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Carlo Figus Biography

Carlo Figus is a semi-professional Italian athlete who is a great inspiration to the modern generations. He has many skills in the ring that has enabled him to gain much popularity in recent years. For people who are interested in calisthenics, street workouts, and gymnastics, Carlo is the athlete to look for. Learn more information about Carlo’s age, height, calisthenics, and workouts mastery.

Carlo is also known as Scarxlus. He gained his popularity after appearing in an interview with Gornation (a calisthenic brand). Through the brand, Carlo has inspired a lot of people with his skills in street workouts and calisthenics. He began his calisthenic journey on November 24, 2015. As for this writing, Carlo has 7 years’ experience in calisthenics.

Carlo Figus Calisthenics

Carlo has perfected calisthenics as his major skill. Ever since he started the workout in 2015, he has gained more love and connection to calisthenic lovers. Gornation is one of the athlete brands that has propelled the popularity of Carlo by interviewing him about his calisthenic abilities and skills. From some research, Carlo is the master of calisthenics after competing in 2 regional championships, 3 Tappa, and a 1st place achievement.

Carlo Figus Diet

Carlo doesn’t provide any information about his diet but from his images, it is clear that he is a healthy athlete. His mastery in workouts and calisthenics also speaks better about his diet and nutrition. An athlete of such specialty and caliber must follow a recommendable nutrition routine that is satisfactory for his fitness activities.

Carlo Figus Height and Weight

According to an athlete insider podcast for superhuman statics posted on February 04, 2021, by Gornation, Carlo is 165 cm tall. This was information given by himself while responding to questions from the interviewer. At the time of the interview, Carlo’s weight is 62/63 kilos.

Carlo Figus Age

At the time of the interview by Gornation, Carlo is 20 years old. He gains popularity because at that age he is a beast of calisthenics with good skills in street workouts and gymnastics.

Carlo Figus Relationship

Carlos doesn’t disclose his relationship in any of his interviews or on social media platforms. This information will be updated soon when it is available.

Carlo Figus Wikipedia

Carlo is a normal person who is usually mistaken for a superhuman. Many people doubt that his age can contain such fitness and body strength in calisthenics and workouts.  From his social media platforms, Carlo has already achieved several awards despite being of a younger age than most athletes. Athlete interview #39 on the Gornation YouTube channel explains his hard work and determination of Carlo towards his success in calisthenics and workouts. He also has a calisthenic ring workout specialty which is an additional ability to his mastery in bodywork athletes. Carlo is a beast and a calisthenic Italia power.

Carlo Figus Net Worth

Information about Carlo’s income, salary, or possession is not available. This information will be provided as soon as it is available and clear. As for this writing, Carlo has only won several workout awards which cannot be measured in terms of cost.

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