Adam Venton Biography, Michelle Owen Husband, Age, Nationality, Height, Wife, Children, Parents, Education, Background, Little Monster Media, Wiki, Net worth, Twitter

Adam Venton Biography

Adam Venton is the husband of famous Sky Sports News presenter Michelle Owen. Apart from that, he is also the founder and creative director of Little Monster Media. Explore more about Adam from this article.

Although he is the husband to a high-profile wife, Adam has also gained success from his career in the creation of audio imaging. He is also a designer of FX and music production. Adam has designed sounds for radio, podcasts, and other audio services in the UK. He does imaging production for clients such as BBC Radio 1 and Kiss. He also produces music for many music libraries around the UK.

Adam Venton Age

Adam is older than his wife but his age is not open as of this article. His age will be updated as soon as it is available to the public.

Adam Venton Nationality

Adam is British by Nationality.

Adam Venton Height

Adam is approximately 1.78 m. This measurement is estimated from an observation point of view.

Adam Venton Wife, Michelle Owen

Adam is the husband of the famous Sky Sports presenter Michelle Owen. According to our sources, they got married in September 2015. They enjoy their marriage and always share their happy moments on social media platforms.

Adam Venton Children

He and Michelle have a son named Zac. The child is a blessing to their lives although he was born earlier than elected on October 23, 2019. Michelle claimed to have had several complications during her pregnancy. As of 2022, Zac is 4 years old.

Adam Venton Parents

Adam’s parents provided every support and care needed by a child. It is through their role in parenting that Adam is also a good father to his son. He also became successful through the commitment of his parents to family responsibilities.

Adam Venton Education & Background

Adam completed his GCSEs and A levels at St Boniface College, Plymouth in 2004. In theme year, he joined the University of the West of England where he pursued a Bachelor’s in Creative music technology. His first job after his education was at Worthy FM as a Station Imaging producer. He later joined UKRD Group Ltd as a senior imaging producer. In 217, he had done over 1000 imaging with The Mix Group.

Adam Venton Little Monster Media

Adam founded Little Monster Media in the year 2014. As of 2022, he has worked for the company for 8 years. The company specializes in audio imaging production and sound design FX. They create productions for radios, podcasts, and commercials. the media is location Bristol, UK.

Adam  Wiki

Although Adam is popular through his wife, he has also worked hard to achieve success through audio imaging and sound production. He has gained a variety of clients from radio, podcasts, audio services, and music libraries. He is a hard worker and a person who is passionate about his work. He has also won many awards such as Gold-Best Station Sound by ARIAs in May 2022 and became a nominee for several awards.

Adam Venton Net worth

Adam probably earns well from his foundation in Little Mix Media. He doesn’t show his wealth to the public, therefore his net worth is unaccountable. His wife however is a rich woman and earns approximately 60, 000 USD annually.

Adam Venton Twitter


Hannah Pedley Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Husband, Jason Cundy, Children, Parents, Education, Opera singer, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Hannah Pedley Biography

Who is Hannah Pedley? She is the wife of a former English footballer and talkSPORT broadcaster Jason Cundy. Also, Hannah is an Opera singer since 2014. Read about Hanna’s age, ethnicity,  marriage, parenting, and how she acquires money.

Hannah is an opera singer who developed through musical theatre and recording for TV. Hannah is a lady who is always passionate and ready to learn new things. She is hugely recognized for her Mezzo-Soprano vocals. She is also diverse and can sing in different styles such as classical, musical theatre, Opera, and Spoken word. She is also great in her musical journey because of the influence of different ethnicities. She is privileged to speak 3 languages ie French, German, Italian and Russian.

Hannah Pedley Age

Hannah is probably between 35-45 years from our sources. She doesn’t provide any information on the day of her birthday on social media platforms. Her birthday is also unknown from our sources.

Hannah Pedley Ethnicity

Hannah is white according to our sources. She however speaks different languages that make her connect with almost every ethnic group.

Hannah Pedley Height

The last time Hannah’s body height was measured she was approximately 1.73 m. This is the measurement that is believed to be her height until 2022. Keep revisiting this article for upcoming updates.

Hannah Pedley Husband, Who is she married to?

Hannah’s husband is Jason Cundy. According to sources, they both got married in 2015.

