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Adam Hegarty

Adam Hegarty Biography

Who is Adam Hegarty? He is a full-time reporter for 9 news from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is one of the great journalists in the media because he works with passion and determination. Explore Adam’s life, marriage, career, net worth, and social media platforms in this article.

Adam joined 9 news in Feb 2018 as a producer in Sydney. He later moved to Brisbane where he worked as a reporter for 3 years and 3 months. In Sep 2021, he became a full-time reporter covering stories from Melbourne and other regions of Australia. He is currently a competent and vital reporter for channel 9 serving them with top stories across Melbourne.

Adam Hegarty Age

Adam is in his late 20s based on our sources. He celebrates his birthday with his close friends and family although he doesn’t mention about his birthday dates on social media platforms.

Adam Hegarty Nationality

Adam is Australian by nationality based on the fact that he started working in Australia in 2013. He has also spent most of his life in Australia regardless of working in different parts of the world.

Adam Hegarty Height

Adam is about 1.65-1.75 m tall. This estimation is based on an observation point of view from his Instagram posts. Scroll down this article to view his photos on Instagram.

Adam Hegarty’s Wife (Is he Married)

Adam is dating Iza Staskowski, a reporter and producer for today’s show in Melbourne. They have both dated for a while and share their happy moments on their social media platforms. He however hasn’t disclosed to the public if they are married but this information will be updated as soon as it is open to the public.

Adam Hegarty Parents

Adam’s parents are hardworking and always catered to his needs while growing up. This is clear from his educational background and journey to his career. His success is likely achieved through the support of his parents. They may be supportive parents although he doesn’t talk about their details to the public.

Adam Hegarty 9 News

Adam has reported for 9 News for 4 years and 9 months. His experience as a producer and reporter has enabled him to maintain his competence in channel 9 news. He previously worked in the UK for Sky, TRT World, News UK, and The Sun from 2016-2018.

Adam Hegarty Wiki

Adam’s success in the media channels is based on his good education and experience in the UK networks. He is also diverse and has many skills such as Journalism, News Writing, and Media relations. The different skills enhance his efficiency as a reporter for channel 9.

Adam Hegarty’s Net worth

Adam earns approximately $30, 500-$70,500 based on our sources. This is also estimated from the average salary of reporters in big countries such as the UK and the United States. His exact net worth will be updated when his other incomes and properties are accountable.

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