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John Kehoe (journalist), Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Partner, Parents, Children, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

John Kehoe Biography

Who is John Kehoe? He is an economic editor at the Australian Financial Review. He is also the senior writer at the parliament house of Canberra and a financial contributor for Australia’s 9 News. John has more stories related to his career, wealth, age, spouse, and social media platforms. Read this article for every information about him.

John has served the Australian Financial Review for 14 years and 7 months. He began working as a reporter in 2008, then as a United States correspondent, later became a senior writer in 2018, and in 2021 joined the economics department as an editor to present. At Australia 9 news, he is a  reporter, sports broadcaster, and economic policy analyst.

John Kehoe Age

John may be in his 40s. This is an estimation provided from a viewpoint of his photos on social media platforms. A specific age will be updated soon.

John Kehoe Height

John is probably 1.75 m. Our sources, however, don’t provide specific body measurements but we can only speculate his height from his appearance. This post will be updated when specific body measurements are available from our database.

John Kehoe Nationality

We can only assume that he is Australian by nationality.  This is because he has spent the largest part of his life in Australia as to our sources.

John Kehoe Partner, Is he Married?

John has dated several women in his life. He however keeps his life private and hasn’t disclosed his dating life on social media platforms.

John Parents

John grew up in a family where all the responsibilities were met and the needs provided. He is however a silent person on social media platforms and only talks about work. His parent’s information is not available as of this article.

John Children

John doesn’t disclose about his children as of 2022. This information will be updated when more of his personal information is available on social media platforms and our database.

John Kehoe Journalist

John became a journalist in 2006 after completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at Monash University. He worked as a Sports Broadcaster for 16 years before joining 9 News Australia.

John Kehoe Wiki

John has worked with great experience in his current roles at both 9 News and the Australian Financial Review. He also has a good base of education which enables him to work efficiently and competently. He is a popular journalist especially after working as a correspondent in Washington DC where he covered Donald Trump’s election.

John Kehoe Salary Net Worth

John earns well from his career in 9 News and Australian Financial Review. He is also diverse in his role which makes him a better earner. We can specify his earnings as of this article but the information will be updated soon.

John Kehoe Twitter


John Achterberg Biography, Age, Nationality, Height, Wife, Daughter, Parents, Liverpool FC, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

John Achterberg Biography

Who is John Achterberg? He is the goalkeeping coach at Liverpool FC. He is also a retired dutch footballer and a goalkeeper for clubs such as NAC Breda, Eindhoven, and Tranmere. Read everything about Achterberg from age, wife, daughter, salary, and career in this article.

Achterberg’s career began at Tranmere Rovers in 1998. He became their first-choice goalkeeper in 1999 and he was part of the success of the team in great wins such as against Everton and Southampton. His greatest memory was the FA cup quarter-final against Millwall. He managed to play through injury and kept a clean sheet after saving a penalty. Achterberg’s career was hugely affected by injuries but his contract expired in May 2007. He retired from playing in 2009 at Tranmere Rovers.

John Achterberg Age

Achterberg was born on July 8, 1971. As of 2022, he is 51 years old. He celebrates his birthday every July 8th. Although he doesn’t share his birthday celebrations, he mostly involves his family and friends on his birthdays.

John Achterberg Nationality

Achterberg was born in Utrecht,Netherlands. He is Dutch by Nationality.

John Achterberg Height

Achterberg is approximately 1.85 m. He has a height that suited his goalkeeping skills in his football career.

John Achterberg Wife

Achterberg is married to his wife Monique. They have both lived together for many years and post their photos together. Scroll down to view their photos on the Instagram platform. Monique is 51 years old as of 2022.

John Achterberg Daughter

Achterberg has three daughters.  His first daughter is called Haylsa. She celebrates her birthday every December 23. As of 2022, she is 20 years old. The other daughter is Kirstey who is a gymnast. She is 16 years as of 2022. Kirstey also celebrates her birthday every April 26. The other daughter is called Lindsey and celebrates her birthday every 12 June.

John Achterberg Parents

According to sources, Achterberg’s mother is Manic Varma. He hasnt disclosed much about his parents from our sources but this information will be updated soon.

