Joung Gustav Biography, Real name, Age, Height, TikTok, YouTube, Wikipedia, Net worth

Joung Gustav Biography

Are you in need of promoting a product through Tik Tok? Joung Gustav is an influencer and a Tik Tok video creator located in Switzerland. He mostly presents himself to his audience and viewers as an artist or a rapper. Joung uses his social media platform especially Tik Tok to promote products and do business. He uses his rap skills as a business strategy for promoting products and goods online.

Joung raps like crazy and is a good rapper. He creates his videos in the streets where people can understand him beyond entertainment but also from a business perspective. Joung is good at what he does and currently is a top influencer on Tik Tok and other social media platforms. His creativity and influence have enabled Joung to gain popularity and work with top brands around Europe.

Joung Gustav Real Name

There is no clear information about Joung’s real name but his YouTube channel is registered with the name Joung Guschti. Specification of his real name is under review and will be available when it is clear. It will be updated soon when he confirms whether Joung Guschti is his real name.

Joung Gustav Age

Joung doesn’t talk about his age on his social media platforms. This information will be available when he opens out about his birthday or age. Keep visiting our site for an update on Joung’s real age.

Joung Gustav Height

The body measurements of Joung are not available as of this writing.  The information will be provided when specific measurements are available. For now, his appearance on his social media platforms is the only reference for his height. According to this information, he is moderately tall and with a slim body shape.

Joung Gustav Tik Tok

Joung uses Tik Tok as the main platform for sharing his raps and vibe. He mostly depends on his Tik Tok channel subscribers to promote his brands. Most of the brands use Joung’s channel because he has a massive influence on Tik Tok and is creative with his videos. As for this writing, he has 3.6 million followers on Tik Tok and 59. 8M likes.

Joung Gustav YouTube

Joung is not as active on YouTube as on Tik Tok. He has fewer videos on YouTube compared to Tik Tok where he uploads some of his raps and creative videos. The YouTube of Joung is however active with 17K subscribers. He joined YouTube on Dec 9, 2018.  He also has 984, 231 views and keeps the channel lively through comments.

Joung Gustav Wikipedia

Joung is a creator, influencer and celebrity. He uses his ideas to promote brands in the streets. Joung has gained much of his popularity through rapping skills that are attractive and interesting. Through the comment section in his Tik Tok, people love his work and are not bored of watching him and engaging him for business.

Joung Gustav Net Worth

Information about Joung net worth is not available as of this writing. It can only be speculated that Joung gains income from hiws work in promoting brands on Tik Tok. He also has a Yopu Tube channel that is likely to generrate some income. Specific information about Joung net worth will be updated soon.

Joung Gustav Instagram

Carlo Figus Biography, Calisthenics, Diet, Height, Weight, Age, Relationship, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Carlo Figus Biography

Carlo Figus is a semi-professional Italian athlete who is a great inspiration to the modern generations. He has many skills in the ring that has enabled him to gain much popularity in recent years. For people who are interested in calisthenics, street workouts, and gymnastics, Carlo is the athlete to look for. Learn more information about Carlo’s age, height, calisthenics, and workouts mastery.

Carlo is also known as Scarxlus. He gained his popularity after appearing in an interview with Gornation (a calisthenic brand). Through the brand, Carlo has inspired a lot of people with his skills in street workouts and calisthenics. He began his calisthenic journey on November 24, 2015. As for this writing, Carlo has 7 years’ experience in calisthenics.

Carlo Figus Calisthenics

Carlo has perfected calisthenics as his major skill. Ever since he started the workout in 2015, he has gained more love and connection to calisthenic lovers. Gornation is one of the athlete brands that has propelled the popularity of Carlo by interviewing him about his calisthenic abilities and skills. From some research, Carlo is the master of calisthenics after competing in 2 regional championships, 3 Tappa, and a 1st place achievement.

Carlo Figus Diet

Carlo doesn’t provide any information about his diet but from his images, it is clear that he is a healthy athlete. His mastery in workouts and calisthenics also speaks better about his diet and nutrition. An athlete of such specialty and caliber must follow a recommendable nutrition routine that is satisfactory for his fitness activities.

Carlo Figus Height and Weight

According to an athlete insider podcast for superhuman statics posted on February 04, 2021, by Gornation, Carlo is 165 cm tall. This was information given by himself while responding to questions from the interviewer. At the time of the interview, Carlo’s weight is 62/63 kilos.

