Rebecca Barry (Journalist) Biography, Age, Husband, ITV News, Height, Parents, Wiki, Instagram, Net worth, Twitter

Rebecca Barry Biography

Rebecca Barry is a reporter and correspondent at ITV News. She has worked for ITV News since 2017 while performing different roles for the channel. She is hardworking and performs her role on TV competently. Read this article for more information about Rebecca’s Age, Wiki, Partners, How she spends money, and Social media platforms.

Rebecca corresponds for ITV News on issues related to health and social affairs. She has worked in different roles for the media network such as reporting news from London and covering international stories from all parts of the world. Her passion and determination in journalism have enabled her to retain good ethics and reliability in the network.

Rebecca Barry Age

Rebecca was born in the 1980s in the United States. She is in her 30s as of 2022. She celebrates her birthdays with friends and families although she doesn’t mention her previous or upcoming birthdays.

Rebecca Barry Height

Rebecca is approximately 1.70 m tall. This estimation is based on her appearance in her photos on social media platforms. Scroll down this article to view her photos on Instagram.

Is Rebbecca Married?

Rebecca is married to her husband who is not mentioned on her social media platforms. She lives her personal life private from the public as she is not active on social media. The people involved in the wedding were probably family and friends from both the bride and groom’s sides of the family.

Rebecca Barry Parents

Rebecca is born to parents who have always supported her in her career. It’s through their love and care that she was able to accomplish her goals in journalism. Her success is fully dependent on the responsibility of her parents since she was at the University.

Rebecca Barry Wikipedia

Rebecca earned her achievements from her educational background. She attended a meteorology class where she acquired Bachelor’s in communication. She has also worked in different media groups which gave her a good experience in journalism. These media networks include BBC News at One, BBC South East Today, and ITN.

Rebecca Barry ITV News

Rebecca began working for ITV News as a reporter in 2014. She later became a health and social affairs correspondent in 2017. Afterward, she was a general correspondent for ITV news covering national and international news. She has worked for ITV News for 9 years as of 2022,

Rebecca Barry’s Net worth

According to sources, Rebecca receives an annual salary ranging from $24,292- $72, 507. She probably lives a happy life from her income in journalism.

Rebecca Barry Instagram

Rebecca may have an Instagram account but it is not public as of this article. Keep revisiting this post for updated information of her social media platforms.

Rebecca Barry Twitter


Sangita Lal Biography, ITV News, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Partner, Parents, Height, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Sangita Lal Biography

Sangita Lal is a Northern reporter for ITV News. She is a motivated, passionate, and energetic woman in her work in Journalism. Her achievements speak louder about the kind of a woman she is. Explore more of Lal’s age, partner, parents, ethnicity, wiki, net worth, and where she comes from in this article.

Lal is a determined woman who always works hard towards her work. Every of her effort since she completed school at Cardiff University is replicated in her journalism achievements today. She is a great journalist who has covered some of the top stories in Bristol and across South West of England.

Sangita Lal ITV News

Lal reports on stories across the North of England for ITV News. Some other top coverages include the story of Black Lives Matter protests in Bristol, the death of two young men from the South Indian Community in Bath, and also sexually related crimes for famous footballers such as Mendy. Some of her top stories are also controversial cases from footballers across England.

Sangita Lal Age

Lal was born in 1991. As of 2022, she is 31 years old. She also celebrates her birthday every September 22 which she often involves her friends, partner, and workmates.

Sangita Height

Lal is tall in height based on a viewpoint of her Instagram photos. Scroll down in this article to view her photos on her Instagram account.

Sangita Lal Nationality/Ethnicity

Lal is British by Nationality. It is clear as she has spent the largest part of her life in England including through her education and career. As of this article, she is from the UK and is probably from an Indian ethnic background according to sources.

Sangita Lal Partner

Lal is often silent on social media and hasn’t disclosed about her dating life. The information about her partner is unavailable as of this post but will be updated soon.

Sangita Lal Parents

Lal was born to a loving mother who always supported her in her career. Her biggest success is based on the care, support, and love from her mother. She at one point posted a video of her mother enjoying her role as a journalist for ITV television.

Sangita Lal Wikipedia

Lal’s success is rooted in her good education at the University where she pursued Masters’s Degree in broadcast journalism, English language and linguistics. She has also studied elementary proficiency which has contributed to building her career as a journalist. Also, she has skills in photography, recruiting, and interviews which is a factor for her competency in her current role as a journalist.

