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Andrea Taffarel

Andrea Taffarel Biography

Are you searching for the wife of Claudio Taffarel? Andrea Taffarel is the wife of Claudio, a former Brazilian goalkeeper. He is also the goalkeeping coach at Liverpool FC. Read this article for information about Andrea including her age, marriage, career, children, and net worth.

Andrea is mostly famous because of her husband who is a popular figure in Sports. Apart from that, she is also a seasoned journalist and the co-owner of an Italy import, an online wine store.  Andrea states on her Instagram that she also loves her pet. She is a family woman who always supports and takes care of her family including her many children.

Andrea Taffarel Age

Andrea maybe be in her 40 or 50 years but enjoys life and is always active regardless of her age. She has not disclosed her age to the public but her Instagram photos speak a lot about her motherhood and experience in life.

Andrea Taffarel Height

Andrea is approximately 1.72 m. This is in reference to her husband’s height from an observation point of view. They both appear close in height measurements from their photos.

Andrea Taffarel Nationality

Andrea is Brazilian by Nationality. She was married in Brazil and has spent most part of her life in Brazil.

Andrea Taffarel Husband (Claudio Taffarel)

Andrea is the wife of the famous husband Claudio. He was the former Brazil goalkeeper but is currently a coach at Liverpool FC in the Premier league. He is a successful man as he has achieved a lot as a Brazil player and also as a coach. Although there is no specific period of their marriage, they both love each other and support each other toward their goals in life.

Andrea Taffarel Children

Andrea is a mother to two biological kids, Catherine and Andre. They have also adopted 15 kids whom they love and support. Their children are awesome and always love each other regardless of the parenting nature of the family. Andrea is also not biased toward any of the adopted kids and loves them equally as her own kids.

Andrea Taffarel Parents

Andrea was born and raised by loving and caring parents. They always played their role in parenting and catered for the basic needs of their children. Although Andrea doesn’t show or talk about her parents to the public, they were loving and caring parents.

Andrea Taffarel Career

Andrea is a journalist. She has worked as a journalist for the most part of her working life. On top of that, she is the co-owner of Italy imports. She enjoys her career life and always posts her daily activities on Instagram.

Andrea Taffarel Wikipedia

Andrea is famous because of her husband who is a footballer and coach. Most of her achievement is from the support of her family, especially her husband. She has succeeded in her journalism career and Italy imports. She always posts pictures on Instagram of her family celebrating the success of her hard work and efforts. Scroll this article to view photos of Andrea’s activities on her Instagram.

Andrea Taffarel Net worth

Andrea earns hugely from her journalism career and Italy’s online wine imports. We can’t account for her net worth as of this post due to uncertainty of her income, cars, and houses. Sources however say that her husband earns a salary of $50,000-$1000,000.

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