Jason Cundy

Jason is a former English footballer who has played for Crystal Place. He is also a broadcaster at talkSPORT. He was previously married to his ex-wife before marrying Hannah. It is believed that Jason cheated on his wife Lizzie with the Opera singer. Lizzie expressed her disappointment in an interview regarding the breakup and cheating. Since Jason married Lizzie, they have had two children.

Hannah Pedley Children

Hannah and Jason have a son together. She doesn’t disclose her son’s life to the public but they both hang out together. Scroll to the bottom of this article to view her son on Instagram.

Hannah Pedley Parents

Hannah was raised in a caring and loving home. Her parents are the cause of her musical success although they are not mentioned on her social media platforms. She keeps the life of her parents private.

Hannah Pedley Education

Hannah joined Royal Nothern College of Music in 2003. It is in this school that she gained her musical school that is the source of her income today. She also trained in dancing which helps her in choreography. She also went to a driving school where she learn driving skills.  Hannah has also trained as a pianist in grade 7.

Hannah Pedley Opera Singer

Hannah has diverse singing styles that make her a great Opera singer. She is amazing in music which has enabled her to take big roles with Opera Holland Park, Grange Park Opera, The Royal Opera House, and English Touring Opera. She made her singing debut in the US and at the moment she has performed throughout Europe.

Hannah Pedley Wikipedia

Hannah has achieved great things through her musical career. It’s all reflected in her school where she worked hard to achieve good grades in music. Apart from working for Royal Opera, she has also recorded vocals as a soloist and a backup singer.  She is also planning to start acting and modeling as part of her business.

Hannah Pedley’s Net worth

Hannah may be earning big from her musical skill and diversity. She is hardworking and passionate. Her incomes are unavailable as of this article and her net worth is not accountable. Her husband Jason is however estimated by our sources to be worth around $7 million.

Hannah Pedley Instagram


David Reed Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Partner, Family, Sky Sports, Wiki, Net worth, Twitter

David Reed Biography

Are you searching for David Reed of Sky Sports? This article takes you to step by step for information about Reed. Explore his age, height, career, net worth, and social media platforms from this article.

Reed is a sports journalist serving Sky Sports News. He has been a great reporter for Sky Sports since he joined the journalism team.  He has also improved greatly in his skills of reporting by working with Senior reporters. Reeds have a unique way of breaking stories that enable him to gain popularity in the media industry.

David Reed Age

Reed is presumably in his 30s or 40s. Information about his birth month is unavailable as of this article. We cant therefore provide a specific date for his birthday. Keep reviewing our article for updates.

David Reed Height

Reed is approximately 1.75 m. Although there is no specific body measurement from our sources. His photos however provide a bearing that gives the provided measurement from an observation and estimation point. The actual measurement will be specified when his body measurements are available to the public.

David Reed Nationality

Reed’s nationality is not available as of this article. he is however from London, UK.

David Reed Partner, Is he Married?

Reed has probably dated several girls in his life. He however doesn’t expose his private life to the public. As of this article, he is not married and does not have any relationship.

David Reed Family

Reed was raised in a family that always pushed him to work hard. This is evident from his journey in Journalism. He is currently a reporter at one of the biggest media industries. We believe that his family is part of his success in his journalism career. More information on his family is under review and will be updated soon.

David Reed Sky Sports

Reed was a journalist at Sky Sports Radio prior to appearing on Television. He had already portrayed great potential on the Radio before reporting on live television. At Sky Sports, he covers morning transfer talks and other stories related to sports across Europe. He is an important part of the Sky Sports report team and portrays passion in his work.

David Reed Wikipedia

Reed has developed substantially through his journalism career, This includes covering sports from Radio to live television. His experience is rooted in working with magazines, Podcasts, and Telegraphs. Reeds also have a passion for football that enable him to cooperate with other prominent sportscasters.

David Reed’s Net worth

Reed may be earning an estimated salary of $75, 200. This estimation is parallel to the average salary of a Sky Sports journalist from our sources. As of this article, we can’t account for the net worth because of the unavailability of houses, cars, and other incomes.

David Reed Twitter


Lorena Manas Biography, Darwin Nunez Girlfriend, Age, Height, Children, Family, Aleix Vidal, Daughter, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Lorena Manas Biography

Who is Lorena Manas? She is the girlfriend of Uruguayan football star Darwin Nunez. Although she doesn’t make excessive appearances, her popularity has risen from the big signing of his boyfriend from Benfica to Liverpool FC. A lot is not known about her due to her private life but this article offers every information there is about her.

