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Tommy Didario Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Parents, Children, Nationality/Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Tommy Didario Biography

Tommy Didario is a Journalist at The Rachael Ray Show and a Hollywood actor. He works as a Correspondent and TV Host. He has 5 years of experience as a journalist at the Racheal Ray show. Read more on Didario’s impressive Career, Age, Family, Husband, Parents, Children, Nationality/ Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Tommy Didario Career

Tommy started his career at The Racheal Ray show in 2017 where he took on Hosting and Reporting on Entertainment and Lifestyle. He covers a wide range of news including Health, Fitness, Travel, and Human Interest Stories.

Due to his efforts and skills, he was the first Non-news host to be employed by a News network to host his own show called Today Show. Along the Covid-19 period, he created his own show on Instagram #Letstalktogether. This show interviews Inspirational Celebrities who inspire viewers and give them some enthusiasm after every show.

He’s also an Actor for his appearance on Hollywood movies My Christmas Prince in 2017, Board City in 2015, and Man in Progress

He has traveled to many countries including Paris. Tommy has interviewed both international and National Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

Tommy Didario’s Age

How old is Tommy Didario? Tommy Didario is 37 years of age. He was born on the 29th of October 1985. He celebrates his birthday every year with his family and friends. He is married now which adds to a more favorite and exciting party worth celebrating.

Tommy Didario’s Family

Who is Tommy Didario sister? Tommy has a beautiful sister by the name of Megs Didario. They have grown up together happily and enjoy each other’s company.

Tommy Didario’s Husband

Who is Tommy Didario married to? Tommy is happily married to his one true love Geo Benitez. The two love birds had been together for a while and finally decided to tie the knot at Eifel Tower in Paris. They also held their pre-wedding at Key Largo, Florida before holding their beautiful wedding on 16nth April 2016 at Walton House in Miami, Florida. They have been married for 6years to date.

His wedding day was graced by Parents from both parties, their friends, and colleagues. Who is Geo Benitez? Geo Benitez is a News Correspondent for the Good Morning America on ABC News.

Tommy Didario’s Children

Tommy has no children. More on this will be updated soon as insights are shared.

Tommy Didario’s Parents

Tommy’s parents are not mentioned. However, their contribution and support to making sure that he reached his potential are evident to date.

Tommy Didario’s Nationality/Ethnicity

He’s American by Nationality, however, we are unaware of his ethnicity.

Tommy Didario’s Wikipedia

Tommy Didario is a Journalist at The Rachael Ray Show and a movie Star. He’s a Correspondent and Tv Host and also Reports on Entertainment and Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Human Related Stories, and Travel as well. His career at The Rachael Show started in 2017.

Prior to joining the Rachael Show he worked with Man In Progress in 2014, had an appearance on the Board City movie in 2015, and lastly he starred in a movie My Christmas Prince in 2017.

He has also been a Non-News host to a News Network  #Today Show. He’s also created a show on Instagram called # Letstalktogether where he interviews Inspirational Celebrities who inspire viewers to push through their day no matter the challenges involved.

He’s a Graduate from New York University Bachelor of Science, in Communications Studies in 2008. He is skilled in Hosting and Social Networking. Didario is passionate about Entertainment, and Social Media.

Tommy Didario’s Salary

He earns a salary of $45,000 to $90,000 annually. More about his investments and income is not disclosed.

Tommy Didario’s Instagram

Tommy Didario’s Twitter

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Quentin Long 9 News Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Parents, Height/Weight, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Quentin Long Biography

Quentin Long is the co-founder of Australian Traveller Media. He has 17 years of experience working at the firm. Read more on Quentin’s Age, Family, Wife, Children, Parents, Height/Weight, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Australian Traveller Media also writes for two big travel titles namely Australian Traveller and International Traveller. These two titles are known for Winning Awards in Photography and Editorial, the Quality of their commercials, and their strength in readers engagement.