Sangita’s Net worth

Lal approximately earns between $30, 500-$60,700 annually based on the average salary of UK journalists according to sources. She is able to live a happy life and provide for her family’s needs through her income on ITV News.

Sangita Lal Instagram

Sangita Lal Twitter

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Heidi Murphy Biography, 3AW Morning, 9News, Age, Partner, Husband, Nationality, Height, Family, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

Heidi Murphy Biography

Heidi Murphy is currently a TV reporter for channel 9News in Melbourne. She has previously worked in big roles in the media networks across Australia. She is hence a Radio host, Media Specialist, Event MC, and Speaker. Explore Heidi’s age, Husband, Partner, Wiki, Career, and Net worth in this article.

Heidi joined channel 9News after working with 3aw for 9 years. She is currently serving 9News from Melbourne and covers the top and most interesting stories related to politics. She is competent in TV because of her huge experience and educational background in journalism. Her journey on TV is therefore as a result of hard work and passion in her p[previous roles in Radio and other media outlets.

Heidi Murphy 3aw Morning

Heidi joined 3aw 693 as a general reporter in November 2004. She later moved to political state reporting before becoming the senior producer for Neil Mitchell in 2014. She worked for Mitchell for the longest period of her career until they parted ways when she left the 3aw morning show in December 2021. Mitchell recommended her for her greatness and commitment and wished her the best in her future destiny.

Heidi Murphy Channel 9News

Heidi became a full-time news reporter for channel 9News in 2022. Heidi is effective in her new role because of her talent in narrating, breaking news, TV shows, and voice work. She hugely fits in her current role and operates well with the Melbourne team.

Heidi Murphy Age

Heidi appears to range between 35-43 years according to sources. This age is estimated from an observation point in her social media photos and posts. She also celebrates her birthdays with friends and family every year although she hasn’t mentioned the dates of her birthdays.

Heidi Murphy Nationality

Heidi is Australian based and she has worked in Australia for the largest part of her life. She has lived in Australia for more than 20 years including when she started working for Family Radio in 1999.

Heidi Murphy Height

Heidi is average in height from an observation point of view. Her body measurements are not available as of this article but are being reviewed.

Heidi Murphy Partner/Husband

Heidi is probably married to her husband although she hasn’t mentioned him on social media platforms.  They both live a private life and haven’t disclosed the nature of their relationship on social media platforms.

Heidi Murphy Family

Heidi has a son whose details are not available as of this article. She is however a loving parent and always supports her son through his needs and education. He always finds her son’s needs including trips and other activities outside school.

Heidi Murphy Wikipedia

Heidi began her career in 1999 as a Radio News Anchor. She has developed through time to become a media specialist, event MC, and speaker. Currently, she is on TV as a reporter for one of the biggest media networks in Australia. Her skills in news writing and journalism have also pushed her adequately through her journey from Radio to TV.

Heidi Murphy’s Salary/Net worth

Heidi has gathered some savings from her monthly earnings in her TV and Radio journalism. Her net worth will be accounted for soon when her other incomes from MC and events are available to the public.

Heidi Murphy Twitter


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Eliza Edwards, Biography, Channel 9News, Age, Partner, Nationality, Ethnicity, Wiki, Parents, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Eliza Edwards Biography

Eliza Edwards is a political reporter in 9 News serving from the government parliament in Canberra. She has served in different media organizations in the past and is also an enthusiastic journalist. Explore everything available about Eliza from this article including her Age, Partner, Social media platforms, Net worth, Wiki, and Career.

Eliza has served 9 news channels for 1 year and 6 months. She joined the media network in 2021 after working in different organizations across Australia.  Some of these organizations include Sky News, Macquarie Media Limited, National Radio News, and Fairfax Media. She generally started working in 2014 after completing her Bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Eliza Edwards Age

Eliza is around 30 years of age according to sources. She celebrates her birthday every year with family and friends although she hasn’t mentioned her previous or upcoming birthdays.

Eliza Edwards Nationality\Ethnicity

Eliza was born in Canada although she works in Australia. She is Canadian but of a white ethnicity which is clear from her photos on Instagram.

Eliza Edwards Height

Eliza is approximately 1.65 m based on her appearance in her social media posts. She is in an upright stature in many of her photos which provides a clear view of her estimated height measurement.

