parents have always supported her from birth until she is grown. They always played their role as parents which is reflected in her success as a lawyer, wife, and a mother.

Catherine Family

Catherine is born two biologically but they are 17 in total. Sixteen of her siblings are from adoption but she always appreciates them and shares her love with them as family and siblings.

Catherine Taffarel Wiki

Apart from being associated with a high-profile father, Catherine has managed to achieve her own success. She is a competent lawyer with a great educational background. She has a Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with FC Barcelona. She also has a degree in Law which makes her a reliable and Valid lawyer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Catherine Taffarel Net worth

Catherine maybe earns hugely from her law career. Specific details about her income will be updated soon.

Catherine Taffarel Instagram

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