Lorena rarely appears in front of the Camera. She has always kept her life in secrecy since his boyfriend was a player at Benfica. She is currently a huge part of Nunez’s success from a football point of view. Her elegance and beauty are reflected in the great milestone of Nunez as a real star in football.

Lorena Manas Age

Lorena was born in 1999. As of 2022, she is 23 years old. Details about her birthday are not available because she is low profile. The information will be updated as soon as it gets public.

Lorena Manas Height

Lorena is approximately 1.65 m. She is shorter than her boyfriend who is 1.87 m tall.

Lorena Manas & Darwin Nunez’s Relationship

Lorena and Darwin have dated since they were young. Although she stays under the radar, her love for Nunez is clear from their newly born child. They started dating when Nunez was a young footballer and they are together until 2022. We shall update you on any upcoming information regarding their relationship.

Lorena Manas Children

Both Lorena and Nunez gave birth to a son in the year 2022. The child was named Darwin and is a joy in their life. They look up to a great future as parents of Darwin a blessing to not only them but also to football fans. Lorena also has a daughter with Spanish player Aleix Vidal. As of 2022, she has two children.

Lorena Manas Family

Lorena has a caring mother known as Julia Manas ( Also, she has only one known sibling called Rina Manas. She grew up understanding the role of a woman in a family as reflected in her recent relationships. Her family is the source of her elegance and beauty. Although she doesn’t open up much about her family, she probably acquired everything she ever needed to reach at this point.

Aleix Vidal, Was Lorena Dating Vidal

Lorena once dated Vidal, a Spanish footballer and a winger for Barcelona FC. According to sources, they both got married in 2016, which is speculated to be rushed due to Vidal’s links to Qatar. The link didn’t go through and their marriage ended.

Lorena Manas Daughter

Lorena has a daughter from her previous relationship with Vidal. The daughter is named Chloe and Vidal enjoys spending time with her. They are both together in many events such as football games.

Lorena Manas Wikipedia

Lorena met with Darwin after their breakup with Vidal. They both met each other at Almeria where Nunez began his career. Her journey with Nunez has been fruitful as they are both currently at Liverpool FC. This is a joy to Lorena because she always supported and wanted the best for the Uruguayan striker. Their current club is even more special because they welcomed their baby boy during the transfer period when Nunez signed for LFC.

Lorena Manas Net worth

Lorena probably lives a flashy life from the better source of income from her boyfriend who sources estimated to earn 1.5 million euros annually. Her net worth is not accountable due to a lack of information from her social media platforms. She also doesn’t have a flamboyant lifestyle to showcase her worth.

 Lorena Manas Instagram

Lorena has a private account on Instagram. The account speaks a lot about her private life to the public.

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Victor Carvalho Biography, Fabio Carvalho’s Father, Nationality, Ethnicity, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Background, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram

Victor Carvalho Biography

Victor Carvalho is the father of famous Portuguese footballer Fabio Carvalho. He is currently a proud Dad as his son has joined one of the top clubs in the world Liverpool FC. Read more about Victor (Fabio’s father) in this article.

Victor became popular after his son became an England footballer for Fulham FC. His fame accelerated after his son joined Liverpool FC a great club with a huge history. It was a dream come true for Victor who represented his son on the signing day at LFC. The journey of Victor is an inspiration as he has struggled to provide for his family in Life. He lived in Torres Vedras where life was cheap and affordable. It is fascinating to read his journey from a plumber to the father of a great footballer and young talent in England.

Victor Carvalho Ethnicity and Nationality

Victor is Angolan by ethnicity. This is in relation to the information provided by He is from Portugal Nationality having stayed there until 2013 after the Portuguese financial crisis.

Victor Carvalho Age

Victor is likely to be above 50 years from an observation point of view. His age will come clear once he opens up to the public about himself. So far he hasnt gained much attention from the media and his age is not available.

Victor Carvalho Height

Victor is approximately 1.67 m. This measurement is estimated from a point that he is slightly shorter than his son Fabio who has a known height of 1.70 m.