John Achterberg Liverpool FC

Achterberg joined Liverpool FC in June 2009 as backroom staff. Although he was hugely criticized for the inefficiency of Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius he later came to succeed after the signing of Allison Becker. in his first season as Allison’s coach, Liverpool kept 21 clean sheets in the EPL season 2018/19. His competency as a goalkeeping coach was clear when Allison won the golden glove in the 2019 season. Achterberg is a great goalkeeping coach and works closely with his senior coach Jurgen Klopp.

John Achterberg Wikipedia

Achterberg has gained a lot of experience and growth since joining Liverpool FC. Through his skills and determination, the club has achieved great success in both European football and Premier League. As of 2022, Liverpool goalkeepers are the top goalies in world football. Klopp has also applauded him severally for his determination and hard work.

John Achterberg’s Net worth

According to our sources, he is worth $1-$5 million. His specific net worth is not accountable because he doesn’t show his wealth including cars, houses, and income to the public. The information will be updated soon.

John Achterberg Instagram

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Lorena Manas Biography, Darwin Nunez Girlfriend, Age, Height, Children, Family, Aleix Vidal, Daughter, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Lorena Manas Biography

Who is Lorena Manas? She is the girlfriend of Uruguayan football star Darwin Nunez. Although she doesn’t make excessive appearances, her popularity has risen from the big signing of his boyfriend from Benfica to Liverpool FC. A lot is not known about her due to her private life but this article offers every information there is about her.

Lorena rarely appears in front of the Camera. She has always kept her life in secrecy since his boyfriend was a player at Benfica. She is currently a huge part of Nunez’s success from a football point of view. Her elegance and beauty are reflected in the great milestone of Nunez as a real star in football.

Lorena Manas Age

Lorena was born in 1999. As of 2022, she is 23 years old. Details about her birthday are not available because she is low profile. The information will be updated as soon as it gets public.

Lorena Manas Height

Lorena is approximately 1.65 m. She is shorter than her boyfriend who is 1.87 m tall.

Lorena Manas & Darwin Nunez’s Relationship

Lorena and Darwin have dated since they were young. Although she stays under the radar, her love for Nunez is clear from their newly born child. They started dating when Nunez was a young footballer and they are together until 2022. We shall update you on any upcoming information regarding their relationship.

Lorena Manas Children

Both Lorena and Nunez gave birth to a son in the year 2022. The child was named Darwin and is a joy in their life. They look up to a great future as parents of Darwin a blessing to not only them but also to football fans. Lorena also has a daughter with Spanish player Aleix Vidal. As of 2022, she has two children.

Lorena Manas Family

Lorena has a caring mother known as Julia Manas ( Also, she has only one known sibling called Rina Manas. She grew up understanding the role of a woman in a family as reflected in her recent relationships. Her family is the source of her elegance and beauty. Although she doesn’t open up much about her family, she probably acquired everything she ever needed to reach at this point.

Aleix Vidal, Was Lorena Dating Vidal

Lorena once dated Vidal, a Spanish footballer and a winger for Barcelona FC. According to sources, they both got married in 2016, which is speculated to be rushed due to Vidal’s links to Qatar. The link didn’t go through and their marriage ended.

Lorena Manas Daughter

Lorena has a daughter from her previous relationship with Vidal. The daughter is named Chloe and Vidal enjoys spending time with her. They are both together in many events such as football games.

Lorena Manas Wikipedia

Lorena met with Darwin after their breakup with Vidal. They both met each other at Almeria where Nunez began his career. Her journey with Nunez has been fruitful as they are both currently at Liverpool FC. This is a joy to Lorena because she always supported and wanted the best for the Uruguayan striker. Their current club is even more special because they welcomed their baby boy during the transfer period when Nunez signed for LFC.

Lorena Manas Net worth

Lorena probably lives a flashy life from the better source of income from her boyfriend who sources estimated to earn 1.5 million euros annually. Her net worth is not accountable due to a lack of information from her social media platforms. She also doesn’t have a flamboyant lifestyle to showcase her worth.

