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Quentin Long 9 News Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Parents, Height/Weight, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Quentin Long Biography

Quentin Long is the co-founder of Australian Traveller Media. He has 17 years of experience working at the firm. Read more on Quentin’s Age, Family, Wife, Children, Parents, Height/Weight, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Australian Traveller Media also writes for two big travel titles namely Australian Traveller and International Traveller. These two titles are known for Winning Awards in Photography and Editorial, the Quality of their commercials, and their strength in readers engagement.

He started his business career as a Publisher at Strategic Publisher for 4years from 1996 to 2000. Later he joined Fair fax Bussiness Media and [Singapore] from 2000 to 2004 for 4 years. Due to this job experience, he has sharpened his business skills.

He’s a very trustworthy source for travel news and insights and has had two weekly sessions on radio country-wide since 2006. Long is a travel media commentator.

Quentin Long 9News

He appears on 9News for a program A Current Affair since 2010.

Quentin Long’s  Age/Birthday

His age and birthdate are not mentioned although he celebrates every year with family

Quentin Long’s Family

He has five siblings four sisters and a brother. They enjoy each other company and having fun like going to the movies as they have been brought up.

Quentin Long’s Wife

Who is Quentin’s wife? His wife is not mentioned although he is married to one beautiful and elegant lady. She appears to be very loving and naturing from their posts on Instagram.

Quentin Long’s Children

He has been blessed to have 2 handsome boys one who is fun and a player of rugby. Their names and age have not been mentioned.

Quentin Long’s Parents

His parents are not mentioned although their selflessness and determination in making sure their children made it to their dreams are evident through all of their success today including Long.

Their mother is fun-loving as she likes to go to operas and other fun nights as to Long’s Instagram posts.

Quentin Long’s Height/Weight

This information is not available it shall be updated soon as insights are shared.

Quentin Long’s Nationality

We speculate that Long is Australian as he has spent most of his life in Australia

Quentin Long’s Wikipedia

Long is a co-founder at the Australian Traveler Media. He started in 2005 till today and has been 17years. This firm Writes for two major companies i.e Australian Traveller and International Traveller. These two are Awards Wining Companies due to their Quality Commercials, Strength in reader engagement, and Photography.

His humble career started in 1996 as a publisher for 8 years at Strategic Publishing and Fairfax Bussiness Media prior to being an MD at Australian Traveller Media.

He is a reliable source as he has had two radio sessions country-wide, since 2006. Furthermore, he’s a graduate of Charles Stuart University. Skills he has acquired all through including Custom Publishing, Digital Marketing, and Corporate Communications.


Quentin Long’s Salary

He earns a salary of about $120,000 to $200,000 annually.

Quentin Long’s Instagram

Quentin Long’s Twitter


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Dougal Beatty 9 News, Age/Birthday, Family, Wife, Children, Parents, Weight, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary/Net worth, Instagram, and Twitter.

Dougal Beatty Biography

Dougal Beatty is a News Reporter at 9News, Melbourne Australia. He has 14 years of experience in being a journalist. In this article Read more on Dougal’s 9News, Age/ Birthday, Family, Wife, Children, Parents, Weight, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary/ Networth, Instagram, and Twitter.

Dougal Beatty 9News

Dougal is a News Reporter at 9News in Melbourne Australia. He joined 9 News in 2013 as a full-time journalist till today. Beatty covers the afternoon news as well as the 9 local news. In his career, he has covered news like the Rampage of Hassan Khalif Shire Ali the terrorist, and the attack at Bourke Street in 2017. Apart from that, he has also reported on Rebel Wilson’s Defamation Payout, which was slashed by $3.9m  from the actual payment which was $4.5m, finally being $600,000 from a Publisher by the name of Bauer Media on 14 June 2018. He has 9 years of experience working at 9News.

Dougal’s Beatty Age/ Birthday

How old is Dougal Beatty? He appears to be 35 years of age. Although his age is unknown, some insights from his Instagram are that he celebrates his birthday on August 24th every year together with his family.