Victor Carvalho Wife

Victor is married to his wife Freitas Gouveia. His wife and mother of Fabio is a homemaker ( They are both the source of inspiration and achievement for their son Fabio Carvalho who has emerged to be a top footballer in 2021 & 2022 at Fulham.

Victor Carvalho Children

Victor and Freitas have three children. Three are boys while the other is a girl. Fabio is famous and is the only sibling with many details. He was born in 2002 but the other sibling’s information is unavailable.

Victor Carvalho Background

Victor has African roots from Angola in Southern Africa. He gains a Portuguese nationality where he worked as a plumber. Later he relocated to Chellas to get closer to his extended family. Vicyor have always protected and guided his family through thick and thin.

Victor Carvalho Wikipedia

Victor is a visionary man who have worked hard to raise his family of 3 children and a home-maker wife. His life improved after relocating from Portugal to London with his family. It is at this point that his Son’s Fabio talent in football blossomed.

Victor Carvalho Net worth

Victor is a plumber by profession and struggled to raise his family in the Portuguese hard economic times. He has however managed to raise his family accordingly. As of this post, we can account his net worth through the salary of his son in football career. According to our research, his son earns around 33, 500 euros annually which is likely to support his family financially.

Victor Carvalho Instagram

He doesn’t have an Instagram account as of this article.

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Kayla Laws (Charlotte Laws & Charles Parselle Daughter) Biography, Birthday, Age, Star sign, Height, Parents, Partner, Background, Career, Wiki, Net worth, Instagram

Kayla Laws Biography

Who is Kayla Laws? She is an actress, a Realtor, and the daughter of Charlotte Laws and Charles Parselle. Kayla acquired acting skills from her mother who is a host, actor, and activist. Read more about Kayla’s Age, marriage, career, how she spends money, and social media platforms.

Kayla was born and raised at Sherman Oaks in California. She relocated from her parent’s house and moved to Woodland Hills. She grew up with an acting passion which enabled her to join Studios at an early age. She is fully an actor and a prolific realtor after completing several academic levels and a journey in acting. She does good work and has appeared in some great films such as All American Zombie Drugs as Candy.

Kayla Laws Age

Kayla was born on December  19, 1986. As of 2022, she is 32 years old.

Kayla Laws Birthday

Kayla celebrates her birthday every December 12. She likely involves her classmates, friends, and family in her birthday celebrations. Keep hooked to our posts as we shall update details of the next birthdays for Kayla. This includes details of the events, venue, and guests.

Kayla Laws Star Sign


Kayla Laws Height

Kayla is 1.55M ( From an observation point of view, she is approximately that height. She is neither tall nor short but has a medium height.

Kayla Laws Parents

She was born in California, United States to Charlotte and Charles Parselle. She is from a hard-working family where her mother is a host, activist, author, and TV star. Her father on the other hand is a lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator. Kayla was raised with discipline since she was young. Her parents were responsible, caring, and loving parents as they have always supported Kayla. This is reflected in her education in acting and film schools.

Kayla Laws Partner, Is She Married?

Kayla is likely dating because she comes from a family of high-profile personalities. From her age, she is also old enough to date. From her photos on Instagram, she married her fiance after a few years of dating. She doesn’t expose her spouse much on social media but they are a happy couple. Congratulations to her. Scroll to the bottom of this article to view her marriage photos on her Instagram Account.

Kayla Laws Background

Kayla joined Hollywood early because she was aware of her skills and passion for acting. She has already gained a 1-year experience of acting for the camera at the New York Film Academy. More details about her previous education background will be updated soon.

Kayla Laws Career

Kayla is an actor, director, and producer. She has fared well in filmography and even appeared in some great films such as Fortune 500 Man, Mikey Boy, Kontrast, Blaxican Brothers, and many more. Kayla is also a Realtor who works tirelessly to sell houses in Real Estate for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Company. Her diversity at work has enabled her to live a good life regardless of the wealth of her popular parents.

Kayla Laws Wiki

Kayla has always been hardworking and committed to her work since she was young. It is clear that she acquired these traits from her parents who are renowned to achieve a lot through their efforts and work ethics. At such an age, she is already working hard when she multi-tasks in real estate and acting.

Kayla Laws Net Worth

Many people think that coming from a popular family makes you rich by default. Her family is rich but She works for her own money in the Real Estate agency and also through her actress career. She may not be rich as her parents but she has her own salary which is not disclosed on social media platforms.

