Carolina Mesa Fernandez Biography, Age/Zodiac Sign, Sibling, Husband, Children, Parents, Nationality/Ethnicity, Religion, Wikipedia, Salary/Net Worth, Instagram, and Twitter.

Carolina Mesa Fernandez

Carolina Mesa  Biography

Carolina Mesa Fernandez is a Bussiness Manager at Microsoft based in Seattle, Washington, US. She has almost 3 years of experience working at Microsoft. Read more on Mesa’s Age/Zodiac Sign, Sibling, Husband, Children, Parents, Nationality/Ethnicity, Religion, Wikipedia, Salary/Net Worth, Instagram, and Twitter in this article.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Age/Zodiac Sign

Her age and zodiac sign are not known however, she appears to be in her late 20s from an appearance point of view. Continue to read this article and read more about Mesa’s Sibling, Husband, Children, Parents, Nationality/Ethnicity, Religion, Wikipedia, Salary/Net Worth, Instagram, and Twitter.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Sibling

Her family tree is not yet available hence we have no information regarding her siblings or whether she is the only child or not. This information will be updated soon as more information is provided.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Husband

Carolina Mesa is happily married to the love of her life Chris Choi. Chris is a successful businessman in  Airbnb entrepreneurship and a famous TikToker and influencer in Japan. The millionaire husband has an entertaining personality, and is humble and caring to his one true love Caroline.

Chris grew up in London, he appears to be in his late 30s and He has a kind and passionate personality. His wife Carolina is also a big supporter of his life as she also is part of his motivations in life.

This lovely couple joined the knot on March 5, 2022, in Medellin Colombia. They have recently celebrated their first anniversary with more love and appreciation for each other’s efforts and understanding.

Carolina Mesas’ Fernandez Children

Carolina has not revealed any details about having or expecting children since she keeps her personal life private and away from the limelight. This information will b updated soon as insights are shared.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Parents

Her parents are unknown due to a lack of information although their contribution in raising her and supporting her to date, to her success in her career and now in her new life as a wife is evident in her today.

The gorgeous lady seems jovial and happy and is very polite and outgoing which are signs of a good upbringing.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Nationality/Ethnicity

Fernandez has not revealed much about her nationality and ethnicity hence this information is unavailable at the moment.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Religion

Her religion is unavailable although it shall be updated soon as more is revealed.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Wikipedia

Fernandez is a Business manager at Microsoft. She is based in Seattle Washington, United States. Her business management career at Microsoft began in 2020 as a Business programmer and operations manager in Redmond, Washington.

During this time her role was to lead RDS FY22 scorecard planning and financial timelines while working along with 3 top MBA programs increasing awareness and usage of accessibility within technology by leading 6 demos on Microsoft Accessibility Tools.

She was also responsible for the improving Customer experience by implementing multiple strategic opportunities. In 2021 she became the business manager under the Digital store’s global sales team until 2022 when she became the gaming e-commerce in the business planning team till date. She has acquired almost 3 years of experience in managing. In 2019 she was also a product marketing managing intern.

Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked at Carnegie Mellon University in Greater Pittsburgh Area for a year in 2018. She worked as an MBA Candidate focusing on business management, and marketing where she had clubs like the Latin American business club, and operations club among others. She has honors like  Robert Glosner Endowed Fellowship, and Forté Fellow.

At Grupo Exito where she first started off as a packaging development, Commercial analyst, and advertising manager and promotions. She worked for 5 years from 2012 to 2018.

Carolina has gone to institutes like The Universidad EAFIT and did product design engineering in 2013 and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing in 2014. She has also gone to

Through her years of experience, she has attained skills in Data Analysis, Marketing, Product Management, Cross-functional team leadership, and Business Development.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Salary/Net Worth

Her salary ranges from $120,000 to $500,000 annually. Her net worth is around $10 million approximately.

Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Instagram

Carolina keeps a private account with no posts but has 103 followers.


Carolina Mesa’s Fernandez Twitter

Calorina Mesa Fernandez


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