Eliza Edwards Channel 9 News

Eliza became a full-time political reporter for channel 9 news in 2021. She is passionate and hardworking and always covers significant political stories from the parliament house. Her competency and efficiency are also based on her history in different media organizations since 2014 when she joined Fairfax Media as an Intern. She has then developed significantly by working in different roles from producing to reading news. She is currently a reliable journalist on channel 9 news, especially on political grounds.

Eliza Edwards Partner

Eliza has probably dated several partners in her life although she hasn’t disclosed about any of her past or current relationship affairs. As of this article, no rumors have emerged regarding her relationships at any point in her career. This information will be updated as soon as it is available to the public.

Eliza Edwards Parents

Eliza was born and raised in Canada by her parents who always provided for all her needs. They ensured that she acquired a good education and accomplished her career in journalism which is evident today. She however lives a private life and hasn’t mentioned any details about her parents to the public.

Eliza Edwards Wiki

Eliza’s success in Journalism is contributed to her good educational background and diversity in skills. She attended Charles sturt University where she graduated with a degree in journalism.  She also has skills in print journalism, online journalism, and broadcast journalism which are integrated into her current role as a political reporter.

Eliza Edwards’s Salary/Net worth

Eliza earns a salary that ranges between $60,500-$80,900 based on the average salary of Australian journalists. As of this article, her net worth accounts for an average of her income from the 9News network.

Eliza Edwards Instagram

Eliza has a private Instagram account that has 370 followers. So far, she has posted 148 posts that are content related to her work and personal life.

Eliza Edwards Twitter


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Fiona Willan (Reporter) Biography, Channel 9, Age, Partner, Wiki, Married?, Nationality, Height, Net worth, Parents, Instagram, Twitter

Fiona Willan Biography

Who is Fiona Willan? She is a federal politics reporter at Nine Entertainment Co. where she has worked for 12 years. She has also worked with several media companies which are mentioned in this article. Explore Fiona’s age, net worth, Wiki, Partner, Is she Married, and career from this article.

Fiona has worked at channel 9 news for 11 years and 7 months. Her role began as a news producer in March 2011 in Sydney, Australia. She later became the deputy news editor in 2012. After that, she worked as a television news producer for 3 years and 10 months before becoming federal politics reporter from Canberra today. Her journey in the media is an inspiration as she has developed through different roles for 9 news.

Fiona Willan Age

According to sources Fiona is estimated to be in her 30s. Although she is active on social media, She hasn’t disclosed her real age to the public. We can only assume that she celebrates her birthdays yearly with family, friends, and workmates.

Fiona Willan Nationality

Fiona is Australian. She has spent most of her time in Australia including education and work.

Fiona Willan Height

Fiona is approximately 1.65 m based on her photos on Instagram. View her Instagram post at the bottom of this article.

Fiona Willan Channel 9/Reporter

Fiona has worked for channel 9 news for more than 11 years. She covers top stories and interesting news from Sydney and the larger Australia. One of her spot issues emerged when made a funny outfit for an event and became an internet sensation. On top of that, she is a competent journalist for channel 9 who demonstrates passion and determination in her work. She also uses her great experience with other media companies to represent channel 9 news appropriately.

Fiona Willan Partner

Fiona has probably dated several men in her life. Most of her relationships are past histories although she doesn’t provide any details about her previous partner. In 2019, she opened up on Instagram about dating a mobile personal trainer and fitness coach from Melbourne according to sources. Scroll down in this post to view her Instagram posts.

Is Fiona Married?

Fiona is not married as of this post. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her marriage to the public.

Fiona Willan Parents

Fiona was raised by loving and caring parents. This is clear from her achievements and career journey since she completed school. Her parents were supportive in every way possible although she doesn’t mention them anywhere in her social media platforms.

Fiona Willan Wiki

Fiona has diverse skills which have enabled her to work competently in Channel 9 network. These skills include journalism, online journalism, and news writing. She is also well trained from her education background at Curtin University where she graduated with Bachelor’s in media and information journalism. She has also worked with different media networks such as Leader Community Newspaper and Herald Newspapers. Her reliability and validity are therefore rooted in the above skills, education, and experiences.

Fiona Willan’s Net worth

Fiona has probably accumulated a huge amount of money from her career in journalism. She also lives a good life and travels places as shared on her Instagram page. She may be earning ap[proximately $70, 000 based on the average salary of Australian journalists from sources.