Dougal’s Beatty Family

He has a sibling [sister] by the name of Alice Beatty. She is a loving and caring sister to her big brother and also likes to comment on her brother’s posts and findings on his Instagram.

Dougal’s Beatty Wife

Is Dougal married? Dougal is happily married to the love of his life Mrs. Dougal. These two love birds got married in 2015 and they celebrate their anniversary every year on August 28th. They have been married for 7 years now. Her Instagram handle is @Leia Bonacci. He is a loving husband and enjoys time with his family as he loves to have fun and travel around.

Dougal’s Beatty Children

The Lovely couple is blessed with 2 beautiful girls. They are Hazel who is 3 years and the eldest, and Eliza Natalia whose 1 year and the youngest. The beautiful girls love each other’s company and know how to play together so well. He is a caring father who never misses any of his children’s important events like birthdays irrespective of his job and its demands.

Dougal’s Beatty Parents

Dougal’s parents are not known. However, their contribution to making sure he and his sibling got a good education and reached their dreams is evident through their success today.

Dougal’s Beatty Weight

This information is not known, it shall be updated as soon as insights are shared.

Dougal’s Beatty Nationality

We speculate he is an Australian by nationality as he has spent a better part of his life in Australia.

Dougal’s Beatty Wikipedia

Dougal Beatty is a News Reporter at 9News, Australia. he joined 9news in 2013 and has worked for 9 years to date. He covers the Afternoon news as well as the local news. His coverage includes the Bourke Street attack in 2017 and the terrorist rampage of Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

He has 14 years of experience in being a journalist. His journalism career started as a Client Service Officer in London’s Partner between 2008 and 2009 for 1 year. Client Service Manager in Australian Unity for 7 months in 2009. Prior to joining 9News, also he worked at Win TV as a journalist for 2 years between 2010 and 2013 where he reported on the state’s bushfires and the frightening floods.

He graduated from different institutions like Scotch College and Monarch University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2007. Kaplan ProffessionalCertificate in Applied Finance and RMIT University in Diploma in Journalism both in 2010.

His experiences and educational studies have sharpened his different skills like Media Relations, News Writing, and Broadcast journalism. Dougal is fun-loving and likes to post on this Instagram and Twitter updating his followers on his life and work findings.

Lastly, Dougal is an Ambassador for a  charity that helps to reduce rates of violence against children called Polished Man. Often, he is mistaken for Peter Dougal Beatty.

Dougal’s Beatty Salary/Net Worth

He earns a salary of about $49,000 to $ 90,200 annually.

Dougal’s Beatty Instagram

Dougal’s Beatty Twitter

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Sophie Elsworth Biography, Age, Partner, Parents, Father, Family, Wiki, The Australian, Nationality, Education, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Sophie Elsworth Biography

Sophie Elsworth is a media writer for The Australian and a Sky News contributor. She appears weekly on Sky News to cover a range of issues in Australia and internationally. Explore Sophie’s Bio, Wiki, Partner, Age, Career, Parents, Family, Father, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

For The Australian, Sophie writes about media since 2021. She obtained a dual degree in arts and law but chose to pursue a career in journalism instead of becoming a lawyer. She has held metropolitan editorial positions with News Corp. publications across the nation, including The Advertiser in Adelaide, The Herald Sun in Melbourne, and The Courier-Mail in Brisbane. She has spent most of her time covering personal finance. She frequently appears on radio and television, especially on Sky News Australia where she discusses top news on issues happening in Australia. Sophie was raised in the heart of Victoria on a sheep farm.

Sophie Elsworth Age

Elsworth is in her 40s or 50s from an appearance point of view. Her birthday and zodiac sign are not available as of this post.

Sophie Elsworth Partner/Husband

Elsworth is presumably married to her husband. However, she has maintained a private life on social media and little is known about her partner. We will update this information as soon as it is available to the public.