Kayla Laws Instagram

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Charles Parselle Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Parents, Daughter, Education, Law, Career, Wiki, Salary, Net worth

Charles Parselle Biography

Are you looking for Charles Parselle? He is a lawyer in California and a barrister. He is known to be a peacemaker and a creative problem solver. Explore more about Parselle’s age, why his wife is famous, height, marriage, career, and net worth from this article.

Parselle has worked as a lawyer for the largest part of his life, He has been in the law offices for approximately 40 years. His experience in law has enabled him to gain a reputation as a competent mediator, arbitrator, legal counselor, and representative. As of this article, he is among the founders of Excellence and Dispute Resolution. He is also the Principal at Law Offices in Los Angeles California. Parselle has worked hard to reach this level in law practice. He also exceeds his services across Europe due to his understanding of European Union legal systems.

Charles Parselle Age

Parselle is above 80 years considerating that his wife is younger than him. There is no available information about his exact age but his wife’s date of birth shows that he was joining Oxford University when she was born.

Charles Parselle Height

Parselle is about 1.80M from our observation. Information about specific body measurements is unavailable but his pictures provide an estimation of height. Specific measurements will be updated soon. Make sure to revisit this article more often for updated information.

Charles Parselle Wife

Parselle is married to his wife Charlotte Anne Laws. She is a hardworking woman who is an author, talk show host activist, and animal rights advocate. Both of them are happily married and always share pictures of their happy moments as a family.

Charles Parselle Parents

Parselle parents are not mentioned anywhere in our sources. This information is under review and will be updated soon.

Charles Parselle Daughter

Parselle and Charlotte have a  daughter called Keyla Law who is an actress. The girl seems to take after her mother more than her father on career basis.

Charles Parselle Education

Parselle went to the University of Oxford in 1960. He studied for 3 years and completed a Law, Honor School of Jurisprudence. More education background is under review, especially in his junior levels.

Charles Parselle Law & Career

Parselle began his career in law in 1983. He has 39 years of law experience and practice. This speaks a lot about his progress and success in law at California. As to the article, he not only practices law but also practices arbitration, mediation, and Dispute resolutions. He is also an author and teaches people about conflict resolution and mediation from all parts of the world.

Charles Parselle Wikipedia

Parselle extends his law services from the United States, England, and other European countries. He understands legal systems and always portrays his skills and abilities through his work. He is also diverse and covers a wide range of areas such as real estate, environmental, injury, entertainment, partnership dissolution, and many more.

Charles Parselle Salary and Net worth

Parselle is likely to own a house, a car, and huge salaries. This speculation is due to his diversity at work and owning law offices. He has multiple sources of inco9mes which makes it difficult to account for his net worth.

Charles Parselle Instagram & Twitter

Parselle doesn’t have a public Twitter or Instagram account.

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Peter Krawietz Biography, Nationality, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Background, Career, Wikipedia, Salary, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Peter Krawietz Biography

Who is Peter Krawietz? He is Jurgen Klopp’s “Eye” and assistant coaching staff at Liverpool FC. Peter joined Liverpool FC in the same year as the head coach Jurgen Klopp 2015.  Read more about Krawietz’s Bio, age, wife, salary, net worth, nationality, Wiki, Birthdays, and career.

Krawietz started working with Jurgen Klopp long ago in their career at Mainz. Klopp was fascinated by his video analysis skills and promoted him to the chief scout.  Through his support of Klopp, he has earned the nickname “The Eye” because of his mind operations in the game. The two great people have worked closely from Mainz, Dortmund, and eventually Liverpool to ensure that they reach their targets in sports. Krawietz has become the mind behind Klopp’s eyes as he overlooks the role of players in the field. His career as an assistant coach is developed and successful at Liverpool FC.

Peter Krawietz Age

Krawietz was born in Dec 31, 1971 in Mainz, Germany. As of 2022, he is 51 years old. He celebrates his birthdays every December 31 with his friends, workmates, and family.

Peter Krawietz Nationality

Krawietz is German by Nationality. He was born in Germany and all his roots and origin are located in German.

Peter Krawietz Height

Krawietz is approximately 1.80M in height. He has provided his specific measurements but we estimated his height through the criteria that he is shorter than Jurgen Klopp who is 1.91M. As of this article, comparison and observation are used to estimate his height.