 Lorena Manas Instagram

Lorena has a private account on Instagram. The account speaks a lot about her private life to the public.

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Charles Parselle Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Parents, Daughter, Education, Law, Career, Wiki, Salary, Net worth

Charles Parselle Biography

Are you looking for Charles Parselle? He is a lawyer in California and a barrister. He is known to be a peacemaker and a creative problem solver. Explore more about Parselle’s age, why his wife is famous, height, marriage, career, and net worth from this article.

Parselle has worked as a lawyer for the largest part of his life, He has been in the law offices for approximately 40 years. His experience in law has enabled him to gain a reputation as a competent mediator, arbitrator, legal counselor, and representative. As of this article, he is among the founders of Excellence and Dispute Resolution. He is also the Principal at Law Offices in Los Angeles California. Parselle has worked hard to reach this level in law practice. He also exceeds his services across Europe due to his understanding of European Union legal systems.

Charles Parselle Age

Parselle is above 80 years considerating that his wife is younger than him. There is no available information about his exact age but his wife’s date of birth shows that he was joining Oxford University when she was born.

Charles Parselle Height

Parselle is about 1.80M from our observation. Information about specific body measurements is unavailable but his pictures provide an estimation of height. Specific measurements will be updated soon. Make sure to revisit this article more often for updated information.

Charles Parselle Wife

Parselle is married to his wife Charlotte Anne Laws. She is a hardworking woman who is an author, talk show host activist, and animal rights advocate. Both of them are happily married and always share pictures of their happy moments as a family.

Charles Parselle Parents

Parselle parents are not mentioned anywhere in our sources. This information is under review and will be updated soon.

Charles Parselle Daughter

Parselle and Charlotte have a  daughter called Keyla Law who is an actress. The girl seems to take after her mother more than her father on career basis.

Charles Parselle Education

Parselle went to the University of Oxford in 1960. He studied for 3 years and completed a Law, Honor School of Jurisprudence. More education background is under review, especially in his junior levels.

Charles Parselle Law & Career

Parselle began his career in law in 1983. He has 39 years of law experience and practice. This speaks a lot about his progress and success in law at California. As to the article, he not only practices law but also practices arbitration, mediation, and Dispute resolutions. He is also an author and teaches people about conflict resolution and mediation from all parts of the world.

Charles Parselle Wikipedia

Parselle extends his law services from the United States, England, and other European countries. He understands legal systems and always portrays his skills and abilities through his work. He is also diverse and covers a wide range of areas such as real estate, environmental, injury, entertainment, partnership dissolution, and many more.

Charles Parselle Salary and Net worth

Parselle is likely to own a house, a car, and huge salaries. This speculation is due to his diversity at work and owning law offices. He has multiple sources of inco9mes which makes it difficult to account for his net worth.

Charles Parselle Instagram & Twitter

Parselle doesn’t have a public Twitter or Instagram account.

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Pedro Sepulveda Biography, Age, Height, Partner, Education, Sky Sport, Wiki, Portuguese journalist, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Pedro Sepulveda Biography

Who is Pedro Sepulveda? He is a Portuguese football journalist. Pedro has been a sports journalist at SIC since the year 2018. He has done recommendable work especially in covering stories in football transfer stories for Europe’s top teams. Read more about Pedro from this article.

Apart from working at SIC as a  senior journalist, Pedro also works with Sky Sports to cover top transfers around Europe’s top leagues. He is also a producer and a coordinator. He has the ability to speak different languages such as English, Polish and Portuguese which makes him a competent journalist across Europe and Portugal.

Pedro Sepulveda Age

Pedro is in his 30s to 40s. this is in consideration that he completed his bachelor’s degree in the year 2016. Most people complete their first degree at the age of 20s.

Pedro Sepulveda Height

Pedro is approximately 1.70M. Although there are no specific body measurements from our data sources, our observation criteria estimate his height as mentioned.

Sepulveda Partner

Pedro has kept information about his dating life private as of this article. However, this information will be updated as soon as it is disclosed to the public.

Pedro Sepulveda Education

In 2013, Pedro joined Universidade Fernando Pessoa. Later he joined the University of Wroclaw where he studied journalism and social communication. In 2018, he accomplished his master’s degree at Escola Superior de Communicacao Social.

