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Savannah Sellers is an American youngest reporter at NBC News , a correspondent in MSNBC and host of Stay Tuned. She has won two Awards; Emmy Award on the 36th Annual News as well as Documentary award as a member of the NBC News team. Sellers is a graduate from University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in broadcasting journalism and international affairs. She was born and brought up in United States.

Alina Mayo Azze
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Alina Mayo Azze is an Cuban-American renown veteran anchor who has been working with Univision Channel 23, currently sacked by Univision Network. Mayo is well known as an iconic newslady in Miami who has also worked for Telemundo 51,Miami, as a newscaster. Mayo is considered to be a star in journalism for her composure and professionalism in camera. She began her career in 1981 as a broadcaster on Channel 23 and was currently co-hosting at 6p.m as the newscaster of Noticians 23. Mayo grew up in Miami.