Peter Krawietz Wife

Krawietz has probably dated several girls although he doesn’t talk about it on social media. As of this article, he hasn’t disclosed any information about his personal life such as dating or marriage. This information will be updated as soon as it is available.

Peter Krawietz Family

Krawietz grew up in a family that was supportive and caring. This is reflected in his success and achievement throughout his sporting career. Although he doesn’t disclose his family to the public, they are great people and always support him for his goals.

Peter Krawietz Background

Krawietz was bor in Mainz. He was also a graduate of the city’s University in Sports degree. He used the sport-earned skills to work as a video analyst for a hometown club in 1996. There Jurgen was also played and they clung since then. In fact, he was on the duty of monitoring Klopp’s shortcomings in the game as a right back. They have developed their connection until today.

Peter Krawietz Career

Krawietz joined PSV Mainz in 2005. He worked there for 7 years until he joined Jurgen Klopp at Bor. Dortmund in 2008. He was the assistant manager of Jurgen Klopp and Dortmund Football Club.  After working there for almost 6 seasons, he followed Jurgen Klopp to England as the assistant manager of Liverpool FC. His career is more likely to be reflected in the success of Jurgen. Their achievement at Liverpool FC proves hard work and determination plus intensity from a sporting point of view.

Peter Krawietz Wikipedia

Krawietz has improved yearly since the year 2001 when he was a video analyst at Mainz. Taking roles and operating behind the cameras has enabled him to move far in his sporting journey. In 2022, he signed a new contract as the assistant manager to demonstrate his passion and interest to build a legacy at Liverpool FC.

Peter Krawietz Salary

Krawietz is likely to earn approximately 25,500 euros yearly. He earns handsomely from his role as an assistant manager in Liverpool FC. His new contract must have come with more income.

Peter Krawietz Net worth

Krawietz is likely to own a car and house although he doesn’t flaunt it on social media. As of this post, we can only account for his net worth for his estimated yearly income of 25,500 euros.

Peter Krawietz Intagram

As of 2022, Krawietz has no public account on instragram. This information will be updated soon.

Peter Krawietz Twitter

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Kaveh Solhekol Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Iranian, Wife, Parents, Background, Religion, Sky Sports, Tomisayu, Wikipedia, Net worth, Twitter

Kaveh Solhekol Biography

Are you searching for Kaveh Solhekol the Sky Sports Chief Reporter and Presenter? This article entails everything you need to know about him from age, parents, ethnicity, religion, parents, background, Wife, Wiki, Salary, and Net worth.

Kaveh is a popular sports presenter on Sky Sports News. He has presented at many events related to live football matches and television. He has also met many UK top football players in the league. His praises and popularity are out of hard work and passion for sports broadcasting. Through his role in Sky Sports, he has also won major awards from recognized associations in the UK.

Kaveh Solhekol Age

Kaveh may be in his 40s in relation to his big experience in journalism. As of this article, we can only speculate because he hasnt disclosed his age on social media platforms. He however appears to be in his 40s from photos on his social media platforms.

Kaveh Solhekol Ethnicity & Nationality

Kaveh is British by Nationality but has some Iranian ethnic roots. This is relatable to his name Kaveh which is Arabic or Iranian according to

Is Solhekol Iranian?

He has some Iranian roots which are clear from his name Kaveh which originates from Muslim, Indian, Parsi, Iranian, or Arabic roots (

Kaveh Solhekol Wife

Kaveh has likely dated several women in his life. However, he doesn’t disclose his dating life on social media platforms. This information will be updated soon when it is available to the public. Keep revisiting this article for more information.

Kaveh Solhekol Parents

Kaveh was born and raised in London. his success in life is clear enough to assume that he may have come from a loving and caring family. He was able to acquire education which is the most appropriate conditioning from his parents. Although he has managed to keep his personal life private by not mentioning the names of his parents, he was raised in a desirable home.

Kaveh Solhekol Background

Before working as a reporter, Kaveh had gained his journalism skills from different institutions. He attended Westminster School while young. He also became a cyber security blogger before joining the greatest media broadcast in the UK.

