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Florian Plettenberg (Reporter) Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Sky Sport, Wiki, Partner, Parents, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Florian Plettenberg Biography

Florian Plettenberg is a Sky Sports reporter covering sports talks and news from Germany. He is hugely recognized for covering news of Bayern Munich FC and other football top clubs in the Bundesliga. Explore Florian’s age, career, net worth, and social media platform in this article.

Florian is a German correspondent for Sky Sports News. He has covered some of the greatest transfer stories for German clubs. He joined Sky Sports in Jan 2022, and most focus on Bayern FC transfer stories and other football-related activities. As of this article, he has worked as a Sky Sports reporter for 8 months.

Florian Plettenberg Age

Florian was born in 1988. He is 34 years old as of 2022.  He hasn’t mentioned the dates of his past or upcoming birthdays but he is likely to celebrate his birthdays with friends and family.

Plettenberg Height

Florian is average tall in stature. This is clear from his photos on Instagram. Scroll down in this post to view his images on Instagram.

Florian Plettenberg Nationality/ Ethnicity

Florian is German by nationality. This is clear from the fact that he has worked and spent most part of his in Germany. His ethnic background is under review and will be updated soon.

Florian Plettenberg Partner (Is he Married)

Florian has probably dated several women in his life although he hasn’t disclosed his relationships on social media platforms. As of this article, it is not clear whether Florian is married or not. This article is however open for incoming updates.

Plettenberg Parents

Florian was born in Germany to two parents. His parents always sup[ported him and provided for basic needs in the family. They also provided for his education which has enhanced his career in journalism.

Florian Plettenberg Sky Sport/Reporter

Florian joined Sky News in January 2022. This was after working as a chief reporter for Sport1 for 3 years and 8 months. He also reported News at BILD for 10 Months in Germany, Bayern.

Florian Plettenberg Wikipedia

Florian is a competent journalist who works with passion and determination. He always covers news from transfers to other sports activities in Germany. His competence is rooted in his experience in Sport1 and BILD. He also has a good education in journalism, podcast, and reporting.

Plettenberg Net worth

Florian earns hugely from his career as a journalist. We may not provide his specific income but he lives a good life from his earnings. Scroll down in this article to view how he spends his time and money on Instagram.

Florian Plettenberg Instagram

Florian Plettenberg Twitter


Leslie Chilton Biography, Eric Chilton Wife, Age, Height, Greensboro NC, Husband, Children, Parents, Education, Background, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Leslie Chilton Biography

Leslie Chilton is the wife of Eric Chilton, a host, and a meteorologist at WFMY News.  Apart from being the wife of a popular TV host, Leslie also has her own career and profile that earns her an independent life. Read about Leslie’s age, career, relationship with Eric, family, and how she spends her time and income from this article.

Leslie is the wife of a popular TV host at WFMY but she has her n career and goals in life. She is the director of Media Strategies at Broadcast 2 Go. Here, she is the planner and buyer of traditional and interactive marketing campaigns. The organization is in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States.  She is diverse in the work and does everything related to planning, placing, negotiating, and tracking. Her determination in the work is rooted in her experience in different TVs. Leslie has built an image and a recommendable identity through her work regardless of the popularity of her husband.

Leslie Chilton Age

Leslie is probably between 43 years as of this article. Her husband is older than her and both vary in age. Leslie doesn’t disclose her public life on social media platforms that don’t provide the date of her birthday. As of this article, her birth date is unavailable.

Leslie Chilton Height

Leslie may be 1.70 m tall. This is because she is slightly shorter than her husband from an observation point of view. They both post photos together which portrays a variance in height.

Leslie Chilton Greensboro NC

Leslie stays in Greensboro, NC in the United States. This is where she works as the director of media strategies. She has worked in Greensboro since 2002 when she was an account executive for WFMY-TV.

Leslie Chilton Husband

Leslie is married to Eric Chilton a WFMY-TV host and meteorologist. They have both worked together for a while and have managed to develop the Broadcast 2 Go company. Leslie doesn’t show her public life on social media but they are happily married.

Leslie Chilton Children

Both Leslie and Eric are blessed with four children. Two of them who are the firstborn are twins. According to sources, the twins turned 18 years on August 31, 2020.

Leslie Chilton Parents

Leslie was born and raised by parents who met their responsibilities. Her good life and career are evident that her parents catered for her education and provided for all her needs. Although she doesn’t provide her parent’s information to the public, they were loving and caring parents.

Leslie Chilton Education & Background

Leslie pursued mass communication, Spanish language, and literature at North Carolina State University. She gained skills in social media and marketing strategy. Her skills and education are reflected in her career with TV and media agencies until today.

Leslie Chilton Wikipedia

Leslie has worked hard to gain her status as a director at Broadcast 2 Go. She has also worked with several agencies WRAZ-TV in 2000, WFMY-TV, and media placement services. She began working for media in the year 2000 after completing her University education.

Leslie Chilton’s Net worth

Leslie doesn’t show her wealth on social media but she earns hugely from her family company. She has probably earned a lot from her experience working for different TVs such as WRAZ and WFMY.

Leslie Chilton Instagram