Adam Frater Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Diet, Relationship, YouTube, Wikipedia, Net worth

Adam Frater Biography

Learn more about the greatest athlete who doesn’t need weights, supplements, or a gym to gain fitness. Adam Frater is an athlete, trainer, and social influencer located in the United States. He is popular for his energy and skills in calisthenics, healthy nutrition, and discipline of lifestyle. This writing explores Adam’s height, age, YouTube, net worth, and other fitness descriptions.

Adam believes in hard work and determination as to the key elements of fitness and good health. He is followed on social media platforms for his calisthenics and bodybuilding skills that enable people to gain fitness. He also has a training App that helps people to gain fitness in all niches of sports. His hard workout routine and fitness can be easily adopted by athletes and fitness lovers.

Adam Frater Height & Weight

Adam is a fitness model who works hard to stay fit and healthy. There are no clear measurements of his height or weight but we can use his recent videos to estimate the measurements. From the appearance in the videos, we can estimate Adam to be 6’ft tall. He also has a healthy weight that cannot be clearly determined through his appearance.

Adam Frater Age

Adam’s age is not clear from the sources we have visited. This information is under review but we estimate that Adam is in his early 30s as of the year 2022.

Adam Frater Diet

Adam doesn’t talk about his nutrition or feeding lifestyle on any of his social media platforms. He however has a healthy body from the appearance in his YouTube videos and Instagram photos. For this writing, we can say that Adam is on a good diet because of his fitness and energy in workouts. He always keeps his body fit and healthy in his YouTube videos.

Adam Frater Relationship

Adam doesn’t open up about his relationship status on social media platforms. This information is under review and will be updated soon. Revisit this website for more information about Adam’s relationship and dating lifestyle.

Adam Frater Wikipedia

Adam is an influential fitness model to many athletes and fitness lovers. He showcases calisthenic and fitness styles that are easy and adaptable for anyone regardless of age or weight differences. His bodyworks and activities are to promote a healthy lifestyle for his audience. His YouTube channel speaks a lot about his influence and ways of staying shredded all year.

Adam Frater YouTube

Adam joined YouTube on Jun 23, 2016. He has gained 246K subscribers from the time of joining YouTube until the year 2022. Adam is popular for being a shredded athlete who shares his workouts with his viewers all through the years. As for this writing, Adam is popular and a top fitness influencer with a total of 12M views on his channel.

Adam Frater’s Net Worth

Adam’s net worth is not known for this writing. He also doesn’t provide details about his property or income on social media platforms. Our sources only show that he has a fitness app and YouTube channel that is likely to contribute to his income. Stay connected to us because specific information will be provided soon.

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