Sophie Elsworth’s Parents/Father

Elsworth was born into a humble background by her parents. She was close to her father who ensured that he overpowered all odds to make a good future for his daughter. Her success is entirely acquired from the support of her parents as they saw her journalism passion from a tender age. They were responsible parents although she hasn’t disclosed their personal information on social media.

Sophie Elsworth Family

Elsworth lives a private life and rarely discusses her personal life on social media. Little is known about her family although we assume that she is close to her family members.

Sophie Elsworth Wikipedia

Elsworth’s success was obtained from the support of her family and parents. She also has vast experience from serving different media networks in Australia since 2001 when she started her journalism career at Herald Sun. Also, her diverse skills in journalism, newspaper, and editing have enabled her to remain reliable through the years of her career journey.

Sophie Elsworth Nationality

Elsworth is Australian by nationality. She has spent most time of her life in Australia including her education and career.

Sophie Elsworth Education

Elsworth attended Queens College and the University of Melbourne from 1999 to 2001. She later pursued a Bachelor of Laws in 2002 from La Trobe University. Her educational background is a significant factor in her success in journalism as both a writer and a reporter.

Sophie Elsworth Salary/Net worth

Elsworth approximately earns an annual salary ranging from $30,600 to $90,750. We assume she has accumulated a lot of wealth from all those years of writing and reporting news. Her wealth is probably over $1 million as of this article, accounted for her annual income, houses, and cars.

Sophie Elsworth Instagram

Elsworth is active on Instagram but hasn’t shared her account. Her posts and content is not viewable due to her privacy.

Sophie Elsworth Twitter


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Emily Morgan ITV News, Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Wiki, Images, Hairstyle, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

Emily Morgan Biography

Emily Morgan is a reporter, journalist, correspondent, and editor. She is currently serving ITV News as the senior health editor. Read this article for personal and career details about Emily including Age, Family, Parents, Career, Bio, Wiki, and many more.

Emily has been serving ITV News as a correspondent since 2017. Before that, she worked as a political correspondent from Westminster. She is reliable for editing health-related news and reports top and trending health stories for ITV News. Emily seems to enjoy a private life and little is known about her personal life. Read this article to get every information available about Emily.

Emily Morgan Age

Emily is estimated to be in her 30s or 40s. She is likely to celebrate her birthday every calendar year but she has not mentioned the birthday dates on any of her social media platforms. Her zodiac sign is also not available.

Emily Morgan Height/Weight

Emily is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches based on her posts on social media -platforms. She is 68 Kg in weight from our recent sources.

Emily Morgan NationalityEthnicity

Emily is American based on the fact that she was born and raised in the United States. Her ethnic roots may be white roots although she hasn’t mentioned any of her ethnic affiliations.

Emily Morgan’s Husband/Siblings

Emily has probably dated severally in her life but she hasn’t mentioned any of her past or current relationships. She is yet to reveal her marital status to the public. Keep reviewing this article for updated information on Emily’s marital status and relationships. Her social media platforms don’t show any signs of being married or having siblings.

Emily Morgan Parents

Emily was born and raised in the United States to her father and mother known as TBA according to sources.  They are supportive parents and always ensured that she acquired every need when growing up. It is clear from her success that they are responsible parents although she doesn’t mention their details on social media platforms.

Emily Morgan Wikipedia

Emily’s achievements and success in journalism are rooted in her good education. She acquired good grades in High School education and also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University. On top of that, she is hardworking and has a passion for journalism which she developed when she was young.

Emily Morgan ITV News

Emily began working for ITV News in 2017. She is competent because she acquired experience as a political correspondent in Westminster. She reports health stories and some of her top and most interesting stories are the Covid-19 news around the United States. She is an experienced journalist and enjoys serving ITV News with top and interesting stories.

Emily Morgan Images/Hairstyle

Emily rarely posts her photos on social media platforms. Her available images show that she maintains a short, brown simple hairstyle and elegant appearance. She is a good-looking woman and always elegant in all her appearances on social media posts.

Emily Morgan’s Salary/Net worth

Emily probably earns more than $42k an average salary of a journalist in the UK. His net worth is not accountable as he doesn’t live a flamboyant lifestyle like many other celebrities.

