Ben Chapman ITV News, Biography, Age, Birthday, Nationality, Ethnicity, Wife, Parents, Height, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

Ben Chapman

Ben Chapman Biography

Ben Chapman is an ITV News Midlands correspondent. He was previously a general reporter in London before moving to Birmingham. Read this article for personal details about Ben including ITV career, Bio, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Dating life, Wife, Parents, Net worth, and many more.

Ben is an important part of the ITN News team. He covers top stories and news from different areas in Midlands. His competency and efficiency in reporting were acquired from his long experience as a reporter for ITV News. Read further to know more about Ben including his age, birthdays, and dating life.

Ben Chapman ITV News

Ben joined ITV as a correspondent in 2006 at Gateshead, England. He worked for 6 years and 10 months and later moved to London as a general reporter for ITN. He worked in London until 2014 when he joined the Birmingham reporting team in July. Currently, he is a reliable and valid reporter for ITV Network.

Ben Chapman Age/Birthday

Ben is probably in his 4os based on his career and experience as a journalist. He celebrates his birthdays every calendar year although he hasn’t provided specific dates of his previous or upcoming birthdays.

Ben Chapman Nationality/Ethnicity

Ben’s nationality is not known as of this article as he has worked in different places. We also cant provide his ethnicity as of 2022.

Ben Chapman Height

Ben is estimated to be 5 feet and 10 inches according to sources.

Ben Chapman’s Wife

Is Ben Chapman Married? He is presumably married to her wife who is not mentioned anywhere on social media platforms. He keeps his personal life private and is not linked to any relationships that can lead to whether he is married.

Ben Chapman’s Parents

Ben was born to his father and mother who were dedicated parents. They always catered for every need in the family including providing food and shelter. Ben’s educational background is clear about his upbringing and support from his parents.

Ben Chapman Wikipedia

Ben has worked for ITV News since 2014. His experience and skills are rooted in his good education at the university. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism which has enabled him to demonstrate reliability and validity for the media network.

Ben Chapman’s Salary/Net worth

Ben earns an estimated salary of $79,000-$168,000 annually. His net worth is unaccountable as of this post due to a lack of other incomes, houses, and cars.

 Ben Chapman Twitter


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