He started his business career as a Publisher at Strategic Publisher for 4years from 1996 to 2000. Later he joined Fair fax Bussiness Media and [Singapore] from 2000 to 2004 for 4 years. Due to this job experience, he has sharpened his business skills.

He’s a very trustworthy source for travel news and insights and has had two weekly sessions on radio country-wide since 2006. Long is a travel media commentator.

Quentin Long 9News

He appears on 9News for a program A Current Affair since 2010.

Quentin Long’s  Age/Birthday

His age and birthdate are not mentioned although he celebrates every year with family

Quentin Long’s Family

He has five siblings four sisters and a brother. They enjoy each other company and having fun like going to the movies as they have been brought up.

Quentin Long’s Wife

Who is Quentin’s wife? His wife is not mentioned although he is married to one beautiful and elegant lady. She appears to be very loving and naturing from their posts on Instagram.

Quentin Long’s Children

He has been blessed to have 2 handsome boys one who is fun and a player of rugby. Their names and age have not been mentioned.

Quentin Long’s Parents

His parents are not mentioned although their selflessness and determination in making sure their children made it to their dreams are evident through all of their success today including Long.

Their mother is fun-loving as she likes to go to operas and other fun nights as to Long’s Instagram posts.

Quentin Long’s Height/Weight

This information is not available it shall be updated soon as insights are shared.

Quentin Long’s Nationality

We speculate that Long is Australian as he has spent most of his life in Australia

Quentin Long’s Wikipedia

Long is a co-founder at the Australian Traveler Media. He started in 2005 till today and has been 17years. This firm Writes for two major companies i.e Australian Traveller and International Traveller. These two are Awards Wining Companies due to their Quality Commercials, Strength in reader engagement, and Photography.

His humble career started in 1996 as a publisher for 8 years at Strategic Publishing and Fairfax Bussiness Media prior to being an MD at Australian Traveller Media.

He is a reliable source as he has had two radio sessions country-wide, since 2006. Furthermore, he’s a graduate of Charles Stuart University. Skills he has acquired all through including Custom Publishing, Digital Marketing, and Corporate Communications.


Quentin Long’s Salary

He earns a salary of about $120,000 to $200,000 annually.

Quentin Long’s Instagram

Quentin Long’s Twitter


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Adele Robinson Sky News, Biography, Age/Birthdate, Family, Parents, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Adele Robinson Biography

Adele Robinson is a News Correspondent and Presenter at Sky News, London. She is a journalist by profession with over 10 years of experience. Read More on Adele Robinson’s Sky News Career Age/Birthdate, Family, Parents, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

She has 12 years of experience as a journalist. She has worked in 2 major firms to this very day. She’s an Award winner of the CJA Award for Outstanding Journalist given by the Criminal Justice Alliance in 2019. This Award was about a program working on a circle in the UK that was trying to rehabilitate Sex Offenders.

Adele Robinson’s Sky News.

Adele started her career at Sky News, London in 2012 as a Reporter for 4 months. She then became a Midlands correspondent for 5 years from 2012  to 2017. Later she was promoted to a News Correspondent for 5 years till the present day since 2017. Presently, she is also working as a Bussiness Correspondent for the last 2 months since September 2022.

Adele Robinson’s Age/ Birthdate

She looks to be in her 30s from her appearance. Read more about Adele’s Family, Parents, Nationality, Wikipedia, Salary, Instagram, and Twitter.

Adele Robinson’s Family

We don’t know of her family. Still, she has not shared her personal details on whether Datinng, Married, or Divorced. This information is to be updated soon as insights are shared.

Adele Robinson’s Parents

Her parents are not known either, although their goodwill and dedication in making sure she achieves her goal and reaches her dreams are a clear indication of their good parenting. This is also seen through her success in her career.

Adele Robinson’s Wikipedia

Robinson Adele is a News and Business Correspondent at Sky News, LONDON. She has worked on Sky News for one decade now. She started off as a Reporter for 4 months in 2012. Then she became the Midlands Correspondent for 4 years from  2012 to 2017. Later she was promoted and became a News Correspondent in 2017 till now. Recently she has become the Bussiness Correspondent for 2 months since September.