Pedro Sepulveda Sky Sport

Pedro is a Portuguese correspodent for Sky Sports news on several occasions. This is inclusive of some recent top transfer news from the Portuguese league to the Premier League. He recently recommended Liverpool for the signing of Darwin Nunez from Benfica in the 2022/2223 transfer window.

Pedro Sepulveda Journalist

Pedro is a competent journalist at SIC. He is based in Portugal Lisbon. Prior to joining SIC, he was also a journalist at E2-ESCS. He has worked as a journalist for a period of   6 years as of 2022.

Pedro Sepulveda Wiki

Pedro also has other skills that help them to work effectively in his journalism career. He is a presenter, auditor, and illustrator. Pedro is also bilingual and can speak different languages across Europe. He can therefore present news from different top leagues.

Pedro Sepulveda’s Net worth

Pedro may be earning $1M yearly. This information is however not clear because of the unavailability of his cars, houses, and other incomes. Keep revisiting our site for more updates.

Pedro Sepulveda Instagram

Pedro Sepulveda Twitter

Kirk Newman Biography, Age, Height, Hayley McQueen, Children, Parents, Movie, Model, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Kirk Newman Biography

Is he married to Hayley Mcqueen? Kirk Newman is a German model and actor. He has appeared in some big commercials for businesses such as tequila, Gillette, and Faberge Watches. Read more of Newman from this article including his relationship with Hayley Mcqueen.

Newman was born and raised in Germany. His modeling and acting skills have enabled him to gain popularity and live a luxurious life with his family. He has engaged in business and modeling activities that have improved his financial wealth and life. He even attended an event with his wife called Crazy Rich Asians Premiere in London. Such an event is a reflection of his worth and financial levels.

Kirk Newman Age

Newman was born on March 20, 1981. This information is according to From his age, Newman celebrates his birthdays every March 21. He likely invites only his friends and family for birthday celebrations.

Kirk Newman Height

Newman is approximately 1.78M tall. This measurement is based on his photo with his fiance that was contributed by PA images in a Crazy Rich Asian Premiere. He is also slightly taller than his fiancee from an observation view.

Is Kirk Newman Married to Hayley Mcqueen?

Kirk has been dating Hayley for a long time now. Their period of dating is not certain but their relationship went public a few years ago. His fiancee is a Sports presenter at Sky Sport. They both love hanging out together and post pictures of their shared moments.

Kirk Newman Children

Newman has a baby girl called Ayla McQueen-Newman. The girl was born 0n 2019 and in 2022 she is 4 years old. Information about the baby’s birthday is not available but it’s likely to be in September or October according to when her birth was made public through the internet.

Kirk Newman Parents

Kirk has in-laws who love him and always appreciate him. He visits the in-laws frequently with his family including the young daughter. He has not disclosed about his parents but the information is under review.

Kirk Newman Model

Newman became a model after attending the Central School of Drama in London. He has campaigned for different brands and also appeared in many shows with his modeling and acting skills.

Kirk Newman Movie

Newman made his acting debut in the British Spy Drama Bump. He also played a Hitman in the video “Listen to your Head” a Kaiser Chief’s song. He is also cast in the series Top Clancy Jack Ryan as a military police officer.

Kirk Newman Wikipedia

Newman enjoys his life through his career as a model. He is used to appearing on Television and showcasing his skills in acting. He has a great family which he takes care of and hangs out with during his expenditures. He, Ayla, and Hayley appear in many of his photos which shows love for the family.

Kirk Newman’s Net Worth

Kirk has a net worth that is over $1M. As of this article, we cant provide the exact figure because his cars, houses, and incomes are unavailable. This information will be updated soon.

Kirk Newman Instagram

His Instagram account is not available for this article. Keep revisiting our website for updated information.

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Eilidh Barbour Bio, Age, Height, Partner, Parents, Education, Golf, Sky Sport, Rangers, Wiki, Instagram, Twitter

Eilidh Barbour Biography

Who is Eilidh Barbour? She is a Scottish television presenter and reporter. She joined BBC gold coverage in the year 2017 where she replaced Hazel Irvine. This article gives everything you need to know about Barbour.