Carlo Figus Age

At the time of the interview by Gornation, Carlo is 20 years old. He gains popularity because at that age he is a beast of calisthenics with good skills in street workouts and gymnastics.

Carlo Figus Relationship

Carlos doesn’t disclose his relationship in any of his interviews or on social media platforms. This information will be updated soon when it is available.

Carlo Figus Wikipedia

Carlo is a normal person who is usually mistaken for a superhuman. Many people doubt that his age can contain such fitness and body strength in calisthenics and workouts.  From his social media platforms, Carlo has already achieved several awards despite being of a younger age than most athletes. Athlete interview #39 on the Gornation YouTube channel explains his hard work and determination of Carlo towards his success in calisthenics and workouts. He also has a calisthenic ring workout specialty which is an additional ability to his mastery in bodywork athletes. Carlo is a beast and a calisthenic Italia power.

Carlo Figus Net Worth

Information about Carlo’s income, salary, or possession is not available. This information will be provided as soon as it is available and clear. As for this writing, Carlo has only won several workout awards which cannot be measured in terms of cost.

Carlo Figus Instagram

Austin Dunham Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Program, YouTube, Relationship, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Austin Dunham Biography

Austin Dunham is an American calisthenics coach and self-improvement trainer. As for the year 2022, Austin is 26 years old and his birthday is on the 2nd of January every year. Austin enjoys and loves fitness and shares his calisthenics content on his YouTube channel. He is also the founder of the AD workout program that helps his viewers improve their fitness and dating. Learn more about Austin’s physical appearance and personality from this writing.

Austin enjoys posting videos on his YouTube channel because he has coaching and fitness training skills. He uploads new videos every week to ensure that his audience is getting help from his workouts and calisthenics. Austin is popular because of his enthusiasm for fitness and ability to target the diversity of his fitness audience.

Austin Dunham Age

Austin was born on January 2, 1996 in the United States. Despite his age, Austin has gained popularity due to his training and fitness expertise. He helps people to live a healthy life through his workouts and body exercise. He has a younger age but inspires people from all age brackets including young and old.

Austin Dunham Height & Weight

Austin body measurements are not available as of this information. He however has a healthy body from his YouTube channel and images on social media platforms. The information about his body measurements will be updated soon.

Austin Dunham Program

Austin has an AD workout on his YouTube channel. He also uses other social media platforms to post his programs. He offers training and nutrition programs that help his audience to live healthy lives.

Austin Dunham YouTube

Austin uploads his workouts and calisthenics on his YouTube channel. As for this writing, Austin’s YouTube channel has 993K subscribers. He has a total of 107, 460, 992 million views. The youtube channel of Austin is active because he uploads new videos every week. Austin is an inspiration to many people because his audience comments about his fascinating workouts and calisthenics.

Austin Dunham Relationship

As for now, there is no available information about Austin’s relationship. He rarely posts any of his personal information on social media because he is mostly focused on training people through fitness. The information is however under review and will be provided as soon as he opens up about his dating.

Austin Dunham Wikipedia

Austin is one of the most followed YouTube stars. Subscribers and viewers of his videos on YouTube help him to gain much of his success and influence in fitness training. The numbers on his YouTube channel speak a lot about his personality and joy in sharing his fitness transformation and routines. Any individual interested in calisthenics would use Austin for his specialty in body exercise and self-improvement.

Austin Dunham’s Net Worth

Several sources have estimated Austin’s net worth to range at $111.65 thousand. His precise net worth is however not known because he doesn’t offer any information about his income, salaries, cars, or houses. The only possible income is from his YouTube channel which has over  107 million views. More information is under review and will be available soon.

Austin Dunham Instagram

Tao Physique Biography, Real Names, Workout routine, Height, Natty or Juicy, Wikipedia

Tao Physique Biography

Are you interested in learning how to build the physique of your dreams? Tao Physique is the trainer to engage. Tao is a public figure, nutritionist, and fitness trainer. He is the best at what he does because he demonstrates the diversity of attaining a balanced healthy life on his social media platforms. Learn more about Tao including his workout routine, age, height, and fitness programs.

Tao Physique is located in the United States. He is a public figure because he posts his workout routines on YouTube which are accessible by many people in all parts of the world. One of the vital motives of Tao is getting fit and living a well-balanced healthy life. Tao spends most of his time working out and teaching people how to stay fit because that’s his passion.