One of her covered stories is the recent issue of Mortgages, and how some Citizens were struggling to remortgage. Also, she looked into the Topic of Who should decide on someone’s life and decide their fate.

Adele Started her Journalism Career at BBC Look North as a Broadcast Journalist for 2 years from 2009 to 2012. Her career in Journalism has over 12 years of experience. She graduated from Newcastle University Bachelor of Arts in English, Literature in 2003 and a Masters of Arts in English Literature in 2004 at the same Institution.

The CJA Award for Outstanding Journalist in Nov 2019, was an Award she was given. This award was given out by the Criminal Justice Alliance. It was given because of the program of Circles in the UK which attempted to rehabilitate sex offenders.

Some of the skills she has attained include Journalism, Media Production, and News Writing. These skills have been achieved because of her excellence in her courses and also through her experiences in her career as she also likes to update her Twitter followers about her.

Adele Robinson

She earns a salary of $ 38,400 to $96,200 annually.

Adele Robinson’s Instagram

Her Instagram Account is not available at the moment.

Adele Robinson’s Twitter

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Tiago Forte, Second Brain Guy, Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Wife, Partner, Parents, Siblings, Birthday, Wiki, Education, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Tiago Forte Biography

Tiago Forte is the creator of building a second brain and a founder of Forte Lab. He is a popular figure online as he enlightens people about productivity, knowledge management, and learning. Explore Forte’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Parents, Background, Ethnicity, Career, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Forte spent 10 years of research and experiments to create the second brain system. It is through his efforts that he founded Forte Lab, an institution that helps people to improve their productivity. His works at Forte Lab include product design consultation, creation of systems for behavior change, and use of technology for self-tracking. He previously worked as an instructor-in-residence for PARISOMA and was also a project manager and mobility analyst in 2012. The initial stages of his career began at Opportunity International in 2006 and later became an English Teacher and Activist at U.S Peace Corps in 2009. Read this article for interesting stories about Tiago Forte including his personal life.

Tiago Forte Age/Birthday

Forte is in his 30s to 40s based on his appearance. He celebrates his birthday every calendar year although he hasn’t disclosed his upcoming birthday. Zodiac sign unknown.

Tiago Forte Nationality/Ethnicity

Tiago is a first-generation American. He was born and raised in Orange County in Southern California. He has a mixed ethnic background from Brazilian and Filipino parents.

Tiago Forte Wife/Partner

Forte is married and living with his wife. He recommends his wife as an important part of his success as she is the CEO of households. They are both in business and have created a family together with one child.

Tiago Forte Parents/Siblings

Forte was born and raised in Orange County in Southern California to his musician mother and a professional artist father. He learned important lessons about the value of making things from his father who covered every wall of their home with paintings and sketches. He also grew up among his two brothers and a sister in his household whose details are not available as of this post.

Tiago Forte Wikipedia

Tiago acquired his achievements through lessons learned from his mother and father. From his father, he gained his drive and will and from his mother, he gained qualities that made these extremes manageable. Also, he had his own desire to learn new things and always collected everything during his childhood.  He also loved organizing things and learning regardless of being an average student. At this point, he owns an online education company and a blog that inspires people around the world. He is a mentor to many people, especially in the modern era of innovations and technology.

Tiago Forte Education

Forte went to Aliso Niguel High School in 1999 where he acquired a High School Diploma. In 2004, he joined San Diego State University where he graduated with B.A  International Business. His areas of concentration at the University were marketing, South America, and the Portuguese language.

Tiago Forte’s Salary/Net worth

Tiago has accumulated a lot of wealth from his entrepreneurship and his online education company. There are no exact digits of his income from our database but he can afford the life he ever dreamt of through his income from different careers since he completed University.