Emily Morgan Twitter

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Ben Chapman ITV News, Biography, Age, Birthday, Nationality, Ethnicity, Wife, Parents, Height, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

Ben Chapman Biography

Ben Chapman is an ITV News Midlands correspondent. He was previously a general reporter in London before moving to Birmingham. Read this article for personal details about Ben including ITV career, Bio, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Dating life, Wife, Parents, Net worth, and many more.

Ben is an important part of the ITN News team. He covers top stories and news from different areas in Midlands. His competency and efficiency in reporting were acquired from his long experience as a reporter for ITV News. Read further to know more about Ben including his age, birthdays, and dating life.

Ben Chapman ITV News

Ben joined ITV as a correspondent in 2006 at Gateshead, England. He worked for 6 years and 10 months and later moved to London as a general reporter for ITN. He worked in London until 2014 when he joined the Birmingham reporting team in July. Currently, he is a reliable and valid reporter for ITV Network.

Ben Chapman Age/Birthday

Ben is probably in his 4os based on his career and experience as a journalist. He celebrates his birthdays every calendar year although he hasn’t provided specific dates of his previous or upcoming birthdays.

Ben Chapman Nationality/Ethnicity

Ben’s nationality is not known as of this article as he has worked in different places. We also cant provide his ethnicity as of 2022.

Ben Chapman Height

Ben is estimated to be 5 feet and 10 inches according to sources.

Ben Chapman’s Wife

Is Ben Chapman Married? He is presumably married to her wife who is not mentioned anywhere on social media platforms. He keeps his personal life private and is not linked to any relationships that can lead to whether he is married.

Ben Chapman’s Parents

Ben was born to his father and mother who were dedicated parents. They always catered for every need in the family including providing food and shelter. Ben’s educational background is clear about his upbringing and support from his parents.

Ben Chapman Wikipedia

Ben has worked for ITV News since 2014. His experience and skills are rooted in his good education at the university. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism which has enabled him to demonstrate reliability and validity for the media network.

Ben Chapman’s Salary/Net worth

Ben earns an estimated salary of $79,000-$168,000 annually. His net worth is unaccountable as of this post due to a lack of other incomes, houses, and cars.

 Ben Chapman Twitter


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Lana Murphy Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Married? Children, Parents, Post, 9 News, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Lana Murphy Biography

Lana Murphy is a crime reporter for 9 news Australia. She has a significant role in the channel as she covers important and general news from the state and Australia at large. Explore Lana’s age, marriage, career, wiki, net worth, and how she spends her money from this article.

Lana has served 9 news for 5 years and 7 months. She joined the channel as a video journalist in Feb 2017. She became a general journalist in the same year December where she represented Melbourne for 2 years and 5 months. she is currently a crime reporter serving 9 news from Melbourne, Victoria.  She also works for metro tv and Indonesia’s new flagship tv channel.

Lana Murphy Age

Lana is estimated to be around 25-35 years of age from our sources. She celebrates her birthdays with friends and families although she does not mention her birthday dates on social media platforms.

Lana Murphy Nationality

Lana is Australian although she also understands the Bahasa Indonesia language. her nationality is not clear as of this article because she has worked in both Indonesia and Australia.

Lana Murphy Height

Lana is tall with an estimable height of 1.67 m based on her photos on Instagram. scroll down in this article to view her photos on Instagram.

Lana Murphy Married?

lana is in a relationship with Nick Riddle for 14 years as of 2022. They both live happily and share most of their shared moments on social media platforms. Scroll down this article to see their photos on Instagram. She hasn’t disclosed whether she and Nick are married but it’s clear from our database that they are dating and happy together.

Lana Murphy Children

Lana loves children and always shares pictures on her Instagram with kids. We however cant state that she and Nick have children regardless of being together for more than 10 years.

Lana Murphy Parents

Lana grew up in a loving and caring family. Her parents were responsible parents and always supported her through her needs and activities. This is clear from her educational background at the university and other levels.