Tao Physique Real Name

Tome Tao is the only available name on his Instagram. He also has other additional titles that reflect his expertise in gymnastics and fitness. The titles are Coach or Lord of the Rings. Tao is known for these names due to his workout skills and gymnastic rings.

Tao Physique Workout Routine

Tao is always engaged in his workouts and bodybuilding exercises.  He performs his exercises on a daily routine because he is always striving to improve. In his YouTube videos, some of the common workouts are ring exercises, push-ups, bodyweight exercises, and calisthenics.

Tao Physique Height & Weight

The measurements of Tao’s height and weight are not available. This information will be updated when the measurements are reviewed and approved. As for this period, we can only describe his height and weight through his appearance on social media platforms. Tao is approximately medium in height and has a healthy weight.

Tao Physique Natty or Juicy

On his YouTube channel, he works hard to gain his fitness and physique. He is more focused on calisthenics and gymnastics which speaks a lot about his attainable natty physique.  It is therefore arguable that Tao is not in any sort of juicy substance.

Tao Physique Age

This information is not available. Tao has not posted about his birthday on social media but it is under review.

Tao Physique Wikipedia

Tao always thrives on improving his fitness skills. He is a diverse fitness trainer and coach who explores his strengths to achieve his goals. His strengths and diversity in fitness have enabled him to gain a huge audience in the United States and other parts of the world. As for this information, Tao’s YouTube channel has 351k subscribers. He has a total of 24 million views which motivates him to post workouts and bodybuilding sessions frequently. Tao’s physique, strength, and body mass are also a goal for any individual with the goal of building such a physique.

Tao Physique Net worth

Information about Tao’s Net Worth is not available yet. For this writing, we can only speculate that he makes some money from his physique store. Tao also offers online training and a YouTube channel that might generate some income. Any upcoming information about Tao’s Networth will be updated soon.

Tao Physique Instagram

Lucy Lismore Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Diet, Recipe, Wikipedia

Lucy Lismore Biography

Are you a woman struggling with weight and fitness issues? Lucy Lismore has the answer to any health and fitness-related issues. She is one of the most inspirational women of the recent era because she focuses on educating people, especially other women on the benefits of good health and fitness. Learn more about Lucy including how she works tirelessly to maintain her physique, fitness, and diet.

Lucy is located in the United Kingdom. She is a personal trainer and an online coach who specializes in fitness and lifestyle. Some of the fitness workouts that Lucy shows on her social media platforms are calisthenics, weight loss, and handstands.  She also loves travel and adventure which supplement her healthy lifestyle.

Lucy Lismore Age

Information about Lucy’s age is not clear from social media platforms but it will be updated soon. As for this period, it can only be assumed that Lucy is approaching her 30s from the appearance in her YouTube videos.

Lucy Lismore Height

Lucy’s height measurement is not available or mentioned anywhere on her social media platforms. This information will be updated as soon as more information emerges.

Lucy Lismore Weight

Although Lucy’s weight is not mentioned anywhere, there are stories on her social media platforms and website about how she struggled with weight.  Lucy was overweight and was always ashamed of herself until she found ways to lose 30kgs/60lbs. Her transformation is one of the biggest motivational stories on her YouTube channel.

Lucy Lismore Diet/Recipes

Lucy’s nutritional lifestyle incorporates a diet that is low in calories and proteins.  An example of a calorie deficit diet is vegetables, fruits, fiber, and fats. Lucy consumed this diet every day during her weight loss transformation period. Her breakfast during the time was oats. For lunch, Lucy consumed proteins such as chicken, bacon, and hummus bagel which she considered effective for weight loss. Healthy fish tacos were then consumed during dinner. In her videos, a calorie deficit diet and proteins are vital for a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

Lucy Lismore Relationship

Lucy doesn’t speak about any of her relationships on social media platforms. This information will however be updated when it is available.

Lucy Lismore Wikipedia

Lucy reaches her audience through her most active YouTube channel. She uses the channel to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle. She joined YouTube on Sep 4, 2017, which has yielded a total of 304k subscribers. Lucy uses her own experience of losing weight to train people online and improve the health and fitness of her trainees. Lucy is also an inspiration to women because she has a testimony that reflects the challenges many young women face. Her experienced challenges include a lack of confidence and low self-esteem due to weight issues. The transformation from an overweight woman to a fitness trainer is a huge boost for her passion for helping women lose weight and get strong through bodyweight exercises.