Barber started her career at STV Rugby. This was where she sharpened her skills in reporting until she came to national attention in 2014. During this time, she was a pitch-side reporter at an FA Cup for Final Score episode. She has improved hugely in sports and is currently a great journalist at sky Sports.

Eilidh Barbour Age

Barbour was born in December 14, 1982. She celebrates her bierthday every December on 14th. The people that she involves in her birthdays are familoies and close friends.

Eilidh Barbour Height

Barbour is approximately 5f 6i tall from our measurement criteria. As her body measurements are not available in her social media platforms, we used observation from her Instagram photos to determine her estimate measurement. In all photos that she is standing, she is medium in height.

Eilidh Barbour Partner

Barbour is in an open relationship withy Marvin Bartley. This emerged when she revealed that she is dating the English professional coach and former footballer. The two have been hanging out together and even posting their photos on Instagram which demonstrates that their relationship is a joy and happiness.

Eilidh Barbour Parents

Both parents of Barbour had love for sport. This is where Barbour gained her love for golf although she didn’t love sports as much when she was young. Although the specific details of her parents are not available in her social media platforms or our database, it is only clear that her family loved sports especially her father who played golf.

Eilidh Barbour Education

Barbour graduated from the university of Stirling in 2005. She studied film and media studies which has helped her to maintain her career in journalism and also develop adequate competency in the work. She had also gained English learning from South Korea before returning to Scotland where she got a broadcasting job.

Eilidh Barbour Golf

Barbour grew up playing and understanding golf from the footsteps of her father. She made golf a career in 2017 when she was named as the main presenter for the BBC golf coverage. Hazel Irvin influenced her to becoming a golf reporter although she had more experience from her childhood.

Eilidh Sky sport

Barbour had presented sports on several occasions before joining BBC. One of the her experience was at STV where she primarily edited rugby and football highlights. in 2014, she reported a first round FA cup in a special episode of final score. in 2019, she was part of BBC presenter for the Women World Cup. It is in the end of that journey that she joined Sky Sport as a presenter. Her major role was presenting for the first premier league game between Crystal Palace vs. Bournemouth in 2019.

Eilidh Barbour Rangers

Barbour raised a concern to Rangers fans after making unclear comments on rangers transfer movements. Many fans asked, how well do you know about rangers transfers? She has also encountered many issues with the fans due to her comments as Scottish presenter.

Eilidh Barbour Wiki

Barbour has gained much of her popularity after becoming Scottish Television presenter and reporter. Recently, she was among the attendees who walked out of protest in a Gala dinner at the Scottish Football Writers Association. this was after the association was blamed for sexist content.

Eilidh Barbour Salary

Barbour salary is estimated to be $1-$2 million. this is in accordance to the salaries of reporters in the Sky Sports.

Eilidh Barbour Net Worth

Barbour net worth as of this post stands at $1.5 million average. This is only from her estimated income. Her houses, cars and other incomes are not available to sum up her overall net worth.

Eilidh Barbour Instagram

Eilidh Barbour Twitter


David Jones Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Sky Sports, Support, Sunderland, Wiki, Salary

David Jones Biography

Who is David Jones? He is a presenter and a host at Sky Sports. He talks about football, golf, fundraising, career journey, and sports broadcasting. He is currently the leading presenter of the biggest live football show on Sunday and Monday Nights Football. Read this article for all information about Jones and Sports.

Apart from presenting and hosting sports news for Sky Sports, Jones is also a non-executive director at Sunderland AFC. He took this role in 2019 after gaining a hard-earned experience in sports from Sky Sports. Jones has served sky sports in different levels of live broadcasts from the international, premier league, football league, and playoff finals to champion league games.

David Jones Age

Jones was born in England on April 13, 1974 ( From this information, he celebrates his birthday on April 13 each year. As of 2022, he is 48 years old.

David Jones Height

Jones hasn’t provided his body measurements on any social media platform. However, criteria of observable comparison can be used to determine his height. In one of his Instagram photos with Jose Mourinho, he is slightly taller than Jose (1.75m) which makes him approximately 1.80m tall.