Lana Murphy Post

Lana made a controversial post on her social media platforms after posting images of the pro-choice rally that she attended on behalf of the network. According to our sources, she was forced to make an apology regarding the posts.

Lana Murphy Wikipedia

Lana is one of the competent journalists for 9 news. she gained her competency from her education at Atma Jaya Catholic University and RMIT University where she studied languages and journalism respectively. she is also diverse and has many skills ranging from journalism and news writing.

Lana Murphy 9 News

Prior to joining 9 news in 2017, Lana also worked for different media networks. She was an opinion columnist at the Herald and Weekly times. she also worked for Metro TV as a broadcast journalist before joining McPherson Media Group. She is currently a crime reporter for 9 news where she has covered major crimes in Australia. she has also reported on some of Melbourne’s high-profile murders such as Eurydice Dixon, Courtney Herron, and Solomone, the deer park teenager.

Lana Murphy’s Net worth

Lana earns approximately $50000-$80000 annually. This estimate is based on the average salary of Australian journalists. We can’t account for her net worth as of this article due to the lack of her properties and incomes from her past media companies. Scroll down to see how she spends her time and money on her Instagram posts.

Lana Murphy Instagram

Lana Murphy Twitter




Jordan Fabris, 9 News, Biography, Age, Nationality, Height, Partner, Father, Family, Wiki, Net worth, Twitter

Jordan Fabris Biography

Jordan Fabris is a crime journalist at channel 9 serving from Brisbane, Queensland Australia. He reports news on issues related to crimes in Queensland and entire Australia. Explore Jordan’s age, wife, family, dating life, Wiki, and net worth.

Jordan joined channel 9 news in  July 2018. He developed his skills to cover crimes from Warlow Scott Lawyers where he worked as an office junior. He later joined 9 News Brisbane in 2015 as assistant chief of staff. Experience from different companies has enabled him to remain relevant in his role as a journalist for 9 news Australia. He is one of the top reporters covering crime for channel 9 news in Queensland.

Jordan Fabris Age

Jordan’s age is not known as of 2022. He doesn’t post his personal information on social media platforms and little is known about his age or birthdays.

Jordan Fabris Nationality

Jordan is probably Australian by nationality. This is based on the fact that he has lived and worked in Australia for the largest part of his life.

Jordan Fabris Height

Jordan is estimated to be approximately 1.75 m tall based on his appearance in his photos. Scroll down to view his photo on Twitter which is mostly active.

Jordan Fabris Partner

Jordan has probably dated several women in his life. However, there are no details of any of his current relationship[ affairs from our sources. Keep revisiting this article for incoming updates on his dating life or wife.

Jordan Fabris Father

Jordan and his father are hardworking and passionate about their respective roles in life. This is evident from his success as a top journalist and reporter in one of the biggest media networks in Australia. His father is the source of his success although he doesn’t mention him on social media platforms. Details of his father will be updated soon.

Jordan Fabris Family

Jordan was raised in a loving and caring family. He always played with his siblings while their parents provided for every need in the family. They were responsible parents although he keeps them away from social media platforms.

Jordan Fabris’s Wikipedia

Jordan has diverse skills which enable him to work appropriately throughout his career as a journalist. Some of his skills include social media, customer service, and Microsoft excel.  He also holds a Bachelor’s in journalism from the Queensland University of Technology which is the foundation of his journalism on live Television.

Jordan Fabris’s Net worth

Jordan probably earns $60000-$65000 annually. This is based on the average salary of Australian journalists from our sources. His net worth is unaccountable as of this article due to a lack of sufficient information about his cars, houses, and other incomes.

Jordan Fabris Twitter


John Kehoe (journalist), Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Partner, Parents, Children, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

John Kehoe Biography

Who is John Kehoe? He is an economic editor at the Australian Financial Review. He is also the senior writer at the parliament house of Canberra and a financial contributor for Australia’s 9 News. John has more stories related to his career, wealth, age, spouse, and social media platforms. Read this article for every information about him.