Fiona Willan Instagram

Fiona Willan Twitter

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Florian Plettenberg (Reporter) Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Sky Sport, Wiki, Partner, Parents, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Florian Plettenberg Biography

Florian Plettenberg is a Sky Sports reporter covering sports talks and news from Germany. He is hugely recognized for covering news of Bayern Munich FC and other football top clubs in the Bundesliga. Explore Florian’s age, career, net worth, and social media platform in this article.

Florian is a German correspondent for Sky Sports News. He has covered some of the greatest transfer stories for German clubs. He joined Sky Sports in Jan 2022, and most focus on Bayern FC transfer stories and other football-related activities. As of this article, he has worked as a Sky Sports reporter for 8 months.

Florian Plettenberg Age

Florian was born in 1988. He is 34 years old as of 2022.  He hasn’t mentioned the dates of his past or upcoming birthdays but he is likely to celebrate his birthdays with friends and family.

Plettenberg Height

Florian is average tall in stature. This is clear from his photos on Instagram. Scroll down in this post to view his images on Instagram.

Florian Plettenberg Nationality/ Ethnicity

Florian is German by nationality. This is clear from the fact that he has worked and spent most part of his in Germany. His ethnic background is under review and will be updated soon.

Florian Plettenberg Partner (Is he Married)

Florian has probably dated several women in his life although he hasn’t disclosed his relationships on social media platforms. As of this article, it is not clear whether Florian is married or not. This article is however open for incoming updates.

Plettenberg Parents

Florian was born in Germany to two parents. His parents always sup[ported him and provided for basic needs in the family. They also provided for his education which has enhanced his career in journalism.

Florian Plettenberg Sky Sport/Reporter

Florian joined Sky News in January 2022. This was after working as a chief reporter for Sport1 for 3 years and 8 months. He also reported News at BILD for 10 Months in Germany, Bayern.

Florian Plettenberg Wikipedia

Florian is a competent journalist who works with passion and determination. He always covers news from transfers to other sports activities in Germany. His competence is rooted in his experience in Sport1 and BILD. He also has a good education in journalism, podcast, and reporting.

Plettenberg Net worth

Florian earns hugely from his career as a journalist. We may not provide his specific income but he lives a good life from his earnings. Scroll down in this article to view how he spends his time and money on Instagram.

Florian Plettenberg Instagram

Florian Plettenberg Twitter


Lizzie Pearl Biography, Channel 9, Age, Birthday, Wiki, Height, Images, Married, Adam Bovino, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Lizzie Pearl Biography

Who is Lizzie Pearl? She is a senior news journalist for Channel 9 in Greater Sydney Area. Her career with channel 9 news has uplifted her popularity through some of the great and interesting stories of our time. Read this article to know who is she dating, her age, her career, how she earns and spends money, her social media platforms, and also view her images.

Lizzie has worked in newsrooms since she was 21 years old. She developed a passion for journalism when she was young and acquired e4vcery support through education to reach her status in big media networks.  Today, Lizzie is among the most reliable and competent journalists for Channel 9 news covering top and interesting stories in our world today.

 Lizzie Pearl Age/Birthday

Lizzie is in her 30s based on our sources although she hasn’t revealed any information about her age. She celebrates her birthdays with family and friends although she hasn’t mentioned the specific dates of her birthdays.

Lizzie Pearl Height/Images

Lizzie is average in height from the appearance of her photos on Instagram posts. Scroll down this article to view her images on Instagram.

Lizzie Pearl Partner (Is she Married?)

Lizzie is speculated to be dating Adam Bovino. This is false from our database because Adam is currently married and happily in a relationship with another woman. Lizzie has not disclosed her relationship or partner to the public. As of this article, She is not dating Adam Bovino but he is her greatest friend for many years. They are only friends. On May 2, 2018, Lizzie wished Adam a happy birthday and recommended him for great friendship and ensuring that she is never hungry or scared of cats. Scroll down to this post to view their shared moments on Instagram.

Lizzie Pearl Adam Bovino

Adam is not Lizzie’s partner but he is married to Lizzie’s friend and fellow journalist Amelia Brace. Adam and Amelia wedded in December 2021and Lizzie was happy and recommended them for the beautiful and perfect years of dating. The three are great friends and share their memories and fan moments on Instagram.