David Jones Wife

David hasn’t revealed his wife or spouse to the public yet. This information will be updated as soon as it is available to the public.

David Jones Children

Jones has a son whom he enjoys watching football with. He also posts pictures of his son on social media when they are on holiday or out of work. He values holidays with his son.

Jones Education

Jones studied at the University of Gloucestershire in 1992 where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts. He later moved to Sheffield College in 1996 where he studied journalism.

David Jones Sky Sports

Jones became a presenter of Sky Sport in 1998. He has been in Sky Sports for 24 years and a few months. Prior to joining Sky Sports, Jones had worked with several broadcasting companies. He was a sports columnist at Sunderland Echo, Conference Host, Liontrust Asset Management PLC, and non-executive director at Oxford Football Club. Currently, he hosts UEFA-European Qualifiers since 2014 and also presents Super Sunday and Monday Night Football since 2016.  He has also anchored the premier league’s biggest games alongside Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, Thiery Henry, and Graeme Souness.

Jones Support

Jones’s boyhood club was Sunderland. Until today, he is a big supporter of Sunderland.

Jones Sunderland

Jones grew up supporting Sunderland and even today never misses any of their important games. He is even a part-time non-executive director at the club.

 Jones Wiki

Jones is highly skilled in journalism which portrays his work and competency in reporting. He has hosted some of the great football events such as Footballer’s Football Show, Live UEFA Champions League, and Premier League matches in 2010 and presented the Football League on Sky Sport from 2007 season to 2011.

David Jones Salary

Jones’s salary is not known as of this article. this information will be updated soon.

David Jones Instagram

David Jones Twitter


Mark Arigho Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Laura Woods, Children, Parents, Education, Architect, Wiki, Salary, Instagram

Mark Arigho Biography

Are you searching for Mark Arigho of Laura Woods? He is mainly popular because of marrying the sports presenter Laura Woods of Talksport. However, he has his own Biography, career, and other important information that are available in this article. Learn everything you need to know about Arigho from here.

Arigho is a director at Arigho Larmour’s wheeler architects. He has diverse skills which are related to his field of work. These skills are architecture, architecture drawings, Sketchups, interior design, project management, photoshop, construction, AutoCAD, Urban Design, Construction Drawing, Design Research, Interior Architecture, Furniture, Residential Design, Vectorworks, and Building Conservation. His diversity in his skills as an architect is the major factor in his success and reliability in his work.

Mark Arigho Age

Arigho age and date of birth are not clear as of this article. Few sources however claim that he was born in the 1940s ( More specific information is under review and will be updated soon.

Mark Arigho Height

As of this article, we cant provide specifications of Arigho body measurement. it is only clear from his photos with his wife Laura that he is slightly taller than her.

Mark Arigho Nationality

Arigho is Irish by Nationality.

Mark and Laura Wood

Arigho is mainly popular because of his relationship with Laura Woods. Laura is a presenter, journalist, editor, and broadcaster at Sky Sport and Talksport. Her show on Talksport is on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Arigho has confessed severally that they both created their relationship on a blind date in Dublin until they did a wedding on December 12, 2009. He claims in different sources that the date was organized by Laura’s friend. They have both stayed in the marriage for 9 years as of 2022.

Mark Arigho Children

Both Arigho and Laura have witnessed the fruits of their marriage with two children who are a blessing in their union. One of the children is called Ben while the other is called Alex. They all live as a family in Ireland despite their priorities at work.

Mark Arigho Parents

Arigho doesn’t disclose much about his parents. However, he considers his in-laws as a close family with who he engages a lot through his work. One of his great projects was the house he built for his in-laws in their overgrown garden. According to the Irish Times, he created the house among trees in Foxrock. The house is also his dream home.

Mark Arigho Education

Arigho began his education at the University of Creative Arts Canterbury School of Architecture in 1997 where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in 3 years. He later pursued a Bachelor of Architecture in another 3 years. In 2008, he did Grade RIAI Part III at the University College Dublin.