John has served the Australian Financial Review for 14 years and 7 months. He began working as a reporter in 2008, then as a United States correspondent, later became a senior writer in 2018, and in 2021 joined the economics department as an editor to present. At Australia 9 news, he is a  reporter, sports broadcaster, and economic policy analyst.

John Kehoe Age

John may be in his 40s. This is an estimation provided from a viewpoint of his photos on social media platforms. A specific age will be updated soon.

John Kehoe Height

John is probably 1.75 m. Our sources, however, don’t provide specific body measurements but we can only speculate his height from his appearance. This post will be updated when specific body measurements are available from our database.

John Kehoe Nationality

We can only assume that he is Australian by nationality.  This is because he has spent the largest part of his life in Australia as to our sources.

John Kehoe Partner, Is he Married?

John has dated several women in his life. He however keeps his life private and hasn’t disclosed his dating life on social media platforms.

John Parents

John grew up in a family where all the responsibilities were met and the needs provided. He is however a silent person on social media platforms and only talks about work. His parent’s information is not available as of this article.

John Children

John doesn’t disclose about his children as of 2022. This information will be updated when more of his personal information is available on social media platforms and our database.

John Kehoe Journalist

John became a journalist in 2006 after completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at Monash University. He worked as a Sports Broadcaster for 16 years before joining 9 News Australia.

John Kehoe Wiki

John has worked with great experience in his current roles at both 9 News and the Australian Financial Review. He also has a good base of education which enables him to work efficiently and competently. He is a popular journalist especially after working as a correspondent in Washington DC where he covered Donald Trump’s election.

John Kehoe Salary Net Worth

John earns well from his career in 9 News and Australian Financial Review. He is also diverse in his role which makes him a better earner. We can specify his earnings as of this article but the information will be updated soon.

John Kehoe Twitter


John Achterberg Biography, Age, Nationality, Height, Wife, Daughter, Parents, Liverpool FC, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

John Achterberg Biography

Who is John Achterberg? He is the goalkeeping coach at Liverpool FC. He is also a retired dutch footballer and a goalkeeper for clubs such as NAC Breda, Eindhoven, and Tranmere. Read everything about Achterberg from age, wife, daughter, salary, and career in this article.

Achterberg’s career began at Tranmere Rovers in 1998. He became their first-choice goalkeeper in 1999 and he was part of the success of the team in great wins such as against Everton and Southampton. His greatest memory was the FA cup quarter-final against Millwall. He managed to play through injury and kept a clean sheet after saving a penalty. Achterberg’s career was hugely affected by injuries but his contract expired in May 2007. He retired from playing in 2009 at Tranmere Rovers.

John Achterberg Age

Achterberg was born on July 8, 1971. As of 2022, he is 51 years old. He celebrates his birthday every July 8th. Although he doesn’t share his birthday celebrations, he mostly involves his family and friends on his birthdays.

John Achterberg Nationality

Achterberg was born in Utrecht,Netherlands. He is Dutch by Nationality.

John Achterberg Height

Achterberg is approximately 1.85 m. He has a height that suited his goalkeeping skills in his football career.

John Achterberg Wife

Achterberg is married to his wife Monique. They have both lived together for many years and post their photos together. Scroll down to view their photos on the Instagram platform. Monique is 51 years old as of 2022.

John Achterberg Daughter

Achterberg has three daughters.  His first daughter is called Haylsa. She celebrates her birthday every December 23. As of 2022, she is 20 years old. The other daughter is Kirstey who is a gymnast. She is 16 years as of 2022. Kirstey also celebrates her birthday every April 26. The other daughter is called Lindsey and celebrates her birthday every 12 June.

John Achterberg Parents

According to sources, Achterberg’s mother is Manic Varma. He hasnt disclosed much about his parents from our sources but this information will be updated soon.