Lizzie Pearl Channel 9

Lizzie joined Channel 9 as a court reporter in 2010. She worked for 3 years and later became an NSW State Politics Reporter where she worked until 2015. Later she became US Correspondent in Los Angeles for 2 years until she joined reporting newsroom for channel 9 in Greater Sydney Area. She has served channel 9 for 15 years and 10 months having covered top and interesting stories across the world. She has also won several awards from her reporting career for channel 9 news including the 2019 LA Press Club, 2018 Social Journalism Award, and 2012 Keneddy Awards.

Lizzie Pearl Wiki

Lizzie is a top journalist because she loves telling stories. Her growth as a journalist is rooted in passion and determination. She also has an experience with Radio, ITV, and Freelance Producers. Her diversity in journalism, video, and Television has also improved her reliability and validity on Channel 9 network. Her work is recommendable and her stories are also interesting and a major factor in the high level of the channel 9 network.

Lizzie Pearl’s Net worth

Lizzie earns hugely from her career as a journalist. She is estimated to earn a range annual salary of $50, 600-$80,800 from our sources. Her net worth will be accountable when all her resources are available and will be updated soon.

Lizzie Pearl Instagram

Lizzie Pearl Twitter

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Peter Fegan (Journalist), Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Wife, Parents, Wiki, Seven News, Channel 9, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Peter Fegan Biography

Peter Fegan is award winning Queensland Channel 9 reporter.  He has also been a journalist for seven west media since July 2015. Explore peter’s age, career, dating life, wiki, net worth, and social media platforms from this post.

Prior to joining Channel 9 News, Peter worked as a journalist for seven west media. he also wrote Rugby League Player Magazine for 7 years since 2015. At one point while on channel 7, peter was busted by police with two bags of cocaine. peter was arrested in Sydney and taken to jail on December 11 for possession of cocaine. At Channel 9 News he works effectively and reports top news from Queensland.

Peter Fegan Age

Peter was born on May 15. he celebrates his birthdays every year in May with his family, friends, and workmates. Details of the year of birth are not available as of this post but will be updated soon.

Peter Fegan Nationality

Peter is Australian considering that he works in Australia and has spent the largest part of his life in Australia.

Peter Fegan Height

Peter is approximately 1.70 m based on a viewpoint of his photos on social media platforms. This article is open for updates when we get his real body measurements.

Peter Fegan’s Wife (Is he Married?)

Peter has probably dated several women. One of his recent controversial relationships was with Samantha Armytage. According to sources, this relationship has not been confirmed but we are reviewing it and will update soon.

Peter Fegan Parents

Peter was born to his two parents who always met every responsibility and need in the family. They always gave Peter the support he needed through education. He has also been helping his mum to overcome cancer and spent time with her on mothers day. Scroll down this article to view images of his mother on Instagram.

Peter Fegan Wiki

Peter’s success in journalism is based on his good education at the University. He went to Southern Cross University where he acquired a degree in journalism. Peter has also worked for Radio as a Cadet journalist and call team at Northside Radio and Hawkesbury Radio respectively.

Peter Fegan Reporter/ Seven News & Channel 9 News

Peter was effectively serving seven news media until he joined Queensland to serve Channel 9. He has served seven news for 7 years and 2 months. He joined Channel 9 News in 2021 where he reports from Queensland. He has won several awards in his journalism career which include 3 clarions awards, the Walkley Award, and Queensland journalist of the year.

Peter Fegan’s Salary/Net worth

Peter probably earns approximately $50,500-$70,700 annually based on an average salary of an Australian journalist from our sources. His net worth is not accountable due to the unavailability of properties and other incomes from his previous jobs.

Peter Fegan Instagram

Peter Fegan Twitter



Ashley Wick, Channel 9 News, Biography, Age, Parents, Married, Partner, Family, Nationality, Height, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Ashley Wick Biography

Ashley Wick is a federal politics reporter for 9 news. She was promoted in July 2022 after working in different roles in the news channel since November 2015. Her journey to her new position is inspirational and worth exploring. Read every information available about Ashley in this post.

Ashley began working for Channel 9 news in 2015. In 2018 she became the national social news manager where she worked closely with the editorial team, overlooked news, and managed staff. She only worked for 10 months and became a producer of current affairs in Melbourne until January 2021. She later took reporting role for 9 news Adelaide for 1 year and 7 months. She is currently in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory for her newly acquired role.