Tiago Forte Instagram


Tiago Forte Twitter


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Katie Nicholl (Royal Reporter), Biography, Vanity Fair, Age, Husband, Married?, Children, Family, Parents, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Katie Nicholl Biography

Katie Nicholl is a Royal correspondent author and editor. She is also a vanity fair royal editor since 2010 and an author of Harry and Meghan. Explore Nicholl’s Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Royal involvement, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Katie is diverse as she performs different roles in the media. she has appeared on podcasts, newspapers, TV shows, and media networks. Her significant achievement in the media is developing a successful broadcasting career for Sky News and the BBC.  She has also gained experience from writing and covering stories related to British Royal Families. She also regularly appeared on Entertainment Tonight, CBC, BBC, and ITV. This article covers the personal and career life of Katie Nicholl.

Katie Nicholl Age

Katie was born in 1976 and is 46 years old as of 2022. Her birthday or zodiac signs are not available although she celebrates her birthday every calendar year with family and friends.

Katie Nicholl’s Husband/Married?

Katie is married to her husband who is not hugely mentioned in her profiles. He is however a hardworking man who plays a significant role in his family. Little is known about him but he is rumored to work as a civil servant.

Katie Nicholl Children/Family

Katie and her husband are blessed with 2 children. They are supportive of their children and always work hard to provide for the basic needs of the family. We will update you on more family stories and the expansion of the family in the future.

Katie Nicholl’s Parents

Katie was born and raised by supportive and caring parents. Her career in journalism is clear and she acquired every support she needed from her parents. She has however maintained a private life on social media platforms and little is known about her parent’s personal life.

Katie Nicholl Wikipedia

Katie’s success in journalism is rooted in her diversity. She is an author, journalist, reporter, and most importantly a royal commentator. She also acquired good education that enables her to portray competency and efficiency in her work. One of her past schools was Channing School in Highgate.

Katie Nicholl Vanity Fair

Katie is an author and writes regularly for Vanity magazine. She has been writing for vanity since 2010. most of her stories are about the British royal family. Other of her articles include Grazia, Dynasty, and Your Majesty magazines.

Katie Nicholl’s Salary/Net worth

Katie earns a good income from her professional. She has probably gathered a huge amount of money from her journalism career. Her houses, cars, and other incomes are unavailable.

Katie Nicholl Instagram

Katie Nicholl Twitter


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Who is Andy Goldstein Wife? Cindy Goldstein Biography, Age, Height, Andy Goldstein, Is She Divorced, Children, Wiki, Parents, Net worth, Instagram

Cindy Goldstein Biography

Cindy Goldstein is the wife of Andy Goldstein,  a famous British media personality and TV character. He also works at talkSPORT where they cover stories related to sports. Although Andy is popular in the world of sports, Cindy has her own life and career. Explore Cindy’s age, career, marriage with Andy, Wiki, and Net worth.

Cindy and Andy have been married for a long period of time. They have a  perfect relationship based on their posts on Instagram. Andy always posts pictures with his wife every time he is out of work. Andy is always on talkSPORT show where he covers every story related to sports. He is a hardworking husband and always play his role in the family.

Cindy Goldstein Age

Cindy’s age is not known as she keeps her life private. However, her husband was born on June 11, 1973. They celebrate Andy’s birthday as a family every June 11. They also involve friends and extended family in their birthday celebrations.

Cindy Goldstein Height

Cindy is average in height. She is also shorter than Andy who is estimated to be 1.78 m.

Cindy Goldstein and Andy Goldstein

Both Cindy and Andy have dated for a long period of time. Andy posts photos on social media platforms of him and Cindy having beautiful moments together. From such images, they are probably together and happy in marriage. Cindy is a low-profile woman but Andy speaks about many stories related to their relationships.

Has Andy Goldstein Left Cindy Goldstein

According to our sources, both Cindy and Andy are still married and happy together. There is no information on social media platforms connected to their separation or divorce. Keep connected to our article for updates in the future.

Cindy Goldstein Children

Cindy and Andy have been blessed with two children. Based on social media, Cindy seems contested with her marriage and children. She always plays her role as a wife and a mother.