Lucy Lismore Net Worth

Information about Lucy’s net worth is not available and will be reviewed soon. However, some of her income is possible from her online training and a new workout app that is $1.

Lucy Lismore Instagram

Funk Roberts Biography, Fitness, Workouts, Age, Height, Weight, YouTube, Wikipedia

Funk Roberts Biography

Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete located in Canada. He became a personal and metabolic trainer after his athletics sport. Funk is also a certified MMA conditioning coach who is popular for his energy and determination to help people improve their health and fitness. Learn more about Funk’s routine, workouts, YouTube, Fitness, and Net Worth.

Funk has spent most of his life as an athlete. After turning to fitness, he became a certified MMA coach, Metabolic trainer, Kettlebell specialist, Fitness expert, transformation expert for older men above 40 years, and bodybuilder. Since opening his YouTube channel, he helps people to lose weight, build muscles, increase energy and gain fitness. Good health and fitness are vital goals for Funk toward his audience and athletes.

Funk Roberts Fitness and Workouts

Funk showcases diverse workouts in relation to the preference and goals of the audience. From his YouTube channel, some of the common workouts include testosterone boosting & Biceps, the ultimate kettlebell HIIT, body weight HIIT and muscle building HIIT. It is clear in his videos that Funk is physically fit regardless of being over 50 years.

Funk Roberts Age

On April 14, 2022, Funk published a video of his 53rd birthday push-ups.  It is clear from this video that Funk is over 50 years of age. Many of his viewers also commented with birthday wishes on the video.

Funk Roberts Height and Weight

Measurements of height and weight are unavailable as of this writing but from the YouTube channel, it is clear that Funk is average in height and weight. Information about specific measurements is still under review and will be updated soon.

Funk Roberts YouTube Channel

Funk joined YouTube on Sep 15, 2006. The YouTube channel helps him to connect to his audience by helping them to stay fit and healthy. He uploads free workouts on weekly basis and also surprisingly answers questions of his audience regarding fitness. As of this piece, Funk’s YouTube channel has 1,305 videos.   The channel also has a total of 75.79 views with 707k subscribers.

Funk Roberts Relationship

This information is unavailable as Funk hasn’t disclosed his relationships. The information will only be available if provided by Funk himself or any other reliable source.

Funk Roberts Wikipedia

Unlike most fitness experts, Funk directs his focus to men over 40, 50, and 60 years. He makes videos of body HIIT workouts of men over 40 years of age. Funk is also a specialist in fitness and training with several achievements in his work. He is a 2 times Amazon best seller and a master metabolic trainer. His achievements reflect his hard work and passion for helping people lose weight, burn fat, build muscles, improve athleticism and increase energy. Funk values health and fitness which gives him the motivation to help people regardless of the returns. His recent activity as of this piece is the new weekly workouts that he uploads every Thursday or Friday.

Funk Roberts Net Worth

Information about Funk incomes is unavailable for this piece of information. The information will be updated as soon as it is available. For now, it can only be assumed that Funk gets income from his personal training opportunities.

Funk Roberts Instagram

Sydney Alexandria Biography, Calisthenics, Fitness, Age, Height, Weight, Wikipedia, Relationship, Net Worth

Sydney Alexandria Biography

Sydney Alexandria is an African-American fitness lover located in the United States. She is an influencer on YouTube and shares her love for fitness with other fitness lovers. From her videos, she is a strong black woman who knows no limits to achievements. Learn about Sydney’s fitness routine and motivation to achieve her fitness goals.

Sydney is an inspiration to many female athletes in the world today. She demonstrates her strengths, fitness, and calisthenics to the world to prove that women can equally gain fitness as men.  Her fitness abilities come from immense dedication and hard work.

Sydney Alexandria Calisthenics

Being a woman, Sydney is not scared to go the extra mile in her fitness routine to achieve her goals. In one of her videos, she demonstrates that calisthenics people can lift too. Many fitness lovers have diverse ideas and skills about calisthenics but Sydney focuses on her strategy and routine in fitness. She has the determination to explore her strengths in her own way regardless of other common fitness ideologies.

Sydney Alexandria Fitness

Sydney’s videos on YouTube are about fitness and calisthenics. Her videos speak a lot about her physique and fitness because she performs workouts that strengthen her body, muscles, and legs. Sydney’s YouTube channel also contains videos about her nutrition which shows that she is focused on staying fit. Her fitness is admirable because her performance on the YouTube channel is of great quality and strength.