Ashley Wick Age

Ashley’s age probably ranges from 27-40 years. This is an estimation based on her career journey since she completed her University education in 2016.

Ashley Wick Nationality

Ashley has spent most of her life in Australia including her 3 years at the University of Sydney and 7 years of working for 9 News. It is hence clear that she is Australian.

Ashley Wick Height

Ashley is average in height. She can be estimated to be 1.65 m based on her observable photos on her social media platforms.

Ashley Wick Channel 9 News

Ashley began working as a journalist in the 9 News Sydney newsroom. She gained valuable experience and was able to travel across Europe and Africa. She also made a significant development in her role working with different staff in different places across Australia. She has also covered top stories related to crimes, courts, federal and state elections, and human interests. Her hard work and experience have earned her a new position as a federal politics reporter as of July 2022.

Ashley Wick Partner (Is she Married)

Ashley keeps a low profile on social media platforms. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her relationships to the public. This information is being reviewed further and will be updated soon.

Ashley Wick Parents/ Family

According to our sources, Ashley grew up in a family of journalists. Her parents and siblings always supported her and monitored her passion for journalism at a young age. Although she doesn’t mention their details on social media platforms, they are the main reason that she adapted fast in her journalism career.

Ashley Wick Wiki

Ashley is a great journalist because she has a passion for all things. Her skills in social media marketing and digital media have also boosted her journey towards her recent achievement in 9 News. Also, after being a natural journalist, she is also well trained for a journalism career.

Ashley Wick Salary

Ashley probably earns between AU$52, 948-AU$80,000 estimated from an average salary of journalists in Australia from reliable sources.

Ashley Wick’s Net worth

Ashley’s net worth is not accountable as of this post due to the unavailability of her income in the new role, cars, houses, and other properties. She lives a private life as of this article.

Ashley wick Instagram

Ashley may have an Instagram account but is unavailable to the public. These details are under review and will be updated soon.

Ashley Wick Twitter

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Tim Arvier Channel 9, Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Height, Wife, Family, Parents, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Tim Arvier Biography

Who is Tim Arvier? He is an award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent for Channel 9 News Queensland. He has also worked for the BBC, Sky World News, and CNN. Explore all information about Tim including his age, wife, career, net worth, wiki, and social media contacts in this article.

Tim joined channel 9 news in 2004. Since then, he has lived in different places such as the UK, the United States, Sydney, and Darwin. He has also covered top stories in all the above countries ranging from the 2020 US Election, Trump Impeachment, Samantha’s run, the 2010 French Open Final, and the disappearance of Madeleine. Queensland however holds his greatest story as he has worked there for the longest time.

Tim Arvier Age

Tim is probably above 30 years old. He has worked in the media industry for more than 21 years which makes him older than his experience.

Tim Arvier Nationality/ Ethnicity

Tim is Australian by nationality. he acquired his education in Australia and has lived almost all part of his life in Australia.

Tim’s Height

Tim is above average in stature. Scroll down this article to view his photos on Instagram.

Tim Arvier Wife/ Family

Tim has probably dated several women in his life. he however doesn’t portray his personal life to the public which shows little information about his wife. As of this article, there are no details about his wife or family.

Tim’s Parents

Tim was born in Brisbane to his parents who are unknown as of this article. He hasn’t provided his personal information regardless of being active on social media platforms.

Tim Arvier Wiki

Tim’s commitment and passion for journalism are acquired from his education at the University. He graduated with two bachelors in business management and journalism from the University of Queensland. He continues to serve channel 9 News with competency and reliability.

Tim Arvier Channel 9 News/ Reporter

Tim began his career as a casual reporter for 9 networks in Brisbane. He later moved to Darwin and became a fill-in reporter for 9 news. In 2008, he joined BBC News in London, the UK where he served as a broadcast journalist. He served BBC News for 3 years but continued serving channel 9 news as a journalist and foreign correspondent for 18 years and 8 months as of 2022. He won journalist of the year for Queensland in October 2020 and emerged as Walkey Finalist in November 2021.

Arvier Salary

Tim earns approximately $50,000-$80,000 annually. This is an estimation that is reflected in an average journalist’s annual salary in Australia.

Tim Arvier Net worth

Tim is estimated to be worth between $1 million to $3 million from our sources.  His cars and houses will be updated soon.

Tim Arvier Instagram

Tim Arvier Twitter


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