Kaveh Solhekol Religion

Kaveh is a Christian by religion ( There is no other information about his affiliation with non-religious groups or cultural identity. As of this article, we can affirm his religion from

Kaveh Solhekol Sky Sports

Kaveh is currently the chief reporter for Sky Sports News. He serves as a multimedia reporter for all major football events. He reached these levels through hard work and determination in his journalism career. He covers great activities related to sports and has gained popularity through his work in Sky Sports.

Kaveh and Tomisayu

Kaveh was on the spot after making false claims about Tomisayu, a versatile defender that Gunners signed from Bologna. Everyone including Ian Wright and the media was requesting for his apology regarding his statement on the Arsenal signing.

Kaveh Solhekol Wikipedia

Kaveh worked for The Times before joining Sky Sports as a reporter. This proved that he was a recognizable figure from his early days in journalism. he however has determination and passion for sports which represents his popularity and success as a sports journalist.

Kaveh Solhekol Net Worth

Kaveh is obviously earning handsomely from his role as a chief reporter on Sky Sports. As a chief reporter, he must be meaning top salary of &50,000-$100,000 annually. We can account for his net worth if only his houses, cars, and incomes were available on social media. He however doesn’t flaunt his wealth to the public.

Kaveh Solhekol Twitter


Dharmesh Sheth Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Wife, Parents, Sky Sports, Wiki, Salary, Net worth, Twitter

Dharmesh Sheth Biography

Who is Dharmesh Sheth? He is a well-known sports broadcast reporter and presenter for Sky Sports News in the UK. He has achieved great things in the media industry and also managed to step up as a role model to the current generation and people of his ethnic group. Read more about Sheth’s Bio, Age, Wife, Ethnicity, Parents, Career at Sky Sport, Wiki, and Net worth.

Sheth has worked as a presenter and reporter at Sky Sports News for 24 years as of 2022. He has built a significant legacy as an individual from a minority ethnic group. His achievement in the media industry has demonstrated the fruits of hard work and determination towards work. He is currently one of the most successful reporters in the media industry.

Dharmesh  Sheth Age

Sheth was born on October 5. The year of birth is not mentioned anywhere in our database and therefore not available as of this article. it is clear that Sheth celebrates his birthday on October 5 every year. He involves friends family and workmates in his birthday celebrations.

Dharmesh Sheth Ethnicity

Sheth is from the Southern Asia ethnic group. This is a minority group but it didn’t hinder him from achieving his goals and building an image in journalism. He is an inspiration for people from such minority ethnic backgrounds.

Dharmesh Sheth Height

Sheth is approximately 1.78M tall. This measurement may not be specific but it’s close to his real height. we can use this information as of now because he doesn’t provide his body measurement on social media platforms. Review this article often for more updates.

Dharmesh Sheth Wife

Sheth has probably dated several girls in his life although he hasn’t shared about any of them with the public on social media platforms. We cant provide information about his wife or children. This article is however open for upcoming information and his partner will be available soon. Come back for more updates.

Dharmesh Sheth Parents

Sheth was raised in a family that always demonstrated their love, care, and responsibility. Unlike many, he was able to beat all the odds of ethnic background through the love of his parents and care to become a popular presenter. He also grew up in a community that embraced him and that is why he is a role model to the Southern Asian community.

Dharmesh Sheth Sky Sports

Sheth joined Sky Sports News in 1998. As of 2022, he has developed and created an image in the media industry for the past 24 years. His hard work and determination have made him a recognizable figure in the sports section. He has a cool way of breaking sports news to the audience and therefore gaining popularity. He has also been crowned Sports Journalist of the year which is evidence of determination and hard work. Sky Sports News is probably happy to have such an inspiring journalist who serves by example.

Dharmesh Sheth Wiki

Sheth has worked hard to achieve an image and a good reputation, especially in one of the biggest media industries in the UK. He has also won awards to showcase his competency and efficiency in reporting and presenting sports news. He is a common figure in news related to the premier league and transfers. His achievement in journalism is a significant journey and motivational for the current generation. He has also been on Sky World News since 1989 (

Dharmesh Seth Salary

We expect that Sheth earns a huge income from Sky Sports News. Sources estimate his salary to be $1M-$1.5M on annual basis. His specific incomes will be updated the soon as it’s available to the public.

Dharmesh Sheth’s Net worth

He probably has cars and a big house but they are not accounted for in the social media platforms or our sources. As of this article, his worth is estimated to be from his annual salary of between 1-2M USD.

Dharmesh Sheth Twitter

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