Sydney Alexandria Age

Sydney hasn’t posted about her age on any of her social media platforms. This information is however under review.

Sydney Alexandria Height and Weight

As for this article, there is no specific measurement of the weight and height of Sydney. This information may however emerge with time which will improve the depth of her description.

Sydney Alexandria YouTube

Sydney has a YouTube channel that helps her to share fitness strategies and skills with fitness lovers. She joined YouTube on March 8, 2013. As for this writing, her YouTube channel is gaining popularity with time. She currently has 20.8k subscribers and total views of 1,121,726 million. This is evident that she is able to inspire, educate, motivate and showcase the meaning of hard work and dedication through YouTube.

Sydney Alexandria Wikipedia

Sydney is a popular YouTube influencer because of her love for fitness. She teaches fitness lovers how to stay fit and live a healthy life. Her determination and hard work enhance her growth and development through workouts. Viewers who view her channel leave comments about her inspiration and mentorship to the fitness community. Her videos share positive energy and efficiency in fitness and calisthenics.

Sydney Alexandria Relationship

Sydney’s relationship status is not known. Her dating life is also not available on social media platforms. The information about her relationship will be updated the sooner it becomes available.

Sydney Alexandria’s Net Worth

The net worth of Sydney is not available as of this writing. It is only speculated that her YouTube channel generates some income.  Any other information about Sydney’s net worth will be updated soon.

Sydney Alexandria Instagram


Darek Wos Caliathletics Biography, Age, YouTube, Height, Weight, Wikipedia, Net Worth Relationship,

Darek Wos Biography

Darek Wos Caliathletics is a Poland-based Youtuber who uses the platform to showcase his motivation on the bodywork.  He offers calisthenics motivation, online coaching, and nutrition advice to audiences interested in achieving their workout goals efficiently.

Darek posts calisthenic programs and workout motivation to help people overcome their challenges in gym and workout routines. One of the vital sources of motivation for Darek is the story about his transformation from a young skinny boy to a grown Caliathletics. Darek is a mentor to many people of the modern generation with an inspiration to achieve their workout and calisthenic goals.

Darek Wos Age

There is no information about Darek’s age but that information may arise with time. It is however visible from his YouTube channel that Darek is a young and energetic person. His appearance is a testimony that he is in the age bracket of 20-40 years.

Darek Wos YouTube

Darek’s YouTube channel has 301k subscribers as for this writing. He uses his channel to post videos on motivation workouts and calisthenics. It is also through his YouTube channel that you can get his inspiring journey of becoming a calisthenics trainer and workout coach. Darek also uses his YouTube channel for business purposes because he offers online training sessions to his audience.

Darek Wos Height and Weight

Darek doesn’t offer any information about his weight and height but we are open to any incoming updates in the future. Darek only talks about his young version of himself before transforming into a Caliathletic and workout coach. he says that he didn’t like his body while younger because he was skinny at 57kg/174cm.

Darek Wos Relationship

Darek doesn’t offer any information about his relationships. Most of the information on his social media platforms is about workouts, calisthenics, and nutrition routines. He may however disclose his relationship status with time.

Darek Wos Wikipedia

Darek’s journey of transformation into Caliathletics is one of the most inspiring stories. At a young age, Darek didn’t like his skinny body and always felt lonely. He always wanted to change his look in order to get friends, and girlfriends and enjoy himself. Darek Wos Caliathletics showcases hard work, passion, and determination as the major catalyst for his achievement in calisthenics. Through his videos, nothing could stop him from achieving his goals in calisthenics. Today, Darek is not only a Caliathletics but also a motivation to many people around the world. His YouTube channel speaks a lot about his professionalism and determination in calisthenic, street workouts. bodyweight and exercise. Darek has achieved a lot through his motivation in calisthenics and workouts. Apart from training people online, Darek is the CEO (stanowisko) at Caliathletics. he has also gained a lot of viewers on YouTube from his motivation, nutrition advice, and online programs of calisthenics and workouts.

Darek Wos Net Worth

As for this period of time, there is no available information about Darek’s income at the moment on any social media platform. However, Darek’s YouTube channel has many viewers who could be a contribution to his income. this information will be available once Darek speaks about his income.

Darek Wos Instagram