Cindy Goldstein Parents

Cindy was born and raised by responsible parents who always supported her in all her needs. This is reciprocated in her current role as a parent to her two children. Also, Cindy is close to her parents-in-law. Sources,  suggest that a tweet was obtained seven years ago of her father-in-law obtaining autographs from Andy.

Cindy Goldstein Wikipedia

Although there is little about Cindy, her husband’s stories are interesting. Andy works hard and is always passionate about his work in the media industry. He is affiliated with professionals such as Soccer AM and UKTV. He currently hosts the Sports bar and aired talkSPORT every week.

Did Cindy Goldstein’s Husband leave talkSPORT?

Rumors have emerged occasionally about Andy leaving talkSPORT. Sources suggest that he is not leaving talkSPORT but diversifying his role in the program. He will start playing a different role in the show to enhance the humor and a different spirit.

Cindy Goldstein’s Net worth

Cindy is probably worth more than $1 million. This is based on the impressive salary of her husband on Sports Bar and talkSPORT show. They live a happy life and their finances are huge considering Andy’s hard work and commitment to TV roles.

Cindy Golstein Instagram


Yalda Kontratchy Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Derek Chisora Wife, Children, Parents, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram

Yalda Kontratchy Biography

Yalda Kontratchy (Derek Chisora) is an Instagram model and an ex-girlfriend to former boxer and talkSPORT presenter Derek Chisora. They were both married for several years until they broke up after a fight. Read more information about Yalda’s Nationality, Age, family, Wiki and Net worth.

Yalda and Chisora’s separation occurred in 2010 after he found instant messages from her phone. They engaged in a brutal fight which castigated their separation. Yalda claimed that the relationship was poisonous and it was enough of the mistreatment from the fighter.

Yalda Kontratchy Age

Yalda is 25 years old as of our sources. She doesn’t share many details about her birthdays on social media platforms.

Yalda Kontratchy Ethnicity

Yalda is Iranian by nationality and ethnic background. Her ex-husband Chisora is African from Zibambwean roots.

Yalda Height

Yalda is estimated to be 1.75 m. This is in relation to her appearance on social media platforms.

Yalda Kontratchy and Derek Chisora

Yalda and Chisora were married until 2010 when they separated after Chisora attacked her for finding messages on her phone. Chisora was found guilty although he escaped a jail term.  Chisora is a  successful fighter in the heavyweight category but as of this article, we haven’t found any information about his current relationship or getting back to his ex-girlfriend.

Yalda Kontratchy Children

Yalda and Chisor have one child in their marriage usually with his father in most posts on Instagram. More information is under review and will be updated soon.

Yalda Parents

Yalda was born in Iran but doesn’t provide any information about her parents. She is probably successful because of the support of her parents and family. Keep revisiting this article for updated information about Yalda.

Yalda Kontratchy Wiki

Yalda is a young well-kept woman. The assault5 may not describe her character and behavior because her photographs portray a different woman. She appeared to be loving and caring to her close people regardless of the situation between her and Chisora.

Yalda Net worth

Yalda doesn’t flaunt her wealth on Instagram. Her wealth is not accountable as of this post but this information will be updated soon.

Yalda Kontratchy Instagram

Yalda has an Instagram account that she uses to post her photos and activities. The link to Instagram will be updated soon.


Catherine Taffarel, Claudio Taffarel’s Daughter, Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Children, Parents, Family, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram

Catherine Taffarel Biography

Daughter of Claudio Taffarel, a former Brazilian goalkeeper and coach at Liverpool FC. Catherine Taffarel is famous because of her father, a popular figure in the world of sports. This article provides everything you need to know about Catherine’s life including age, height, children, Wiki, and net worth.

Catherine lives an everyday life beyond the fame of her father. She is a full-time lawyer at CSMV Advogados. She joined the company in September 2020 after working as an Intern in different organizations. She was an intern for approximately 4 years in places such as Inter Milano. Her success and achievements are reflected in her experience and a good education at the University.