Mark Arigho Architect

Arigho architectural skills are rooted in his education at University and College. He acquired proper education in architectural design which has improved his skills in architecture. He also has great experience from working with several Companies up to his recent role as a director at Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architect since Jan 2016. His previous Companies are Saunders Creative, Douglas Wallace Architect, and de Blacam & Meagher Architects.

Mark Arigho Wikipedia

Mark and Laura share adorable photos on Instagram. It is clear that their marriage is going well regardless of their differences in professionalism. They have also raised two kids who are a pillar of strength and joy in their 11 years old marriage as of 2022.

Mark Arigho Salary

Arigho’s salary is the not available os of our database. We can only estimate his salary in reference to the average salary of an architect in Ireland. From that point of view, he earns more than 68, 700 euros yearly.

Mark Arigho Instagram


Matt Frei Biography, Channel 4, Age, Married, Family, Children, Education, Wikipedia, Salary, LBC, BBC, Net worth, Twitter

Matt Frei Biography

Are you looking for Matt Frei? He is a Europe editor and presenter serving channel 4 news. Matt was a Washington correspondent and also worked for BBC World News America, He has reported diverse news from America on business, culture, and US foreign policy. Learn everything about Matt from this post.

Matt has worked as a journalist and a writer at BBC. He is currently an editor and a presenter for channel 4 news. Working in different networks has enabled Matt to stay relevant in his work, therefore, gaining recognition from the media network.  He gives everything and showcases his skill as a reliable editor on channel 4 news. Matt is a great journalist who serves channel 4 news adequately covering top stories from America.

Matt Frei Channel 4 News

Matt switched to channel 4 in the year 2012. Having gained experience from BBC, Matt became an important editor and presenter at Channel 4. He just led channel 4 to some of the important coverage in the world. Some of the recent coverages are events in Ukraine from the search site Malaysia flight MH17. He also reported Kiev’s bloodiest day from Independence square. He has also covered some of the great interviews with prominent people such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Aung Suu Kyi. Matt is great at his work and represents channel 4 news with great stories from all corners of the world.

Matt Frei Age

Matt was born on November 26, 1963, in Essen, West Germany. He celebrates his birthday every year on 26 November. He doesn’t disclose his celebration events but he is likely to involve only his friends and family.

Matt Frei Family

Matt was raised by Jewish parents. The parents left Silesia before it became part of Poland and settled there. He has been in the United Kingdom since the year 1973 when they moved from Germany.  In the UK, his father worked as a correspondent for Deutschlandfunk.

Matt Frei Married

Matt is married to his wife Penny. Although he doesn’t disclose a lot of information about his marriage with Penny, they live in London. They are both happy in their marriage and there is no information about divorce or separation.

Matt Frei Children

Matt and Penny have four children. They live with their children and play their role as parents completely. Their children, therefore, acquire adequate love from their parents.

Matt Frei Education

Matt attended Westminster school. He then joined St Peters College where he studied history and Spanish. He later graduated in 1986 from the University of Oxford.

Matt Frei Wikipedia

Matt is a great journalist whose work is evident from his achievements. He has won several awards in his career including RTS journalist of the year, Voice of the Listener and Viewer Award,  International News Award, Peabody Award, Amnesty international Asia Award, and also a recently earned award for International Emmy for News. Matt has also written several books in his life which are Unfinished Revolution and Only in America. Matt has achieved a lot which has enhanced his popularity and competency in channel 4 news.

Matt Frei LBC

Matt has also worked at LBC radio where he gained some of his experience. He worked as a presenter on the 10 AM show in the year 2016.

Matt Frei BBC

Matt worked for BBC for the longest time of his career. At BBC he presented a weekly show Americana. After 2 decades, he had already started reporting from Bonn, Rome, Bosnia, Kosovo, North Africa, Hong Kong, and Singapore. BBC gave him a great experience taht5 represents his efficiency in journalism up to today.

Matt Frei’s Net worth

According to our database, Matt’s net worth is estimated to be $150000-$200000. Most of his wealth is not available but his specific net worth will be updated soon. As of this post, it’s only his journalism career at channel 4 news that provides his income.

Matt Frei Twitter