John Achterberg Liverpool FC

Achterberg joined Liverpool FC in June 2009 as backroom staff. Although he was hugely criticized for the inefficiency of Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius he later came to succeed after the signing of Allison Becker. in his first season as Allison’s coach, Liverpool kept 21 clean sheets in the EPL season 2018/19. His competency as a goalkeeping coach was clear when Allison won the golden glove in the 2019 season. Achterberg is a great goalkeeping coach and works closely with his senior coach Jurgen Klopp.

John Achterberg Wikipedia

Achterberg has gained a lot of experience and growth since joining Liverpool FC. Through his skills and determination, the club has achieved great success in both European football and Premier League. As of 2022, Liverpool goalkeepers are the top goalies in world football. Klopp has also applauded him severally for his determination and hard work.

John Achterberg’s Net worth

According to our sources, he is worth $1-$5 million. His specific net worth is not accountable because he doesn’t show his wealth including cars, houses, and income to the public. The information will be updated soon.

John Achterberg Instagram

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Lorena Manas Biography, Darwin Nunez Girlfriend, Age, Height, Children, Family, Aleix Vidal, Daughter, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Lorena Manas Biography

Who is Lorena Manas? She is the girlfriend of Uruguayan football star Darwin Nunez. Although she doesn’t make excessive appearances, her popularity has risen from the big signing of his boyfriend from Benfica to Liverpool FC. A lot is not known about her due to her private life but this article offers every information there is about her.

Lorena rarely appears in front of the Camera. She has always kept her life in secrecy since his boyfriend was a player at Benfica. She is currently a huge part of Nunez’s success from a football point of view. Her elegance and beauty are reflected in the great milestone of Nunez as a real star in football.

Lorena Manas Age

Lorena was born in 1999. As of 2022, she is 23 years old. Details about her birthday are not available because she is low profile. The information will be updated as soon as it gets public.

Lorena Manas Height

Lorena is approximately 1.65 m. She is shorter than her boyfriend who is 1.87 m tall.

Lorena Manas & Darwin Nunez’s Relationship

Lorena and Darwin have dated since they were young. Although she stays under the radar, her love for Nunez is clear from their newly born child. They started dating when Nunez was a young footballer and they are together until 2022. We shall update you on any upcoming information regarding their relationship.

Lorena Manas Children

Both Lorena and Nunez gave birth to a son in the year 2022. The child was named Darwin and is a joy in their life. They look up to a great future as parents of Darwin a blessing to not only them but also to football fans. Lorena also has a daughter with Spanish player Aleix Vidal. As of 2022, she has two children.

Lorena Manas Family

Lorena has a caring mother known as Julia Manas ( Also, she has only one known sibling called Rina Manas. She grew up understanding the role of a woman in a family as reflected in her recent relationships. Her family is the source of her elegance and beauty. Although she doesn’t open up much about her family, she probably acquired everything she ever needed to reach at this point.

Aleix Vidal, Was Lorena Dating Vidal

Lorena once dated Vidal, a Spanish footballer and a winger for Barcelona FC. According to sources, they both got married in 2016, which is speculated to be rushed due to Vidal’s links to Qatar. The link didn’t go through and their marriage ended.

Lorena Manas Daughter

Lorena has a daughter from her previous relationship with Vidal. The daughter is named Chloe and Vidal enjoys spending time with her. They are both together in many events such as football games.

Lorena Manas Wikipedia

Lorena met with Darwin after their breakup with Vidal. They both met each other at Almeria where Nunez began his career. Her journey with Nunez has been fruitful as they are both currently at Liverpool FC. This is a joy to Lorena because she always supported and wanted the best for the Uruguayan striker. Their current club is even more special because they welcomed their baby boy during the transfer period when Nunez signed for LFC.

Lorena Manas Net worth

Lorena probably lives a flashy life from the better source of income from her boyfriend who sources estimated to earn 1.5 million euros annually. Her net worth is not accountable due to a lack of information from her social media platforms. She also doesn’t have a flamboyant lifestyle to showcase her worth.

 Lorena Manas Instagram

Lorena has a private account on Instagram. The account speaks a lot about her private life to the public.

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