Catherene Taffarel Age

Catherine is estimated to be in her 30s according to our sources. She doesn’t post about her birthdays on social media platforms and her specific age is uncertain as of this article. The article is however open for updates in the future.

Catherine Taffarel Height

Catherine is probably 1.79 m. This is in reference to an observation from her appearance on Instagram photos. Scroll down in this article to view her photos on Instagram which show an estimation of her height measurement.

Catherine Taffarel Husband

Catherine is married to Monteiro. Although she doesn’t talk much about him on social media platforms he is always by her side in every activity. This is clear from their Instagram posts which demonstrate love for the two. They always spend time together and share their love with the public.

Catherine Taffarel Children

Catherine and Monteiro have a son called Thomas. He was born in April and is the source of their happy marriage for a long period of time.

Catherine Taffarel Parents

Catherine is the daughter of Andrea and Claudio. Her parents have always supported her from birth until she is grown. They always played their role as parents which is reflected in her success as a lawyer, wife, and a mother.

Catherine Family

Catherine is born two biologically but they are 17 in total. Sixteen of her siblings are from adoption but she always appreciates them and shares her love with them as family and siblings.

Catherine Taffarel Wiki

Apart from being associated with a high-profile father, Catherine has managed to achieve her own success. She is a competent lawyer with a great educational background. She has a Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with FC Barcelona. She also has a degree in Law which makes her a reliable and Valid lawyer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Catherine Taffarel Net worth

Catherine maybe earns hugely from her law career. Specific details about her income will be updated soon.

Catherine Taffarel Instagram

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Andrea Taffarel, Claudio Taffarel’s Wife, Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Children, Parents, Career, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram

Andrea Taffarel Biography

Are you searching for the wife of Claudio Taffarel? Andrea Taffarel is the wife of Claudio, a former Brazilian goalkeeper. He is also the goalkeeping coach at Liverpool FC. Read this article for information about Andrea including her age, marriage, career, children, and net worth.

Andrea is mostly famous because of her husband who is a popular figure in Sports. Apart from that, she is also a seasoned journalist and the co-owner of an Italy import, an online wine store.  Andrea states on her Instagram that she also loves her pet. She is a family woman who always supports and takes care of her family including her many children.

Andrea Taffarel Age

Andrea maybe be in her 40 or 50 years but enjoys life and is always active regardless of her age. She has not disclosed her age to the public but her Instagram photos speak a lot about her motherhood and experience in life.

Andrea Taffarel Height

Andrea is approximately 1.72 m. This is in reference to her husband’s height from an observation point of view. They both appear close in height measurements from their photos.

Andrea Taffarel Nationality

Andrea is Brazilian by Nationality. She was married in Brazil and has spent most part of her life in Brazil.

Andrea Taffarel Husband (Claudio Taffarel)

Andrea is the wife of the famous husband Claudio. He was the former Brazil goalkeeper but is currently a coach at Liverpool FC in the Premier league. He is a successful man as he has achieved a lot as a Brazil player and also as a coach. Although there is no specific period of their marriage, they both love each other and support each other toward their goals in life.

Andrea Taffarel Children

Andrea is a mother to two biological kids, Catherine and Andre. They have also adopted 15 kids whom they love and support. Their children are awesome and always love each other regardless of the parenting nature of the family. Andrea is also not biased toward any of the adopted kids and loves them equally as her own kids.

Andrea Taffarel Parents

Andrea was born and raised by loving and caring parents. They always played their role in parenting and catered for the basic needs of their children. Although Andrea doesn’t show or talk about her parents to the public, they were loving and caring parents.

Andrea Taffarel Career

Andrea is a journalist. She has worked as a journalist for the most part of her working life. On top of that, she is the co-owner of Italy imports. She enjoys her career life and always posts her daily activities on Instagram.

Andrea Taffarel Wikipedia

Andrea is famous because of her husband who is a footballer and coach. Most of her achievement is from the support of her family, especially her husband. She has succeeded in her journalism career and Italy imports. She always posts pictures on Instagram of her family celebrating the success of her hard work and efforts. Scroll this article to view photos of Andrea’s activities on her Instagram.

Andrea Taffarel Net worth

Andrea earns hugely from her journalism career and Italy’s online wine imports. We can’t account for her net worth as of this post due to uncertainty of her income, cars, and houses. Sources however say that her husband earns a salary of $50,000-$1000,000.

Andrea Taffarel Instagram

Sophie Raworth Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Parents, Husband, Children, Education, Sunday Morning, BBC News, Running, Wikipedia, Net worth

Sophie Raworth Biography

Are you interested in knowing Sophie Raworth? She is a broadcaster, newsreader, and journalist at BBC.  She is mainly the senior presenter on BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten. Her news is on issues related to State occasions and Social affairs. Here is everything you need to know about Sophie.

Sophie’s work at BBC is recommendable as she commits herself to the tasks. in the years back between 205 and 2016, Sophie joined the consumer affairs program watchdog and Crimewatch respectively. She also presents the BBC’s election night coverage which gives her a diverse role in the media.

Sophie Raworth Age

Sophie was born on May 15, 1968, in England. As of the year 2022, she is 54 years old. Although she doesn’t involve the public in her birthdays, she celebrates them every May 15.

Sophie Raworth Nationality

There is no information from our database about Sophie’s ethnicity but she is of British Nationality.

Sophie Raworth Height & Weight

Sophie doesn’t mention body measurements on her social media platform. From observing her photos, Sophie is estimated 6’6 tall. Sophie also has a healthy weight that portrays her fitness and good health,

Sophie Raworth Parents

Sophie was born in Surrey, England to a florist mother and a businessman father. She hasn’t disclosed much information about her parents but they are responsible parents who cared for her. It is through good care that she became an important woman in life.

Sophie Raworth Husband

Sophie got married to Richard Winter in the year 2003. They both live in London where they have raised a good family. They always love each other and there is nop information on challenges in the marriage.

Sophie Raworth Children

Both Sophie and Richard have three children. They include two daughters and one son. The children are Ella Rose, Georgia, and Oliver. There is not much information about their children on social media but they live with them in London which allows them to spend time together as a family.

Sophie Raworth Education

Sophie completed he A-levels in Pitney High School and St. Paul’s Girls School. She later joined the University of Manchester where she studied French and German. She acquired her skills in broadcasting and journalism from City London University.

Sophie Raworth Sunday Morning Show

In January 2022, Raworth became an interim for Sunday Morning Show currently The Andrew Marr Show. This was a temporary move and the show came to an end after 7 months. In July she said goodbye to her viewers on a morning show.

Sophie Raworth BBC News

Raworth joined BBC in 1992. At this time, he was a news reporter for Manchester Radio. in 1994, she became a regional correspondent. She entered national Television in the year 1997 with BBC One Program breakfast news. Raworth has represented BBC in different programs which have enhanced her competence in journalism. Her most recent role are hosting the BBC TV series Watchdog Test House in 2014. She also became BBC One Consumer News replacing Anne Robinson in 2015.

Sophie Raworth Running

Sophie completed London Marathon in April 2011 despite collapsing 2 miles from the finish line. By the year 2017, Sophie had completed all major six world marathons. Recently, she completed the London Marathon for the 4th time in 2021.

Sophie Raworth Wikipedia

Raworth’s first TV appearance was at the age of fourteen. This is clear that journalism was her passion from a tender age. She demonstrated her passion for journalism when she appeared on a BBC nationwide briefly. The report was for her mother’s bee-keeping enterprise. Later, she followed her interests and became a competent journalist and reporter at BBC News.

Raworth Net worth

There is not much information about Sophie’s net worth due to the unavailability of properties and salaries. However, as of the year 2017, it was reported that she earns 150,000-190,999 euros as a BBC presenter. More recent information about her salary is under review and will be updated soon.

Sophie Raworth Twitter